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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, July 30, 2007

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Last week we published "Hollow", a writing from back in our college days.


Our most excellent friend Travis wrote and told us he enjoyed it greatly ... and that is had the rhythm and pace of a poem.

He then took the words we had written and reformatted them to fit into how he was 'hearing them' in his head.

He did a wonderful thing....took the words and gave them more impact and meaning, just by changing the format... incredible Travis... you are a special guy!

It is dark in the room;
Not even a sliver of light from below the door;
Not a sound to be heard,
except the sound of the blood pumping through his veins.

That pounding sound inside his head;
reminding him that he is still alive;
even as his surroundings tell him differently.
So hollow.

He sits still;
not feeling the desire to move; in the tiny room he lives
in the total darkness.
Once he had stretched out his arms,
and could touch each of the four walls from where he sat.

So close.
His arms folded quickly;
and he had not moved since.
His ears reaching out for a sound other than the pounding;
or worse yet, his own breathing.

The reminders that he is in this space
and the nightmare shall not end.

If the beating stopped,
if the breathing sounds stopped,
would he feel more content?

Would the hollowness be filled?
Would the sounds that now make him cringe, when gone, be missed?
Would the hollowness ebb?

If they gave him one final wish,
and if he did ask for another chance,
would they actually grant such a thing?
Or would they just shake their head slowly,
and say that second chances were not the things of wishes?

So he sits,
and begins to feel the hollowness surround him.
Sitting still,
as it begins to envelop him,
and he waits for it to complete it's mission.

thanks Travis...

OK, we found this over on SPARKY'S blog from when he did the Blogothon. His charity is the Shriners Childrens Hospitals, a 22 hospital network that treats the children of North America for free for various difficult diseases and even has 3 hospitals that specialize as burn care units. It truly is an amazing organization that his wife has experienced first hand in Philadelphia.

Please go over and check it out and if possible make a contribution to the cause.

BUT...what we found made us cringe. We have not seen this in our market yet, and we think you will find it easy to understand why.

This is HORRIBLE....hear us ....HORRIBLE..and the worst thing....well watch this first...

ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG...you want to know the really horrible thing about that?

Read this:

"Viva Las Vegas"
(Doc Pomus, Mort Shuman)

Elvis Presley Music, Inc. (renewed)
Mort Shuman Songs (BMI)
Renewed 1993 Sharwyn Felder, Geoffrey Felder.
All rights on behalf of Sharyn & Geoffrey Felder
administered by Pomus Songs, Inc. (BMI)
All rights on behalf of Mort Shuman Songs (BMI)
administered by Warner-Tamerlane
Publishing Corp. (BMI)
All rights reserved. Used by permission

DO you see it thee? Yup! This is Lisa Marie and Priscilla allowing this crap! This is from the ELVIS site under the licensing area...

Elvis Presley Enterprises' Licensing Division is charged with the responsibility of protecting and preserving the integrity of Elvis Presley, Graceland and other related properties. We accomplish this through the pursuit of the right commercial opportunities that fit with our financial strategies while maintaining desired branding and positioning for Elvis and our other properties.

We devote personalized attention to each of our more than 100 licensees and we are sensitive to the unique situations and financial goals of each. Years of experience combined with a true sense of support and responsiveness for our licensees distinguish EPE's licensing team as one of the best in the industry.

Contact us today and let us explore together how we can develop mutually beneficial merchandising and licensing programs.

The ley word there is mutually beneficial. It appears that if you slap Elvis' face on something, it benefits them because you must check out the list of LICENSEES. We considered listing them here, but really, it would have taken up too much space.

Look, we are not trying to say that "Viva Las Vegas" is an American classic, but it just seems so so wrong to us.

Natalie Merchant...hell of a voice...and she is an incredible word-smith also...This from the "IN MY TRIBE" album. It is called "THE PAINTED DESERT" and is written by drummer Jerome Augustyniak and Ms. Merchant. Natalie on vocals, Jerome on drums, Robert Buck on guitars, Dennis Drew on keyboards and Steven Gustafson on bass guitar.

Hope you enjoy...

28 Of Your Sparks

  1. Here on a late night visit, and I can't listen to anything because everyone's asleep....shhhhhh....

    Anyway, I like how Trav tweaked your words, but I love your writing any way I can get it.

    I'll come back in the morning when all are stirring and I can make noise...

  2. Travis Cody Says:
  3. Thanks for the shout, but the depth and feeling in those words belong to you. I just re-sorted them into a rhythm that showcases it.

    That commercial is wrong!

    I haven't listened to much Natalie Merchant, but I liked this one.

    Cheers my friend.

  4. Anonymous Says:
  5. ummm Viva Viagra is worse than HORRIBLE! It just goes to show that NOTHING is sacred anymore. Call me old-fashioned but they had it going on in the 30's/40's. There really are things that should be private. A little decorum would certainly be nice. (WOW! I sound like a prude, eh?)

    Subtly, Joy

  6. Piacere Says:
  7. Trav is 'da man...that was AWESOME!!

    VLV and VIAGRA? HELL NO!!! Why don't they also bastardize James Brown's memory? I think 'Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine' is much more appropriate, don't you???

    TY for the Natalie M. Exquisite!!


  8. SONGBIRD: Thanks and hope you enjoy the music

    TRAVIS: You resorting worked wonders my friend...thanks again.

    Yes the commercial is very wrong. Glad you like Natalie.

    PIA: He is da man
    Incredible what the estates will allow...
    Glad you like Ms. Merchant

  9. Coco Says:
  10. Vin, I love your writing, no matter how the words are arranged, although Trav has a point: it works great as a poem.

    I know ... I know I should be shocked and offended but before I react appropriately ...


    Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I am shocked and appalled at the cavalier way in which VLV has been (snicker) used to promote (snort) Viagra in this (bite lip) commercial. It's so (heehee) wrong, I tell you, just ... so ...


    Sorry ... really, I am ...

  11. I hated Viagra advertising (well all prescription drug advertising but Viagra more than most)before this commercial.

    Thanks to this commercia I think the drug company is positively loathsome and deserve to be put out of business for the sheer crime of being totally tasteless and offensive.

  12. COCO: The ghost of Elvis will be haunting you now...

    JAMIE: Tasteless and offensive...perfect description

  13. Hi Bond,

    Just thought I'd stop by and update you on the voting for bestest blog of the year. We've had over 8000 votes cast by over 100 different voters in just under a week. A contest update can be found at the new and improved brand new home of Bestest Blog!!, original details can be found here. With a week to go still, that $50 prize, title, and bragging rights is still up for grabs. Also, be sure to get in the running to be blog of the day again this year by joining the Blankest Blank Blog Directory. Thanks for reading and please stop by and leave a comment at the new Bestest Blog some time!

  14. Schmoop Says:
  15. I LOVE Natalie Merchant's voice and loved 10,000 Maniacs. My son doesnt remember, but he grew up on Merchant. Whenever he couldnt sleep, I drove him around while listening to one of her CDs. Cheers!!

  16. You and Travis make a hell of a team....lol!

  17. Good post Bond, you will like my MM.

  18. what would elvis say? sigh... guess he'd be taking it though. poor elvis.

    smiles, bee

  19. Anonymous Says:
  20. I love natalie merchant. I heard one of her songs on the radio the other day and wondered ewhat had happened to her....that commercial is...have a great MM.

  21. MATT-MAN: Glad you finally liked some of the tuneage here on The Couch...were you drinking WIR as you drove?

    108: Yes, we could kick some major a** together, that is fer sure

    SARGE: TY sir...

    BEE: Elvis would probably say "well, sure i use it, but i'ma not wantin' them to be using my music for it"

    TEG: Thanks for stopping by today ...happy MM

  22. Trav's collaboration with your words is very moving - a delightful surprise, that two of my favorite guys made such a beautiful piece.
    As for viva las vegas, you know, I think it could be considered an American Classic - but that commercial should be BANNED.
    Just goes to show you people will sell anything for the all mighty dollar.

  23. Schmoop Says:
  24. Bond: Never with the sweet Littleman. Cheers!!

  25. Sparky Duck Says:
  26. and the commercial was on here at 6:30 in the afternoon, perfect for dinner hour no? Though I must say, the Elvis inspired Peanut and Banana Reeces, mmmmhmmm good.

    Thanks for the shout out Bond, your words as always are inspiring.

    MMMM, Natalie, she was huge during my Delaware years, cute in that sort of hippy way and goddess, 10,000 Maniacs albums were so great. Thanks for the flashback, i know what im listening too while i cook dinner.

  27. MORGEN: TY ...from both of us my friend...
    American classic...ummmm not quite, but no matter on that point...what they did was sacrilege..

    MATT-MAN: That was a test dude.. LOL

    SPARKY: :::shakes head::: so sad... Peanut and banana..yummy
    Pleasure giving you a shout out..wish I had done so on Friday. Congrats dude...ya did great...
    Yes Natalie...a bit more than cute i would say...

  28. Unknown Says:
  29. Sanni thinks she´s glad she didn´t miss your excellent post, Vinny! =)


  30. Love Natalie Merchant. Of course I am an Edie girl but I do appreciate the Maniacs!

  31. Anndi Says:
  32. First time I don't enjoy a tune.. oh well...

  33. Mary Says:
  34. Travis did a great job, but it looks like he had wonderful material to work with :)

    I think my ears started to bleed listening to the remake of Viva Las Vegas, that was horrible.

    If it ain't broke...

  35. OK I could be wrong but...

    Artists don't usually own song rights. Writers do. So I am not sure that his exwife would have been able to control that song's usage. (What a WRONG idea). Pomus & Shuman wrote the tune.

  36. Julie Says:
  37. Well, I was hear first thing this morning and I'm afraid to watch the video again but....was it just men in that video?

    What's this world comin' too?

  38. SANNI: Ah TY so much...Kiss

    STARRLIGHT: Of course you are an Edie girl... LOL

    ANNDI: Wow... that is some incredible record...let's see if we an start a new streak tomorrow..LOL

    MERT: Nice to see you...Thank you for those nice words..LOL some things..you are right

    BUD: As they had top listing in the publishing credits (those are exactly as I found them on ASCAP), my impression was they had a say, but you could be correct..Then apox on the houses of Pomus & Shuman

    JULIE: You think I am going to watch it again??? nope...LOL

  39. Anndi Says:
  40. *snarf at Julie's comment*


  41. ANNDI: snarf away........hehehehehe


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