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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, July 13, 2007

COUCH NOTE: Having trouble with music at the moment. I am leaving the players in, so I can fix them soon. On today's post, only Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo works as of posting.


Staying on music...
Check out this resume:

1971 Alice Cooper "Killer" [player]
1971 Alice Cooper "Love It To Death" [player]
1971 Richie Havens "Alarm Clock" [player]
1971 Richie Havens "Connections" [player]
1971 Johnny Winter And [member/co-producer]
1971 "Johnny Winter And Live" [member/co-producer]
1971 "Edgar Winter's White Trash" [producer/player]
1972 Todd Rundgren "Something/Anything" [player]
1972 "Roadwork" [producer/member]
1973 Todd Rundgren "Wizard, A True Star" [player]
1973 Thomas Jefferson Kaye [player]
1973 Michael Stanley [player]
1973 Steely Dan "Countdown To Ecstacy" [player]
1973 Johnny Winter - Still Alive And Well [player/writer/producer]
1973 "They Only Come Out At Night" [producer/player] featuring "frankenstein" and "free ride"
1974 Jerry La Croix "The Second Coming" [player]
1974 Joe Vitale "Roller Coaster Weekend" [player]
1974 "Saints And Sinners" [played various instruments/producer]
1974 "John Dawson Winter III" [played various inst./producer]
1974 "Shock Treatment" [producer/group member]
1975 Bette Midler "Songs For A New Depression" [player]
1975 Todd Rundgren "Initiation" [player]
1975 Steely Dan "Katy Lied" [player]
1975 "Jasmine Night Dreams" [player]
1975 "Edgar Winter Group With Rick Derringer" [producer/member]
1976 Dan Hartman "Images" [player]
1976 "White Trash/Entrance" [2 - record set]
1976 "Together" [member on Johnny/Edgar Winter Together Tour]
1978 Moogy Klingman "Moogy 2" [player]
1978 Todd Rundgren "Back To The Bars" [player]
1979 Produced Cyndi Lauper Demos For Her Epic Albums
1979 Ellen Shipley [player]
1979 "Blast" [player]
1980 Eddie Schwartz "Schwartz" [player]
1980 Steely Dan "Gaucho" [player]
1980 "The Johnny Winter Story" [german greatest-hits double lp]
1980 Isle Of Wight And Atlanta Pop Festival - The First Great Rock Festivals Of The Seventies - 'Johnny Winter And' does "Mean Mistreater"
1981 Hilly Michaels "Lumia" [player]
1982 Eye To Eye [player]
1982 Donald Fagan "The Nightfly" [player]
1983 Kodomo Band "Heartbreak Kids" [producer]
1983 Meatloaf "Midnight At The Lost And Found" [player]
1983 Bonnie Tyler "Faster Than The Speed Of Night" [player]
1983 Wierd Al Yancovic "I Love Rocky Road" [producer/player]
1983 Savatage [producer of demos/atlantic]
1983 Silver Condor
1984 Colour Radio [producer/player]
1984 James House [player]
1984 Kiss "Lick It Up" [player]
1984 Madam X "We Reserve The Right To Rock" [producer]
1984 Chris Mancini [player]
1984 Danny Spanos "Looks Like Trouble" [player]
1984 Barbra Streisand [player]
1984 Wierd Al Yancovic "In 3-D" Includes Grammy Winner,"Eat It" [producer/player]
1984 Adrian Zmed [producer/player]
1985 "The Wrestling Album" With Hulk Hogan Theme "Real American" by Rick Derringer [prod/write/play]
1985 Mason Ruffner [producer/player]
1986 Hunt Sales' Space Shot Orchestra "Requiem For A Yuppie"
1987 Cyndi Lauper "True Colors" [writer/player]
1987 Meatloaf "Masculine" [writer]
1987 Wierd Al Yancovic "Polka Party" [producer/player]
1988 Rosie Vela "Zazu" [player]
1988 Guitar Speak "Sloe Moon Rising"
1988 "Piledriver" Album By The WWF Includes "Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo" [prod/write/play]
1989 Wierd Al Yancovic "Who's Fat" Including Grammy Winner: "Who's Fat" [producer/player]
1990 Wierd Al Yancovic "UHF" [producer/player]
1990 "Rick Derringer And Edgar Winter Live In Japan" [writer/player]
1993 "Hats Off To Stevie Ray" Rick Plays "Pride And Joy" [tribute]
1993 "Fit For A King" Rick Plays "Born Under A Bad Sign" [tribute]
1994 Cream Tribute Album, Rick Plays "Other Woman Blues" [tribute]
1996 "The Real Deal" [player on Hoochie Coo]
1999 "Mambo Sons" Tom Guerra / Scott Lawson [player]
1999 "One Day Away" Jeff Pitchell and Texas Flood [producer/player]
1999 "Riverview Drive" Damon Fowler [producer]
1999 "Winter Blues" [player on Good 'Ol Shoe, On The Tip Of My Toungue, player/writer on White Man's Blues]
2002 "In Concert/ Ohne Filter"
2005 "Take 2 - Priceless Collection"

OH...then his albums...

1973 "All American Boy"
1975 "Spring Fever"
1979 "Guitars And Women"
1980 "Face To Face"
1983 "Good Dirty Fun"
1993 "Back To The Blues"
1994 "Electra Blues"
1996 "Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo, The Best of Rick Derringer"
1997 "Tend The Fire" (Released In Europe)
1998 "Blues Deluxe"
1998 "Guitars And Women" - CD Release w/bonus tracks
1998 "Rick Derringer & Friends" Live w/Edgar Winter, Ian Hunter, Dr. John, Lorna Luft, Hall and Oates
2000 "Jackhammer Blues"
2001 "DBA-Derringer, Bogert & Appice- doin' business as..."
2003 "Greatest & Latest"
2003 "Hootchie Koo Once More"
2003 "Free Ride" Promo Single
2005 "Coach Kelly Benefit Concert"
2006 "Live at Cheney Hall"

We are pleased to bring you...


Back in the first week of October of 1965, American record buyers made a song by a group called The McCoys a Billboard #1 hit...that song was "Hang On Sloopy".

Formed in Union City, Indiana, in 1962, The McCoys were initially comprised of guitarist Rick Zehringer, his brother Randy on drums and bass player Dennis Kelly. Starting out as "Rick And The Raiders", then "The Rick Z Combo", the group later added organist Ronnie Brandon, becoming the McCoys soon after Randy Hobbs replaced the college-bound Dennis Kelly.

The quartet became a highly popular attraction throughout America's Midwest, it gained the the attention of Bert Berns' "Bang Records". The group's very first release was a simple, hard driving tune called "Hang On Sloopy", which shot to the top of the U.S. charts and reached the top 5 in the UK in the summer of 1965.

For a follow-up, the band chose a similar arrangement for a tune called "Fever", a remake of Peggy Lee's Top Ten hit in 1958. A series of successive releases in a similar gutsy style fared less well and a cover of Ritchie Valens' "C'Mon Let's Go" was their only other Top 40 hit.

By 1969, the group had discarded its bubblegum image with the progressive album "Infinite McCoys", and became the house band at New York's popular Scene club. The club's owner, Steve Paul, later paired the group with an up and coming blues guitarist named Johnny Winter and billed them as "Johnny Winter And..." ("And" referring to "The McCoys") featured the Zehringer brothers and Randy Hobbs, with Rick handling the production.

It was about this time that Rick changed his last name from Zehringer to Derringer.

Mr. Derringer has produced every Gold and Platinum records recorded by either of the brothers Winter. He played with Johnny on tour and then played on and soon afterward became a full-time recording-touring member of the band. Mr. Derringers rock and roll anthem "Edgar Winter's White Trash""Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo" first appeared on the "Johnny Winter And" album and has been rerecorded numerous times over the years both in the studio and also live.

Throughout this time, you can see above the incredible array of artists Mr. Derringer has either played for, produced or engineered. It is a who's who of the music industry during the years.

Mr. Derringer is still going strong, having formed "D-B-A" with Tim Bogart and Carmine Appice (both original members of the "Vanilla Fudge" and the rhythm section of Beck, Bogart & Appice), and releasing an album to some response.

Following that, Mr. Derringer and his wife worked together to release "Aiming4Heaven" and "Still Alive And Well", two albums of Christian music.

Now You Know About...
AUGUST 5, 1947 -


Some additional musical compositions featuring Mr. Derringer




(as of today)

Abate Bike Rally - Springville, Indiana -July 19, 2007

Rock the Park - Harris Park w/many bands-check it out! London, Ontario Canada -July 28, 2007

Dog Days of Summer Jam IV - Melbourne Auditorium Melbourne, Florida - August 4, 2007

The Tiki Bar - Watkins Glen, New York - August 11, 2007

Smitty's Kaskaskia River Marina - New Athens, Illinois - August 12, 2007

Daniel Street Nightclub - Milford, Connecticut - August 17, 2007

Times Theatre - Milwaukee, Wisconsin - August 21, 2007

Navy Pier (Private Party) - Chicago, Illinois - August 22, 2007

Calgary International Blues Festival- Calgary, Alberta Canada - August 23, 2007

Keswick Theatre w/Johnny and Edgar Winter - Glenside, Pennsylvania - September 16, 2007

Carnival Rock & Roll Cruise - Leaving Port of Miami, Florida - October 15-19, 2007

KPLX Music Festival w/Edgar Winter & The Doobies - Tuscon, Arizona- -October 20, 2007

Roxy Theatre w/Commander Cody - Northampton, Pennsylvania - October 31, 2007

TBA - Dade City, Florida -November 2, 2007

Wickham Park, Operation Stand Up a benefit for returning vets from Iraq & Afghanistan
Melbourne, Florida - November 3, 2007

Rick only with the Rock & Roll Army Cerritos, California - November 10, 2007

Soaring Eagles Casino w/Johnny & Edgar Winter - Mount Pleasant, Michigan - December 28, 2007


Please stay well and enjoy your happiness...



The McCoys
Composers: Bert Russell (Bert Berns), Wes Farrell
Single Release

Rick Derringer
Composer: Rick Derringer
"Johnny Winter And"

Steely Dan
Composers: Walter Becker & Donald Fagen


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    Wow, I had no idea Rick Derringer had such an extensive resume. Good thing you're around to educate we Philistines.

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