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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Well Happy Tuesday all.
We are going to share with you another round of

Our wonderful friend Dixie came to us last week and asked if we would redo her blog for her to be more in tune with her life right now as the Proud Mother of a U.S. MARINE recruit.

Of course we told her we would get right on it.

The last few weeks we have been reupholstering THE COUCH behind the scenes, rebuilding it from scratch...keeping some parts, tossing others adding some other new things. We had hoped to have it done by this weekend.

Well, that was before our friend TURN asked for a sidebar button and logo for her BlogTalk Radio Show. Then she needed a header for her web site. Well we got all that done Thursday in hopes of beginning on Dixie's site on Friday. We really enjoyed doing that one. It was fun to find all the right components and meld them together.

Then the other email came from Dixie with a photo from last weekend. It was of her and Matt and a third person. This third person is someone Dixie did not want in the picture. Could we remove him? Well sure, we have removed people before.

Then we saw the picture and kinda freaked. Man...this was going to be a toughie...

Got home Friday early, around 3:00PM. Cranked up the tunes, poured a cocktail and sat at the MAC ready to play. All photos can be enlarged by just clicking on them.

STEP ONE: Delete the person from the photo. We grabbed the 'lasso' tool and began to outline him very slowly. We worked in sections as we had the image at 400% on our monitor. After about 20 minutes or so, we had this:

Notice that his hand had been on Matt's shoulder....rut ro...oh and the background? Not some simple wall to just clone... nope....but one step at a time...

STEP TWO: OK, time to rebuild Matt's shoulder where the hand had been. Hummm can we copy the left and make it the right? Nope...hand there too... OK, time to start cloning and building...About 20 minutes later, we had this:

There ya go... a brand new shoulder and at the same time, replaced the wall behind his head...AH why, couldn't the whole background just be a plain wall??????????????

STEP THREE: OK, so then...we made another cocktail...turned the music up louder, bent into the screen and increased the picture size even more. Time to build us some vending machines.

Now, damn.. the 'S' on the machine is covered in both places... around trying to recreate the 'S'...not gonna happen... OK, well here comes some creative license...

Finally get it done and look over at the clock...HOLY MOLEY...3.5 more hours had slipped by and it was now 8:00 PM, but we were done.

Looked at it for about 20 minutes, made some minor tweaks and then looked again... Still some minor things we would like to change, but it might mean going back and starting over...Wait...let me try this first...OK, that is better...we are pleased...

So, without further is the picture we sent off to Dixie. Heard from her yesterday (Monday) morning and she was thrilled....Made us smile to know we had pleased a friend.

If you blow up the picture, and look at the Pepsi can in the right hand machine, you will see what we needed to do. Half the can was blocked by his body, so we cloned the right side and flopped it and put them together. Well, you can't see it unless you blow it up and in the normal size, it LOOKS like a real Pepsi can!

And if you blow up the picture, you might also see some of the areas that we are still not totally pleased with. OH well....

We spent time on Saturday and Sunday building her new website. Had to make a few tweaks tonight and then let her see. She asked me to post it...go over and see.

We are open to helping others with similar requests. If you have something you need done. let me know and we can work out an 'arrangement.'

We know Sanni and The 108 and Janna are out there doing like things...but hey, we are always here to help our guests...

Well, we had just wrapped up the writing and formatting of today's post when we got an email from our incredible friend Travis. In the email he informed us that BILL WALSH had passed away, so we had to include a little on this great man.

THE COUCH NOTE: Our posts are normally written at lunch the day before or sometime the evening before.

Tom Hauck / Allsport File

William Ernest Walsh
Nov. 30, 1931 - July 30, 2007

Mr. Walsh died early Monday following a long battle with leukemia, he was 75.

He began his career in 1954 at Washington HS in Fremont, CA as the football and swimming coach.

He had stints as an assistant at California and Stanford before beginning his pro coaching career as an assistant with the AFL’s Oakland Raiders in 1966.

Walsh joined the Cincinnati Bengals in 1968 to work for legendary coach Paul Brown, who gradually gave complete control of the Bengals’ offense to his assistant.

Walsh built a scheme based on the teachings of Davis, Brown and Sid Gillman — and Walsh’s own innovations, which included everything from short drop backs and novel receiving routes to constant repetition of every play in practice.

Walsh also is widely credited with inventing or popularizing many of the modern basics of coaching, from the laminated sheets of plays held by coaches on almost every sideline, to the practice of scripting the first 15 offensive plays of a game.

In 1976, Walsh left for stints with the San Diego Chargers and Stanford before the San Francisco 49ers chose him to rebuild the franchise in 1979.

Over the next 10 years Mr. Walsh built a dynasty in San Francisco and also changed the game of football forever with his different schemes and plays.

He won the Super Bowl in 1981, 1984 and 1988 with the 49er's.

He was responsible for drafting the likes of Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott & Charles Haley while building the dynasty.

He was elected into the Football Hall of Fame in 1993.

Finally, you can always tell the success of a man (in any profession), by the success of the people who they trained and groomed and mentored.

Mr. Walsh, leads that category without even a contest. The following is a chart showing the assistants who worked for Mr. Walsh who went on to become head coaches in the NFL, and the lineage that was built by one man.

(You will have to click on it to enlarge. We could not make it any bigger)


A few weeks ago during the "WHY DO I BLOG" show, the subject mutated into "weird names of places".

Tonight Mo and his guests will try and outdo each other in coming up with the weird named cities and towns around the world...sort of like...
Intercourse, PA...
Ding Dong, Texas...

(we have a whole list, but don't want to be a spoiler...hehehe)

Everyone in the car...time for a trip to "weirdnameville"

Collect your weird town names and join in the fun....

THEN...TONIGHT AT 9:00pm EDT - We will be back on with:

Über Publicist Rob Tencer claims to have the secret to make YOU the next celebrity socialite. He'll share some tricks of the trade and give tips how anyone can get mentioned on Page Six or in "Life" and "Style Magazine".

Tencer, who wrote the e-book, "Stop Waiting to be Famous and Start Dating to be Famous", also promises tell us how us how even we can date a celebrity! Who wants to bet that Wilmer Valderrama read this book?

Also, Isobella Jade was once 5' 2" and homeless. She's still 5'2" but has overcome her lack of funds and lack of height to become a model.

We'll discuss her unconventional road to becoming a fashion model, find out if there are naked shots of her anywhere on the internet and discuss a potential movie being made about her life. Dr. B will also use tips he learned in the previous segment to get a date with a model!


And finally, our song of the day. Beautiful weather outside...90's, hot and just clear skies. We do love this weather even when others consider it 'too humid.'

We are feeling better, just lonely the last five weeks. Our friends have been there whenever needed and it has helped...some.

We are hoping future days will bring new life and happiness

Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce & Eric Clapton. -yes Anndi...we know we said not Clapton- but this is CREAM!!!!!!

"I FEEL FREE" written by Jack Bruce and Peter Brown has always been a fav of ours.

A summertime, light breezy song with more a feel of Haight Asbury than Mississippi cotton fields. It stood out for it's style against much of the blues/rock found elsewhere on the album and is the first of many successful Bruce/Brown collaborations.

This was the first song, side one of their debut album "FRESH CREAM" in 1966.

It was the second single released and reached 11th on the UK Singles Chart and #116 on the US Billboard Pop Singles Chart.

You know, we are just looking over this material and ....feels like a full post coming on...

Feel when I dance with you,
We move like the sea.
You, youre all I want to know.
I feel free, I feel free, I feel free.

I can walk down the street, theres no one there
Though the pavements are one huge crowd.
I can drive down the road; my eyes dont see,
Though my mind wants to cry out loud.

I feel free, I feel free, I feel free.

I can walk down the street, theres no one there
Though the pavements are one huge crowd.
I can drive down the road; my eyes dont see,
Though my mind wants to cry out loud,
Though my mind wants to cry out loud.

Dance floor is like the sea,
Ceiling is the sky.
Youre the sun and as you shine on me,
I feel free, I feel free, I feel free.


28 Of Your Sparks

  1. Anndi Says:
  2. You did a wonderful thing for Dixie my friend... Can you erase other things as well? Gee, I dissolve you erase.. interesting combination!Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha! We should start a "Firm"!

    Nice to see talk of such a wonderful man in sports, not all are pondscum.

    I knew it was Clapton... I knew it!
    **blows a big raspberry your way**

    Now THAT'S a tune!

  3. ANNDI: TY..and yes we could combine together to erase and dissolve...multi-national too!
    Mr. Walsh was a great man.
    No, It is CREAM! And yes it is...SMOOCH

  4. Schmoop Says:
  5. Walsh was quite simply, the best. Cheers!!

  6. Meribah Says:
  7. Weird place names??? Oh, I can give you weird place names! Cape Onion, Come By Chance, Conception Bay, Cow Head, Cox's Cove, Dildo, Dyke Lake, Fogo, Foots Cove, Gambo, Goobies, Joe Batt's Arm, Nipper's Harbour, Sandwich Bay, Shoe Cove, Snook's Arm, Tub Harbour...lots of interesting place names in Newfoundland! I'm thinking the first settlers here were rather witty! LOL :P

  8. Travis Cody Says:
  9. You did a great job with Dixie's template. The red in the flag came out really bright. And the photoshop is terrific - you got skills.

    I wrote some about Coach Walsh. I appreciate your tribute.

    Love the Cream! This is one of my favorites.

  10. MATT-MAN: That he was sir...

    MERI: So, you should call into the Mo Show tonight with all your examples...yes witty LOL

    TRAVIS: TY sir... and I appreciate your feedback when it was 'in a flux'. Your words about mr. Walsh were from the heart...mine just told of the man...excellent post Travis.
    The Cream deserve more words...and will be getting them shortly.

  11. a HUGE and I truly mean HUGE SMOOCH.... You did an excellent job!

    I love you ... you know that don't you????


  12. DIXIE: OF course I know you do dear...SMOOCHES

    Anything for a friend...

  13. Free and Tales Of Great Ulysess are my two favorites =)

    Lovely write up on Bill Walsh. I am just so saddened over the hearing the news =(

  14. great job on Dixie's site, you are way to smart for me, that photo thing amazes, Bill Walsh was a great man.

  15. STARR: Two great songs.. I have always had an affinity for "NSU" also...
    I saw your post yesterday...very sad

    SARGE: TY just comes with practice... Mr. Walsh was a great man.

  16. whoa, great job on the pic and will go visit dixie next. now can you help me with a hmmm....

    smiles, bee

  17. Maggie Moo Says:
  18. Holy cow Bond! You did a fantastic job. I have to admit though I laughed out loud when I saw the first picture with the person cut out.

    Fantastic job and you are sweet to help Dixie out.

    I can't wait for the Mo Show tonight. Why? Because I actually get to listen LIVE!!! Yay!!! I hope I get thru-I'm totally calling in.

  19. TopChamp Says:
  20. I'm in an internet cafe so can't hear the music, but the image is fab - I am impressed!

    Nice to check in. See you soon I hope.

  21. Damn it, Bond.. you stole my

    And for the record, the108 needs Sanni to help me mutilate these two templates and meld them into one three paneled work of I spent hours trying to patch the two of them together and got nowhere other than pissed off. Seems, I can rawk da graphix but when it comes to locating a certain code... I suck. Unless that code is a rare font or color, of Then, it doesn't stand a chance!

    I think that you, me, Janna and Sanni could have one hell of a company... like a wicked sick graphic design conglomerate...ha ha! But seriously, if we were all together in the same room on different computers it would be like those ladies who get together for scrapbookin' parties.
    Ha ha!

  22. Bond, you did a freakin' amazing job with that photo. If you showed me the end result and told me it was photoshopped, I'd say "nuh-uh" -- that's good!
    And Thank You for the weird place name shout out for The Mo Show!
    Since I grew up near Big Bone Lick, Beaver Lick, and Rabbit Hatch, I guess I can relate to some people who live in places like Toad Suck, but Dildo? Bwaaahaaaahaaa. Can you imagine the sports teams in their high school? Here come the Dildoes, the Mighty Mighty Dildoes.... BwaaaahaaaHaaa Haaa Ha.

  23. BEE: TY vm for the compliment. Not sure what you mean by 'help you with a ...send me an email and explain.

    MAGS: Ah..thanks so much..well, I thought that it was not right to publish his picture without his permission...
    OOOO we get to hear Mag's voice!

    TOPCHAMP: TY vm..glad to see you

    108: YOUR project? I told you I would help, but then you went off on your the 108
    OMG we would never get any work done if we were in one room

    MORGEN: Thanks pleasure on the shout out and bwahahahahahahahahahahaha
    'We are the mighty dildoes, we will stuff it back at cha...."

  24. Hell no, I'm not on my I should never be left to my own devices :-)

  25. Twyla Says:
  26. You've been tagged. :-)

  27. katherine. Says:
  28. they just don't make em like Bill Walsh!

  29. Man great work. Nice job for Dix, could trivute to Mr. walsh. A+

  30. KYRA: You are right about not being on your own....

    TWYLA: Rut ro...

    KATHERINE: No they do not ....nope

    BUD: Thank you sir..appreciate the grade...wait until you see tomorrow... woooooo

  31. Julie Says:
  32. Oh my! You did a great job deleting whoever that was! Yeah Mags...the white out was pretty cool, huh?

    My daughter works in photoshop for one of her college classes and she did a pretty impressive project a la "Nip Tuck". She's deranged but...oh well....take a peek at her mom.

  33. I'm late to the party here (so what's new, right?), but I thought I would mention my appreciation for your supplying Coach Walsh's coaching progeny tree. Very, very impressive.

    Caught the very last bit of you on The Mo Show tonight, but you'd been long gone by the time I got my call picked up. Guess I'll have to check out your contribution on the archive.

    Great work on Dixie's site. I'm considering a make over...

  34. Mimi Lenox Says:
  35. Great job. Pretty amazing. That takes time and talent.

  36. Sparky Duck Says:
  37. Bond, you are one talented man, or at least a photoshop genius.

    Its amazing looking at that graph how Walsh and Parcells have dominated the Super Bowls over a long period of time. Ya got Chuckie, Billick, Reid, Fisher, Shanahan, Dungy, Mooch, Fox, Fassel and then the Tuna and Bellichek thrown in.

  38. Tug Says:
  39. You did a wonderful job at Dix's place!!

  40. JULIE: ty dear...Your daughter is very very good at photo shop...

    SONGBIRD: YOu are welcome.. I thought it was extemely interesting...I heard you on the air...thanks enjoyed doing her site...

    MIMI: Ty my friend...

    SPARKY: LOL well Bill Walsh was a genius...not me...LOL

    TUG: TY for coming over to say so.


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