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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, July 23, 2007

Hey, want to put the cool tribute to Matt you see over to the left on your blog??

Then all you have to do is put this block of copy in your sidebar, whereever you want it to appear.

With love
img src="" />
and pride

Just add a less than sign just before the img in the second line.


THANKS to everyone who posted a tribute to Matt and Dixie and family this weekend. We here at THE COUCH did forget to mention Matt's sister Kaitlin who will be missing him terribly. Along with Dixie's partner Tony, who now has the task of dealing with our dear friend over the next weeks. be brave Tony!


Hit the play button. You have heard this song many times before...Among many others the song has been recorded by David Bromberg, Chuck Berry, The Allman Brothers, Spencer Davis, Derek & The Dominoes, John Lee Hooker, Freddie King, Little Walter, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee, Dinah Washington, Junior Wells and Muddy Waters.

Written by Bill Bill Bronnzy & Charles Segar it is a true R&B classic.

This version is featured on the 2000 release "RIDING WITH THE KING" with B.B. King & Eric Clapton featured.

A project the two had discussed over the years since meeting in the '60's, they finally had the opportunity. On this particular song, "KEY TO THE HIGHWAY", Mr's. Clapton and King are both featured guitarists and vocalists. They are joined by Nathan East on Bass, Steve Gadd on drums, Tim Carmond on Hammond Organ, and drum programming by Paul Waller.

Just think of what it would have been like to be in that studio for these recordings. The passion, respect and energy must have been amazing.

We hope you enjoy...


About a week and a half ago our dear from Gail awarded us with the "SCHMOOZER AWARD"...we were in a flux then and put it aside.

Now, we also were given the award from Starrlight on Friday.

As we are trying to get on track and back to normal, we wanted to thank both of these wonderful women for the honor they have bestowed upon THE COUCH...

Here is what they said:

Vince - Call him "Bond, Vince Bond" Just like a spy, he stealthily made his way into my heart. The couch is my bed away from home.

Bond over at THE COUCH. I love this blog and it's owner. Bond is an awesome and and lovely human being as well. His fiction is amazing, go read the Matinees! And if you want to see the finest example of blogging community involvement go check out his latest post and join us in his latest mission. Or you can go directly to my next choice!

Ladies.. you honor me to no end....

Not sure who has received this and who has not...

18 Of Your Sparks

  1. Anndi Says:
  2. Great tune! Thank you...

    I believe I've seen the "with love... and pride..." somewhere this weekend...;-)


  3. ANNDI: Our musical tastes are also perfectly matched, so I know you will always enjoy the tuneage I select...'with love and pride' has happily been around all weekend...thank you for all you did


  4. Travis Cody Says:
  5. Dangit! When I got here this morning the song was a long thin white line. I'll check back when I get home from work this evening.

    Thanks again for kick starting the tribute for Dixie and Matt.

  6. TRAVIS: I noticed that too...just hit refresh and it comes back...

    Thanks for helping out with it and congrats on being a Rising Blogger

  7. Sparky Duck Says:
  8. Yep, Bond is definetly a schmoozer, at least according to my first definition.

  9. I wanna touch your schmooze.

  10. Schmoop Says:
  11. I think Starrlight was drunk. Cheers!!

  12. SPARKY: ah shucks ty sir

    108: Then reach out and do so!

    MATT-MAN: And your point is??????

    Like you aren't always?????

  13. Julie Says:
  14. Good for you for remembering sweet Kaitlin and Tony~!

    And you are a most perfect winner for the Schmoozer award! Love ya!

    Oh oh oh oh GREAT SONG!!!

  15. JULIE: LOL how did I forget them to begin with??? Glad you enjoyed the song...and ty for the compliment...

  16. Anndi Says:
  17. Forgot to say...

    Nice to see somebody's adorable mug back atop the COUCH...

  18. ANNDI: WELL, it is sort of like putting a scarecrow up to keep the critters away....those mugs certainly do not make anyone feel comfortable!

  19. Hey there Bond,

    I'd like to take this time and congratulation you on your awesome blog and inform you that you are in the running for Bestest Blog of the Year. You are up against 104 other excellent blogs that have all qualified by being "Bestest Blog of the Day" in the past 12 months. Voting starts TODAY (July 23rd) and will end in 2 weeks (August 6th). Winners will be announced on August 7th!

    The winner will be receiving (at least) a $50 prize and a ton of new visitors I'm sure. Other blogs that finish in the top 10 will also be getting a few new links and extra exposure. Full details of the contest can be found here. So what can you do to increase your chances of winning?

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    4. Keep up the great blogging that got you here in the first place. People are going to be stopping by your blog before voting, and if you have some great, new content, that'll surely increase your vote.

    Again, congratulations and good luck! And if you're interested in winning another "blog of the day" award and get in the running for next year's award, check out the new "Blankest Blank Blog Directory." Questions? Please feel free to email me or drop by the forum.

  20. Anndi Says:
  21. pfffffffffffffffffffffft!

    Of course they do.. there was something very important missing when they were on hiatus.

    Glad you liked the 'With love... and Pride' enough to use it on here. ;-p


  22. something important missing?

    The chance to design your Halloween costume based upon my face?

    The opportunity to sit and giggle over my hair styles?

    I thought it added to the overall sentiment of the badge Kyra designed.

  23. Unknown Says:
  24. Congrats - you´re definitely a schmoozer! ;)

  25. Mimi Lenox Says:
  26. Congratulations. You certainly deserve this award! Glad you're back on track now. Looking forward to more great stories.

  27. Travis Cody Says:
  28. I got the music to play! And it was worth waiting for all day.

    Most outstanding!


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