Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, July 12, 2007

Yes...we are aware the music from yesterday is not playing...figures...decide to focus on music and the music does not work...trying to get it fixed so we can post our next profile

19 Of Your Sparks

  1. Matt-Man Says:
  2. Yo Vin-Man...Hope you are well. I miss you as much as I missed "BJ and the Bear" when it got cancelled. Cheers!!

  3. Bond Says:
  4. you got a BJ from a bear?

  5. Knowing Matty, that wouldn't surprise me. Of course, we could always hook him up with the Bible of Truth and find out...

    Hope all is well, music man. Hugs to you.

  6. Mags Says:
  7. Bond, baby...come on over and VOTE!

  8. Piacere Says:
  9. Glad to see you, Mr. B...missed you!!!


  10. Angell Says:
  11. Again, glad to have you back.

  12. Bond Says:
  13. SONGBIRD: TY for stopping by - not asking can

    MAGS: I did... LOL

    PIA: Ah well...ty

    ANGELL: ty

  14. Mimi Lenox Says:
  15. Welcome back to the Blogosphere, my friend. Music? What music? Do you hear music? I don't hear music, do you hear music?

  16. Bond Says:
  17. MIMI: Yeah...that is the problem..damn lifelogger

  18. Matt-Man Says:
  19. Bond, maybe I there a problem with that? Sexual elitist, you.

  20. Bond Says:
  21. hey you are way ahead of the game on me if you did dude

  22. Sparky Duck Says:
  23. I so dont need that visual image of Matt in my head at all

  24. Meribah Says:
  25. **Glomptackles Bond** Wooo! Glad you're back! :D

  26. Travis Says:
  27. That's what I like to see when I get home after a long day. Talk of Matt's possible bestiality.

    I'll bet that's a topic on this new radio show I've heard tell of.

    Good luck with the music. I enjoy your perspectives.

  28. Julie Says:
  29. I'm glad you're back to Vinny. I clicked in daily..just in case.

    Hang tight my dear!

  30. Bond Says:
  31. SPARKY: Does anyone????

    MERI: ooooooffffffffffffff ugh thanks ...ouch

    TRAVIS: bwahahahahahahaha of course! over cocktails!

    JULIE: Ty ty

  32. Sanni Says:
  33. Haaaaaaang on Sloopy, sloopy hang on... I love this one - especially the cover version of my favorite German punk rock band "Die Toten Hosen" (although I´m not a "cover girl" in any way... *LOL*. Normally I prefer the originals)

    Like the focus on music, Vinny. you may have realized there´s a music special up on Tuesdays at Coffee2go since a few weeks =)

  34. figures. no concert in podunk! drat...

    smiles, bee

  35. Bond Says:
  36. SANNI: thanks dear

    BEE: soon.. the Podunk Blues festival


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