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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Been sitting here trying to put some words down for today's blog. Of course, yesterday Jack said some WONDERFUL THINGS about the words we share with y'all here on THE COUCH and it seems to have slammed the door tight on my thought process. LOL writer's's a bitch....

So, we offer you some hotness...

James Cotton, Paul Butterfield, Billy Boy Arnold & Elvin Bishop...

James "Jimmy" Cotton (born July 1, 1935 in Tunica, Mississippi), is an American blues harmonica player, singer, and songwriter who is the bandleader for the "James Cotton Blues Band".

Cotton became interested in music when he first heard Sonny Boy Williamson on the radio. He left home to find Sonny Boy in West Helena, Arkansas. When Cotton explained to Williamson that he was an orphan, Sonny Boy took him in and raised him.

Cotton would begin his career playing the blues harp in Howlin Wolf's band. After one gig, Sonny Boy quit the band to live with his estranged wife in Milwaukee. He left the band in Cotton's hands. Cotton was quoted as saying, "He just gave it to me. But I couldn't hold it together 'cause I was too young and crazy in those days an' everybody in the band was grown men, so much older than me." Williamson had a lot of faith in Cotton, and his faith would ultimately be proved sound.

Billy Boy Arnold (born in Chicago on September 16, 1935) is not well know, but he has been a fixture over the last five decades on the Chicago blues scene. One of the first Windy City blues singers who was actually born in Chicago, Arnold was learning harmonica from the original Sonny Boy Williamson in the late 1940s, before even entering his teens. By the early 1960s, he was performing with an unknown Bo Diddley on street corners, playing the classic stop-and-start harmonica riff on "I'm a Man."

Elvin Bishop (born October 21, 1942, in Tulsa, Oklahoma) is an American blues and rock and roll musician and guitar player.

Bishop grew up on an Iowa farm. His family moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma, when he was ten. While in Tulsa, Elvin attended Will Rogers High School. He moved to Chicago in 1960 after he won a National Merit Scholarship to the University of Chicago, where he studied Physics. He met Paul Butterfield in the surrounding neighborhood of Hyde Park in 1963 and joined his band.

We spoke of Mr Butterfield a week or so ago HERE.

This is called "THREE HARP BLUES" word FREAKIN'HOT

Hell...why not one more...a ROBERT JOHNSON tune performed by the Paul Butterfield Blues Band..."Walking Blues"...

As our dear friend DIXIE likes to say.....


well she says that or

"Country Like Cornbread"

but that really doesn't fit here...

BlogTalk Radio Update:

Walid Shoebat is a former Palestinian terrorist. He launched attacks on Israel and trained terror cells in the United States. Now he speaks out against Islamic fundamentalism and terrorist activity and is very much pro-Israel! Shoebat will join Dr. Blogstein, Jane and special guest co-host Brad Thor, the author of the instant New York Times Bestseller The First Commandment.

We'll find out what caused Shoebat's incomprehensible 180 degree turn, his opinion of Islam, and whether or not he has any regrets of not pursuing the 72 virgins promised to martyrs.

Then, as long as we have Thor on the show, we'll try to get some inside scoop into the production of the first feature film being made from one of his books.

Also, we'll get an update from embattled "Bestest" blogger Bobby Griffin who faced allegations of fraud on our April 4th edition of the Radio Happy Hour.

All that, plus Justin the Weatherman and your phone calls at 646-652-4804.

Tonight 9:00PM EDT

18 Of Your Sparks

  1. Travis Says:
  2. Excellent tuneage and a bit of education to go with it.

    Well done yet again Sir.

  3. Bond Says:
  4. Not a Tuneage Tutelage BUT can't just post the music without some information....
    TY Sir...

  5. You're so fun - always providing knowledge along with the tunes. But not a full-fledged Tuneage Tutelage, huh? You have might high standards for yourself, darlin'. Of course, that's why you're BIG TIME now, huh?

    So, will you marry me?


  6. katherine. Says:
  7. pretty good for someone with

  8. Turnbaby Says:
  9. Well I think you are supposed to wait an hour after reading such high and well deserved praise.


  10. Twyla Says:
  11. Wow...what an awesome review! But I think the couches are's what makes this place yours.

  12. Roger Says:
  13. Love that music Bond! Just missed a harmonica up in northern Idaho forest fire distroyed it the day before the event no one got hurt...I will tune into the show tonight sounds good!

  14. Sparky Duck Says:
  15. Now not only did I not know Bo way back when (sports reference) but now it seems I didnt know cotton either.

    Sounds like one eclectic radio happy hour.

  16. Starrlight Says:
  17. Ahh Paul Butterfield =) Another excellent choice and Elvin Bishop is amazing.

  18. Bond Says:
  19. SONGBIRD: Tuneage Tutelage are much more comprehensive....LOL And have you discussed that with road Warrior?

    KATHERINE: Well reciting facts is not really writing...but TY VM

    TURNBABY: Was I swimming? a way i guess I was...smooch

    TWYLA: That seems to be the consensus on the couches...maybe make they a wee bit smaller when we refurbish...

    ROGER: Good news is no one got hurt Roger....would have been cool though...Doc normally provides some entertainment

    SPARKY: LOL good reference dude...LOVED IT! Well Doc is sorta an eclectic guy

    STARRLIGHT: You are a musical genius! LOL Have always loved Elvin....

  20. Dixiechick Says:
  21. BUWAHAHAHAHAHAA... No dear one, you ain't Country as Cornbread... but I lurves ya anyway... ;-)


  22. the108 Says:
  23. I have yet to catch Dr. Blogsteins... I may have to do that tonight.

  24. Hey, what Land Warrior doesn't know won't hurt him, right? Besides, I live in the land of polygamy; although, this mulitiple wives for one man sucks - what about multiple husbands for one woman? Sign me up!

  25. Bond: Even your writer's block is interesting! That's why I Love The Couch!!!

  26. Bond Says:
  27. DIXIE: I never said you told ME that, just that you SAY that...LOL

    108: Kyra...6:00 pm...your dinner time...have the kids listen too! LOL

    DOC: Sheesh man... you wannna hug wannna kiss wanna love me.... LOL

  28. Meribah Says:
  29. Ooo harmonica music! It's almost like accordion music (we luvs our squeeze box here, yes we do!). I enjoyed that, and thanks for reminding us about Dr. Blogstein's show. This segment looks very interesting.
    By the way, you might not be "country as cornbread" but the puppy sure is! Well, okay, I'm part country and part crusty ol' sea salt, but, hey, it counts! :P

  30. Morgen Says:
  31. We lurves you too, Vinny!

  32. Bond Says:
  33. MERI: Glad you liked the harp...Country Sea Salt...yup that's you...

    MORGEN: Ahhh shucks my friend....


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