Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, August 16, 2007

Elvis Aaron Presley
(January 8, 1935 – August 16, 1977),
Elvis; "The King of Rock 'n' Roll", "The King"

This is "Elvis Week" here in Memphis to celebrate his life and death and this year is the 30th Anniversary of his death.
We have not gone over to that part of town, as we were told it is a madhouse. There has been things going on since last Friday and the celebration continues through this weekend.
We have noticed some of the out-of-state license plates around our portion of town.
The entire calendar of events can be found HERE

Did not have a lot of time to write today, so we will share music with you to honor

(Luigi Creatore, Hugo Peretti, George David Weiss)

(Hy Zaret & Alex North)

(D. Bartholomew & P. King)

(Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller)

(Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller)

(Baker Knight)

Tomorrow, we bring you to the dentist and the wild and wooly time we had on Wednesday...
which is why we did not have time to write much more today...

Thank You, Thank You Very Much...

Following is a list of the 150 Elvis albums, singles and extended-plays whose American sales, as of January 2005, have received gold, platinum or multi-platinum designations from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

81 Albums
  • Elvis Presley, Gold
  • Elvis, Gold
  • Loving You, Gold
  • Elvis' Christmas Album (1957 Package), 3X Platinum
  • King Creole, Gold
  • Elvis' Golden Records, Vol. 1, 6X Platinum
  • 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong (Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. 2), Platinum
  • Elvis Is Back, Gold
  • G.I. Blues, Platinum
  • His Hand in Mine, Platinum
  • Something for Everybody, Gold
  • Blue Hawaii 3X Platinum
  • Girls! Girls! Girls!, Gold
  • Elvis' Golden Records, Vol. 3, Platinum
  • Roustabout, Gold
  • Girl Happy, Gold
  • How Great Thou Art 2X, Platinum
  • Elvis, NBC TV Special Platinum
  • Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. 4, Gold
  • Elvis Sings Flaming Star, Plantinum
  • From Elvis in Memphis, Gold
  • Elvis: From Memphis to Vegas, From Vegas to Memphis, Gold
  • On Stage, February 1970, Platinum
  • Worldwide 50 Gold Award Hits, 2x Platinum
  • Elvis' Christmas Album (1970 Package), 9X Platinum
  • Elvis, That's the Way It Is, Gold
  • Elvis in Person at the International Hotel, Gold
  • Elvis Country, Gold
  • Elvis: The Other Sides; 50 Gold Award Hits, Vol. 2, Gold
  • You'll Never Walk Alone, 3X Platinum
  • Elvis Sings the Wonderful World of Christmas, 3X Platinum
  • Elvis Now, Gold
  • He Touched Me, Platinum
  • Elvis As Recorded at Madison Square Garden, 3X Platinum
  • Elvis Sings Burning Love and Hits from His Movies, Vol. 2, 2X Platinum
  • Separate Ways, Platinum
  • Aloha from Hawaii, 5X Platinum
  • Elvis, A Legendary Performer, Vol. 1, 2X Platinum
  • Elvis Recorded Live on Stage in Memphis, Gold
  • Pure Gold, 2X Platinum
  • Elvis, A Legendary Performer, Vol. 2, 2X Platinum
  • From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee, Gold
  • Welcome to My World, Platinum
  • Moody Blue, 2X Platinum
  • Elvis in Concert, 3X Platinum
  • He Walks Beside Me, Gold
  • Elvis, A Legendary Performer, Vol. 3, Gold
  • Our Memories of Elvis, Gold
  • This Is Elvis, Gold
  • Elvis Aron Presley, Platinum
  • Memories of Christmas, Gold
  • The Number One Hits, 3X Platinum
  • The Top Ten Hits, 4X Platinum
  • Elvis, The King of Rock 'n' Roll, The Complete 50's Masters, 2X Platinum
  • Elvis, From Nashville to Memphis, The Essential 60's Masters I, Platinum
  • Elvis: His Greatest Hits (Readers Digest compilation), Platinum
  • Blue Christmas, Gold
  • Elvis' Golden Records, Vol. 5, Gold
  • Amazing Grace, 2X Platinum
  • If Everyday Was Like Christmas, Platinum
  • Walk a Mile in My Shoes, The Essential 70's Masters, Gold
  • 50 Years - 50 Hits, 2X Platinum
  • Let's Be Friends, Platinum
  • Worldwide Gold Award Hits, Vol. 1 & 2 (club version), Platinum
  • The Elvis Presley Story, 2X Platinum
  • Elvis Gospel Treasury, Gold
  • The Complete Sun Sessions, Gold
  • Heart and Soul, Gold
  • It's Christmas Time, 2X Platinum
  • The Rock 'n' Roll Era, Gold
  • The Legend Lives On, Gold
  • Platinum - A Life In Music, Gold
  • ELVIS 30 #1 HITS, 4X Platinum
  • ELVIS 2ND TO NONE, Platinum
  • Elvis Sings Hits From His Movies Vol. 1, Platinum
  • Almost In Love, Platinum
  • Double Dynamite, Platinum
  • Love Me Tender (1987 compilation), Gold
  • I Got Lucky, Gold
  • C'mon Everybody, Gold
  • Frankie and Johnny, Platinum
53 Singles
  • Heartbreak Hotel/I Was the One, 2x Platinum
  • Blue Suede Shoes/Tutti Frutti, Gold
  • I Want You, I Need You, I Love You/My Baby Left Me, Platinum
  • Hound Dog/Don't Be Cruel 4X Platinum
  • Love Me Tender/Any Way You Want Me, 3X Platinum
  • Too Much/Playing for Keeps, Platinum
  • All Shook Up/That's When Your Heartaches Begin, 2X Platinum
  • (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear/Loving You, 2x Platinum
  • Jailhouse Rock/Treat Me Nice, 2X Platinum
  • Don't/I Beg of You, Platinum
  • Wear My Ring Around Your Neck/Doncha' Think It's Time, Platinum
  • Hard Headed Woman/Don't Ask Me Why, Platinum
  • I Got Stung/One Night, Platinum
  • (Now and Then There's) A Fool Such as I/I Need Your Love Tonight, Platinum
  • A Big Hunk o' Love/My Wish Came True, Gold
  • Stuck on You/Fame and Fortune, Platinum
  • It's Now or Never/A Mess of Blues, Platinum
  • Are You Lonesome Tonight/I Gotta Know, 2X Platinum
  • Surrender/Lonely Man, Platinum
  • I Feel So Bad/Wild in the Country, Gold
  • (Marie's the Name) His Latest Flame/Little Sister, Gold
  • Can't Help Falling in Love/Rock-a-Hula Baby, Platinum
  • Good Luck Charm/Anything That's Part of You, Platinum
  • She's Not You/Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello, Gold
  • Return to Sender/Where Do You Come From, Platinum
  • One Broken Heart For Sale/They Remind Me Too Much of You, Gold
  • (You're the) Devil in Disguise/Please Don't Drag That String Around, Gold
  • Bossa Nova Baby/Witchcraft, Gold
  • Kissin' Cousins/It Hurts Me, Gold
  • Viva Las Vegas/What'd I Say, Gold
  • Ain't That Loving You, Baby/Ask Me, Gold
  • Crying in the Chapel/I Believe in the Man in the Sky, Platinum
  • I'm Yours/Long Lonely Highway, Gold
  • Puppet on a String/Wooden Heart, Gold
  • Blue Christmas/Santa Claus Is Back in Town, Platinum
  • Tell Me Why/ Blue River, Gold
  • Frankie and Johnny/Please Don't Stop Loving Me, Gold
  • If I Can Dream/Edge of Reality, Gold
  • In the Ghetto/Any Day Now, Platinum
  • Clean Up Your Own Back Yard/The Fair is Moving On, Gold
  • Suspicious Minds/You'll Think of Me, Platinum
  • Don't Cry Daddy/Rubberneckin', Platinum
  • Kentucky Rain/My Little Friend, Gold
  • The Wonder of You/Mama Liked the Roses, Gold
  • I've Lost You/The Next Step Is Love, Gold
  • You Don't Have to Say You Love Me/Patch It Up, Gold
  • I Really Don't Want to Know/There Goes My Everything, Gold
  • Burning Love/It's a Matter of Time, Platinum
  • Separate Ways/Always on My Mind, Gold
  • Way Down/Pledging My Love, Platinum
  • My Way/America, Gold
  • That's All Right, Gold
  • Good Rockin' Tonight, Gold
16 Extended Play Singles
  • Elvis Presley (including Blue Suede Shoes), Gold
  • Heartbreak Hotel, Gold
  • Elvis Presley (including Shake, Rattle & Roll), Gold
  • The Real Elvis, Platinum
  • Elvis, Volume 1, 2X Platinum
  • Love Me Tender, Platinum
  • Elvis, Volume 2, Gold
  • Peace in the Valley, Platinum
  • Loving You, Volume 1, Gold
  • Loving You, Volume 2, Platinum
  • Jailhouse Rock, 2X Platinum
  • Elvis Sings Christmas Songs, Platinum
  • King Creole, Volume, 1 Platinum
  • King Creole, Volume, 2 Platinum
  • Follow That Dream, Platinum
  • Kid Galahad, Gold

27 Of Your Sparks

  1. katherine. Says:
  2. that first b/w picture of Elvis is great. He never did much for me as a sex symbol...but his music was...and is...phenomenal.

  3. Julie Says:
  4. Yeah Katherine...I agree with that first picture! When you mentioned something about an anniversary I didn't put it together. I knew it was "Elvis week but never remember what day.

    Great job there Vinny!.

  5. Travis Cody Says:
  6. So many fantastic songs. Nice tribute.

  7. Twyla Says:
  8. My guitar teacher wants to teach us how to play 'hound dog'. He's says it will be easy...but after listening to it, I'm not so sure.
    I remember back when I was a little girl, listening to Elvis with my Aunt Jen. She LOVED him. After she died, I remember going in her room and finding all of her Elvis records in her closet and wanting to take them because I knew how much they meant to her. I'm pretty sure they ended up in the trash. :-(

  9. RW Says:
  10. Happy Elvis week Bond!!

  11. Anonymous Says:
  12. Wow my very favorite song by Elvis and you listed it first! Someday I'll find it on vinyl. I could listen to that song and Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers almost continuously. Great things are like that .... they go on and on ..... enjoy the pleasure and joy of life, V !!

  13. Anndi Says:
  14. *sigh*



  15. Sparky Duck Says:
  16. Not a huge Elvis fan, but if you don't feel some sort of shiver when you hear I cant Help falling in love, you have no heart.

  17. Angell Says:
  18. The King lives on.

    Thank you Vince.

    My favourite Elvis tune?

    If I Can Dream


    He's missed every day.

  19. He played his last concert at Market Square Arena in Indianapolis. When MSA was raized a few years ago, there were many memories discussed and relived. Many still mourn him; I can't imagine being in Memphis this week.

    Hope your trip to the dentist was successful, and you're feeling better.


  20. Thanks for the trip through memory lane, I was lucky enough to be a teenager in the Elvis years, I stood in line to see Love Me Tender, I saw all the Ed Sullivan shows, it was a good time, his music changed us all.

  21. wasn't there a big deal about his middle name being aron and it being spelled aaron on the grave marker? i seem to remember that. we went to graceland a few years ago and i kept thinking it was so much smaller than i imagined. and the green shag carpet! ewwww.... but i loved me some elvis i tell you.

    smiles, bee

  22. KATHERINE: Didn't do too much for me as a sex symbol either - LOL
    I did like that first picture...1970

    JULIE: TY dear... I wondered who would get it

    TRAVIS: TY Sir....wish i had time/energy to write more...but simple is what simple does!

    TWYLA: Do not be intimidated...it really is not a difficult song...and arg..hate to hear that about vinyl

    ROGER: TY Sir...

    ANON: Yes they do and I hope all my friends enjoy life....

    ANNDI: I know how much you loved the man and when i drove you by Graceland that evening i did hear a little squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee LOL

    SPARKY: You Got that right, yes you do....

    ANGELL: Ty dear...sorry i did not post that one....

    SONGBIRD: TY for the contribution...tomorrow I will take you on the journey to the dentist! LOL

    SARGE: His music changed the world...no doubt

    BEE: You know, I do not know about the middle name thing...anyone want to chime in with any information?

  23. Schmoop Says:
  24. In his honor, this weekend I'm Gonna Have A Clambake. Cheers!!

  25. I found you in the Bestest Feed and had to check out the Couch for myself and wow - a tribute to one of my loves. Nothing beats "Are you lonesome tonight" by Elvis. I contribute to an http://artistfoodnetwork.blogspot.com and I should have put his famous grilled banana and peanut butter sandwich on in honor of his birthday but I've forgotten the date and have been lax in my paper reading.
    Love your blog, ns

  26. MATT-MAN: Did my invite get lost in the mail?

    NANCY: Thanks so much for sitting on THE COUCH today. Hope you come back for another visit soon.

  27. Schmoop Says:
  28. Bond: You should have received it. I even reserved you a motel room here under the name of "Bill Bixby". Cheers!!

  29. TopChamp Says:
  30. Hello - I am having comment trouble.. have to try loads of times before comments eventually come up.

    Persevered though to congratulate you on your fine review. Nice Elvis piece too x

  31. MATT-MAN: Expect me there friday around noon

    TOPCHAMP: TY on both the review and the Elvis post...appreciate it greatly and appreciate your perseverance Smooch

  32. LOL Matt...

    Great post Bond. Later Elvis not so hot, early "That's Alright Mama" Elvis? Hot.

    I love me some Elvis too.

  33. BeckEye Says:
  34. Dead? What are you talking about? He was just standing in front of me at the deli.

  35. Unknown Says:
  36. My sister is a huge Elvis fan. I can't forget how many people compared Taylor to Elvis...

  37. I agree with a pp... If I can Dream is my fav also...

  38. STARRLIGHT: agree on early over late...

    BECKEYE: sssssssssh you are not supposed to tell....

    DANA: Many did yes....

    108: KYRA....Next time...ok?

  39. Unknown Says:
  40. Excellent, Vinny.

    I was three when Elvis had "left the building" forever... but I can still remember this day...

    Love his songs!

  41. Meribah Says:
  42. Impressive! No wonder Elvis was considered the King of Rock and Roll!

  43. SANNI: So young you are dear....Glad you enjoyed

    MERI: Yes ...he was/is THE KING


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