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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, August 22, 2007

We had done this over at ANNDI'S a few weeks ago, and then
MIMI- Queen of the Meme's asked us to do it

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
His Most Noble Lord Vince the Verdant of Londinium-le-Thames
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My Fortune Cookie told me:
You should emulate your heros, but don't carry it too far. Especially if they are dead.
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Duke Ellington & Johnny Hodges
1963 - MGM Records
Harry Edison - Trumpet
Leslie Spann - Guitar
Sam Jones - Bass
Jo Jones - Drums
Johnny Hodges - Alto Saxophone
Duke Ellington - Piano

22 Of Your Sparks

  1. Those satellite photos are cool, and even though I know they're not taken in real time, they still kinda creep me out. Big Brother watching and all...

    [[backing out of the room, bowing to milord...]]

  2. Mimi Lenox Says:
  3. Verily, Verily Vince! Vince the Verdant sounds very poetic.

    (gosh, that was lame)
    Thanks for playing!

  4. Travis Cody Says:
  5. I'm having a lousy week, so thank you for the 10 minute giggle over your fortune cookie.

    And of course for the most excellent music.

  6. Well I tried to give you another title and you wouldn't take it... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  7. Liz Hill Says:
  8. The satellite photos are cool and creepy at the same time.

    Vince the Verdant *tee hee*

  9. SONGBIRD: Yes, I totally understand the creepiness of the technology out there today....I have waited for some woman or man who has been stalked due to it to file a lawsuit, but it has not happened yet, that I know.
    WHAT??? come back here. you did not kiss my ring first!

    MIMI: LOL...I thought it was funny...

    TRAVIS: Sorry to hear about your week my friend, and I also giggled over my fortune cookie...since I have so many who are dead (unfortunately)...Jerry, Thurman, Mickey, Wade...but dad is still alive and there are a few others who are also...

    DIXIE: SugarBaby, I was not sure I could use KING OF THE UNIVERSE without looking a little egotistical! LOL

  10. TURNBABY: Cool & Creepy.... yuppers...

  11. Julie Says:
  12. Is that you waving at us? What sight did you use? Cool and creepy just like so much in life these days!

  13. JULIE...yup that is me.. just put your address into the google search and then click maps and then satellite...

  14. Schmoop Says:
  15. In Ohio, "emulating" is not legal.

  16. Excellent title! And a wise cookie as well.

  17. google earth? i love looking at that. and it was recently updated too.

    smiles, bee

  18. MATT-MAN: Well Ohio is still not even a it?

    STARRLIGHT: TY dear...I approve of the title, though KING OF THE UNIVERSE would have been cool also

    BEE: Are you spying on me dear?

  19. katherine. Says:
  20. Her Eminence the Very Viscountess Katherine. the Inexorable of London by the Bow

    laughing....considering the four inch bruise on my left elbow from a compound bow lesson...

  21. AtriaBooks Says:
  22. Vinny, put on your pants. I can see you in the window there!

  23. KATHERINE: LOL...that is why we have shoot the bows....

    DOC: It is my apartment...stop looking!

  24. Meribah Says:
  25. Oooo! Me likee the satellite shot...makes yuh easier to stalk! Uh, that is to say, uh, NOT stalk you! Just...get a nice look at your apartment is all....:P
    Anywhoo, that is a wise fortune cookie. Listen to it! :)

  26. MERI: Darlin' you can stalk me all you want! bwahahahahahahahaahahha

  27. Mimi Lenox Says:
  28. That satellite thingy is scary......Is that a begonia I see on your porch?

  29. RW Says:
  30. Hi Bond what are ya doing down there??? Great blues (((((applause)))))

  31. amynoroom Says:
  32. Is that your house? Kewl!!!

  33. MIMI: gee...good eyes....

    ROGER: What i am doing is private!

    AMY: Well my apartment building...yup


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