Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, August 08, 2007

We had promised STARRLIGHT we would be doing her "Middle Name Meme" today...but will be putting that off until tomorrow, as today we need to let you, all of our most wonderful GUESTS here on THE COUCH, how much you have touched us...

Two weeks ago we let you all know about the contest being held over at BESTEST BLOG, allowing the fans to vote on the winners of the BESTEST BLOG OF THE DAY to select a BESTEST BLOG OF THE YEAR.

The list was incredible and included some very special friends of ours. We encouraged you all to vote hard for them...There were other blogs we knew of that were very special places to visit and when we saw the list our only thought was 'wouldn't it to be nice to get in the top 15?'

So, what did all y'all do??? You voted for THE COUCH... and this morning we were shocked into speechlessness...

On January 18th, 2007, the above mentioned STARRLIGHT nominated THE COUCH for THE BESTEST BLOG OF THE DAY. It was a total shock to us that day as you see from the link on the date there...

Now, you have gone and done it again. Somehow, THE COUCH reached the #1 spot in this the hell could that have happened??????

You have all humbled me and touched my heart.

Without you, our GUESTS, The Couch is just an egocentric place for our blabberings...
Without you, our GUESTS, The Couch is a small little nothing in this huge bloggosphere...
Without you, our GUESTS, The Couch does not even exist...

When we conceived THE COUCH, our hope was we could provide a little entertainment and share our happiness and our sorrows, our thoughts and feelings on world events...and mostly, just a little place for my, then, small group of friends to sit and laugh and enjoy each other's company.

You have helped make it a much more fun place and have encouraged me through my toughest times. You have patted me on the back and kicked my have told me you agreed with our thoughts and you have told us we are full of crap when you thought so...

It has become as much about you, as it does about me...

This award NEEDS to be shared with each and every one of you...that is not crap...that is how we truly feel...

Before anyone goes off on us about our rant against the BESTEST BLOG site, please remember, our comments were always about the fact that we were disappointed the site was not being kept up and we felt that was wrong. We never complained that 'our hits were down' or that 'we paid money and did not get anything back'....

We do like the new version of the BESTEST BLOG where people vote for the daily seems more fair and democratic...

To the owners of the other 104 blogs, we send you our all do a great job entertaining your readers each and every day

Now, we have been told there may be an investigation into hanging chads, but we think that is just crazy... our chad does hang .... but certainly not in a bad way....

Finally, for today...we are dedicating this to every single one of you who showed your love to us the last two weeks and cast the votes that have given us this honor...and to those of you who have been with us on this long strange trip and will continue to sit on THE COUCH, hopefully, for years to come.


Billy Gibbons/Dusty Hill/Frank Beard

Check out the MO show.. new day, new time...



He showed his class last night in a recorded message.
Hank, you did it the right way!

29 Of Your Sparks

  1. Anndi Says:
  2. Nicest place to sit this Couch is... (ass kicking.. who???? hehehe)

    Yes dear.. we like you.. we really like you!


  3. Bond Says:
  4. My sweet have had a seat here from the very beginning and your thoughts and comments and ideas have helped grow this place..thank you
    enjoy your trip....

  5. BeckEye Says:
  6. Now you need one of those big foam #1 fingers and you must wear it at all times. Especially while typing.

  7. I told you that you were one in a million. You absolutely deserve this, and I voted a big ol' five for you when I voted.

    I was quite shocked at how high I placed. Who knew? I never even "campaigned" for it, nor did I put the button on my blog, and yet still I got votes.

    I guess when people like what you write, they'll let you know. You should have figured that out by the first place finish, Vinny. People like it here. They have now rewarded you for it. Great job!

  8. Travis Says:
  9. You rock my friend!

  10. Bond Says:
  11. BECKEYE: eewugwhvwforhgr93 :::takes foam finget off: OK, well can't type with the foam finger...sorry! TY

    SONGBIRD: TY so very much for your kind got a 5 from me dear...I am glad people do like it here...

    TRAVIS: TY so very much

  12. TopChamp Says:
  13. Congratulations!

  14. Anonymous Says:
  15. Way to go Bond! Can't say I was even the tiniest bit surprised! Well deserved and well earned.

    Now you gotta get in the running for blog of the day again, so you can repeat your yearly award next year!

  16. Dana Says:

  18. Turnbaby Says:
  19. Daggone I was gonna do the Sally Field thingie LOL

    And I was gonna WOOOOOO


    What Anndi and Dana said!!


  20. Bond Says:
  21. TOPCHAMP: TY so much

    BOBBY: TY appreciate it

    DANA: TY so much

    TURNBABY: you would do Sally for me?
    TY vm

  22. Roger Says:
  23. Crongrats Bond ;D

  24. the108 Says:
  25. Congratulations, Love... this is one well deserved honor :-)

    Kissy kisses!

  26. Starrlight Says:
  27. I was SO happy you won! I was shocked I got 6th myself there are so many awesome blogs out there. But your's does reign supreme =)

  28. Dixiechick Says:
  29. Congratulations to you my dear Hottie one... SMOOCHES~

    My brother made an excellent comment on Monday night regarding Mr. Steriod Head ... and it goes as follows ...

    "If Bonds had any class about him, he would retire right now and let Hank Aaron keep the record. But he doesn't have that class."

    Yes I saw Hank Aaron show much class and dignity to Mr. Steriod Head...

  30. Bond Says:
  31. ROGER: Thanks dude...

    108: You are very kind..ty

    STARR: My benefactor...No shock involved you have a hot blog baby....
    TY so much again...

  32. Anonymous Says:
  33. ::Standing up and clapping::

    Bravo! Bravo!
    Congrats on your bestest blog award!!!! Well-deserved!!!!!!

  34. Sparky Duck Says:
  35. Im sorry, I did not vote at all, because the whole bestest blog thing smacked of spam to me. Plus, I would never be able to pick between everyone anyways.

  36. Bond Says:
  37. LOIS: Why TY so very much.

    SPARKY: Understood, there are others who are not fans of the way the old site was set up (and might not like the new one either), but as I said, even to those who did not, you all have helped make THE COUCH what it is, so the Thank you is also directed at you kind sir.

  38. Gail Says:

    If anyone deserves an award such as this it is you. You have inspired, touched and beloved my heart. You I am thankful to have this connection with you and I know soooo many others feel the same way.

    Let's celebrate...did Travis bring the cake?!?

  40. Bond Says:
  41. DIXIE: Your brother is very smart...i have also said that a few times that he should come up one short and retire..but with that huge head, think of the huge ego...
    TY so much for your kind words.

    GAIL: That is so wonderful of you...You are a wonderful woman and i appreciate your friendship...Travis? Cake? Where is it dude?

  42. Piacere Says:
  43. And to think, I have been in the presence of GREATNESS!!! Congrats, Mr. B - it shouldn't be any other way!!


    P.S. I'll be here on the Couch, waiting on reports of Bond's indictment for WHATEVVA...I can count on you to keep me up-to-date!!

  44. Mimi Lenox Says:
  45. Bond - You shouldn't be surprised that people flocked to your blog and voted. Enjoy the fame! You deserve it.

  46. Matt-Man Says:
  47. Yea!!

  48. Bond Says:
  49. PIA: ummm greatness? ummmm well Thank You so much Bodacious...SMOOCH...LOL when it happens we will have it here first (had to think about that and wondered why I was getting indicted!)

    MIMI: Very kind of you my friend...Thank you sooooooooo much

    MATT-MAN: hehehe TY dude

  50. katherine. Says:
  51. atta boy....well deserved.


  52. Travis Says:
  53. **cruises back in with CAKE for all**

  54. Julie Says:
  55. Wooooo I heard CAKE!!!!

    Congratulations my friend! I'm so very proud of you!


    OHohohoh great song, too!

  56. tiggerprr Says:
  57. ::golfclap:: You deserve it! I tried to post this yesterday but Blogger was being a butt. :/


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