We Dare

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, August 20, 2007

OK, here is the DEAL...
We never checked Mo's site this morning
but THOUGHT we had seen over on Turn's that the word was

it really is DEAL...

So, we screwed up...

All y'all will just have to DEAL with that today
because we do not have time to change this post...

We really like DARE though!

We DARE Comcast to give us back our internet access,
which went out at 1:00 PM yesterday and was still out this morning.

We are the only person in the known world
who never played Truth or DARE

We TRIPLE-Dog DARE you to go over to Mimi's Dating Site
and get involved in her weekly challenge...
All y'all have snark in ya...git 'er done NOW!

Go over to Mo's and find out what others are saying...

That is all the time we have...
No music...
No photos
Just DARING words...
Hopefully we can have a fully loaded post tomorrow.

22 Of Your Sparks

  1. Schmoop Says:
  2. Bastards!!!

  3. tiggerprr Says:
  4. Sorry to hear of your internet woes!

    When you get all situated, I've tagged you for a brand new meme. The $50,000 question. I'm sure I've tagged you recently...and I'm sorry to do it again so soon, but you're so thoughtful, I just have to see what you'd say.

  5. Aw, Vinny, so sorry about your internet problems. First the tooth, now the internet.


  6. I kinda like DARE too...

    Bummer about the internet service... jerkoffs!

  7. MATT-MAN: Wanna get them for me?

    TIGERRPRR: OK, got the tag and will work on it...maybe tomorrow...hopefully Internet will be back

    SONGBIRD: What else could go wrong... NEVERMIND...I do not want to know..

    DIXIE: Well, dare worked well for me today! LOL

    Wanna help Matt to get the bastards for me?

  8. What a Deal you got on multiple Dare usages!
    I think you're a riot, Vinny, and I think I love this post even more because you're not afraid to let us see how human you are.
    cheers to you.
    hope the internet fiasco gets all worked out soon!

  9. MORGEN: LOL The one thing my friends and family have always known about me is I have faults and i let em hang out....
    NO, that is NOT what I meant all you dirty minded people! I keep THOSE tucked at all times...well, unless I go commando...

  10. Goin' commando? Hmmm....thanks for that image...

  11. Travis Cody Says:
  12. I must be careful about saying anything derogatory about those wonderful (evil) Comcast folk (bastards) because I too am in their service (clutches).

    Good luck with getting your service restored soon!

  13. SONGBIRD: Imagery is my desire! LOL
    Whether it be good or bad...

  14. TRAVIS: The world is in their service (clutches, tied to a rack, fingernails being pulled) but I understand they are soooo much better than the evil doers at Time Warner....

    TY Sir...hope your weekend was good...

    FOLKS: Will try to get around to your blogs as soon as I can..

  15. well, do you dare to deal....

  16. Your desire is only imagery? Not to partake?

  17. SARGE; Texas Hold 'em? surrre

    SONGBIRD; No, giving imagery to my guests here on the Couch
    Silly woman....lol

  18. Ok that was a funny post :P

  19. Julie Says:
  20. Silly silly Vinny! I'm glad I was able to speed right through....


  21. STARR: Why TY and in some ways i wasn't even trying!

    JULIE: maybe I need to cut my posts down then...

  22. katherine. Says:
  23. have you ever had a dealer stare at you with a daring look in their eye?

    I hate that. smile

  24. Julie Says:
  25. Nonononono!!!! It was just good for today....i'm just saying.....

  26. KATHEINE: ummm what kind of dealer are we talking about here? LOLOL

    JULIE: Like I could ever be short an to the point! LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  27. Liz Hill Says:
  28. Just glad I didn't lead you astray sweet man *smooch*









  29. TURN: ALL your fault bwahahahahahahahah

    Nor should you dare a Hottie


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