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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, September 21, 2007

Just when we thought we had made it Forbes changed the guidelines. Last year the minimum amount you had to have to joining their list of the 400 riches Americans was $1-Billion.

Sure, just as we get to that figure, they go and up the ante to $1.3-Billion....

Just not fair we tell you.

Top 22?

1. William Gates III - $58 billion - well you know him!
2. Warren Buffett - $52 billion - Big time investor

Look Out...Big Drop Coming!

3. Sheldon Adelson - $28 billion - Casino owner
4. Lawrence Ellison - $26 billion - Oracle
5. Sergey Brin - $18.5 billion - Google
5. Larry Page - $18.5 billion - Google
7. Kirk Kerkorian - $18 billion - Casinos & Investments
8. Michael Dell - $17.2 billion - Dell Computer
9. Charles Koch - $17 billion - Oil & Commodities
9. David Koch - $17 billion - Oil & Commodities
11. Paul Allen - $16.8 billion - Microsoft & Investments
12. Jim Walton - $16.3 billion - Walmart
12. Christy Walton & Family - $16.3 billion - Walmart
12. S. Robson Walton - $16.3 billion - Walmart
15. Alice Walton - $16.1 billion - Walmart (Does she know she gets less than the rest?)
16. Steven Ballmer - $15.2 billion - Microsoft
17. Abigail Johnson - $15 billion - Fidelity
18. Carl Icahn - $14.5 billion - Leveraged Buyouts
19. Jack Crawford Taylor & Family - $14 billion - Enterprise Rent-A-Car
19. Forrest Mars Jr. - $14 billion - Mars Company
19. John F. Mars - $14 billion - Mars Company
19. Jacqueline Mars - $14 billion - Mars Company

Remember...if you want to contribute to Dixie's scrapbook for Matt, head on over to DIXIE'S HEART & SOUL and leave her a note or write something up and let her know how she can get a copy.

Have you read the story about the new Miami Hurricanes head coach? I know...I know...stop the booing...the University might have done the best thing that has ever happened...

Randy Shannon is a man you should know about. Sports Illustrated did a story on him a couple of issues ago, and in perfect fashion, ESPN is now running a feature on this remarkable man.

In short, Shannon was born and raised in Liberty City a notoriously dangerous part of Miami. His father was murdered in Liberty City in the 1970s when the future Miami head coach was only three years old. Shannon's sister and two of his brothers died in the 1980s after contracting AIDS through drug use. Another of his brothers was arrested for stealing Shannon's identity.

The story is about how he got to where he is today; and the fact that he has brought a new attitude to the team who once came out for pre-game in fatigues. This year, they do not even have names on their uniforms; almost unheard of in college football.

You can read the entire Sports Illustrated article HERE

Four divisions in MLB still up for grabs...

The best record in the American League is still up for grabs...

Great time of year for a baseball junkie...

Then throw in the NFL starting up...

And our Fantasy Football team giving us wins the first two weeks...and it is even better...

Beautiful weather here in Memphis...

Will be spending some time on the Tutelage and will be presenting it to you on Monday.

Oh hell...been a few days that we have not had a chance to place tunes...

Have quite a few for Monday, so...we'll share another of our featured artist...

"Me And Bobby McGee"
Janis Joplin
Words and Music by Kris Kristofferson
(Posthumously released)

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.
Marcel Proust

GREAT WEEKEND ALL.........................

23 Of Your Sparks

  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Have a great weekend, Bond!

  3. katherine. Says:
  4. the article on Shannon was GREAT! (all eleven pages of it)

    I couldn't help but wonder how he feels about having all out there for the world to read...ya know? He kept it private for so long for reasons important to him.

    Do you think Miz Bee saw the part about Shannon making cake from scratch???

  5. MIMI: You also my friend...

    KATHERINE: I know it is a long article, but I really think it is a great read...It seems like the horse is out of the barn, as ESPN also did a profile telling all...and he must have decided it is time as he gave SI all the private stuff too...
    Thanks for coming by Katherine.

  6. Maggie Moo Says:
  7. Damn, I knew I should have been an Oracle...

    Have a great weekend!!!!!

  8. I saw that article on Shannon; I just hadn't gotten around to it yet. Thanks for the tip. I'll try to get past the fact that I can't stand Miami and read it soon. I remember those riots in Liberty City; I was living in WPB then. They were very ugly.

    Glad your weather has taken a turn. Ours seems to have done the same - not quite glorious, but no longer triple digits. Wheeeee!

    Have a great weekend, Vinny.

  9. Schmoop Says:
  10. That is one of the most well-written songs ever. Drink Up and Cheers!!

  11. damn, I missed the list again, oh well.....

  12. he bakes from scratch? i used to. before i got old and lazy and now mostly i beg or buy.

    sarge says we missed the list again. go figure! ha ha ha well if we made the list i'd only buy a cruise ship and stay on it all the time and make them make cake for me and bring me lots of cats to play with. what a life! sigh...

    smiles, bee

  13. Beth Says:
  14. The Randy Shannon story sounds great. I'll have to Google it.

    Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose.

    Songs just don't get better than that, do they?

  15. MAGGIE: I shoulda been a GATES!
    ENJOY your weekend also

    SONGBIRD: I know Miami has a bad taste...but read the article...he is a good man
    Enjoy your weekend and feel well

    MATT-MAN: You are correct Sir and i will be doing so soon!

    SARGE: i saw your name just below mine! LOL

    BEE: Cake from scratch...yup....OOO do I get to come along on YOUR ship?

    BETH: Thanks for stopping by. The full article is linked above in my comments about it.

  16. Thanks for the reminder on Matt's scrapbook.

    Have a great weekend!


  17. Tug Says:
  18. LOVE Me & Bobby McGhee... ;-)


    Cannot believe I'm not listed. dangit.

  19. Travis Cody Says:
  20. Geee...kinda sucks to be part of the Walton or Mars clans and have to share.

    Imagine if one of them were an only. An only Walton would jump ahead of Gates and Buffet and an only Mars would be just behind Buffet!

    I've read about Randy Shannon before. I'm seeing more and more of these stories about good men in sport. I hope the trend continues.

    I wish you a happy weekend full of Yankee wins, Sawx stumbles, and good football.

    And thank for the Janis.

  21. Coco Says:
  22. i have it figured out, Vinny .... if i can manage somehow to live until i'm 186, i have a shot at making that Forbes list ... but only if i can also keep working fulltime until then ...

    hugs, my friend. have a great weekend.


    TUG: Maybe if we combined our wealth we could make it!?!?

    TRAVIS: LOL yeah kinda tough - only $16 billion....real tough!
    I agree...the trend is a good thing
    TY Sir... hoping for a big weekend in baseball
    Much more Janis on Monday

    COCO: LOL and not spending any money at all? LOLOLOL
    HUGS back

  24. Meribah Says:
  25. I love your posts. They either give me something to smile about or laugh at.
    Bill Gates? Who's he??? LOL :P Yup, you would have to be living under a rock to NOT know Bill Gates!
    Anyway, have a great weekend! :)

  26. Survive the weekend, my friend!

  27. OOO--- Bobby McGee is my song!!!


    Gonna come visit us on my btr show tomorrow, babe?

  28. Janis was to that song what Aretha was to Respect =)

  29. Liz Hill Says:
  30. Dayum--just missed the list again *sigh*

    I really wish I was on that sucker--I'd do a lot of good with that much moola.

    Great story about Shannon--shows what determination can do.

    And just a great tune sugar.


  31. MERI: What a nice thing to say...glad I can put a smile on your face and a laugh in your mind

    BUD: TY Sir, and you do the same...

    108: KYRA...glad you love the song and I am certainly going to try and visit...

    STARRLIGHT: PERFECT analogy my friend...

    TURNBABY: I think I saw you just below me on the list! LOL
    It is a great story about a good guy.

  32. Proust! I just noticed the Proust! What a lovely quote =)

  33. STARRLIGHT: I love that one also...
    Glad you noticed it....we like putting them in to our posts now...


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