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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, September 27, 2007

Won't be around during the day today. We are BUILDING a Habitat For Humanity house here in Memphis for one deserving family. Though not a true ServiceMaster employee, they asked if we wanted to volunteer and we jumped on the opportunity.

Since its founding in 1976 by Millard and Linda Fuller, Habitat for Humanity International has built and rehabilitated more than 150,000 houses with families in need, becoming a true world leader in addressing the issues of poverty housing. 300 of those homes have been built here in the US.

We were involved with one back in 200o 2000 (where is my editor!) and truly felt a warmth the day the family was able to move in. Our group is one of the last in the home, so we are doing the touch-up things....fictures fixtures(That dang proof reader must be asleep)and the like.

Ever been involved in one? Let us know...

So, last night Steroid-head played his last game as a SF Giant. It is ironic that the Giants have BOOTED him after getting their multiple sell-outs and can forever talk about the current home-run king being a member of their team...guess, giving him one more year might actually show they condoned how he did it. Katherine, you have to be disgusted by the way this was handled...

We don't like the IS obvious...right? But the Giants are acting like total asses on this one....especially when they say they would sign him at the end of next season IF he wants to retire a Giant...BUSH LEAGUE!

Now, which American League team will come up with the dollars and hire him as a DH?

Still feeling the effects of not sleeping well for a few days... arg...

OK, we will let you, our loyal guests cast a BALLOT on this one
(You can select two) - OH CRAP even a misspelling here, that we can't fix!:

In BASEBALL, the Yankees wrapped up the Wild Card this evening... High 5's to Tug, Travis and Bud and all the rest of you who bleed pinstripes as we do....OK, well Travis just wants them to spank the SUX...LOL

OK, TUG sent us this link last night and we had to share it for one main reason...

in case you have never seen when the countdown gets to :53... Yankees/Oakland playoff game... Ball hit to right field...the outfielder overthrows the ball and the runner is going to be safe at home...BUT out of no where comes Mr. Derek Jeter to catch the ball and flip it backward to the catcher to get the out...

THIS is a play that only a true superstar would have even put them self in a position to make...and one of the great things we have always loved about this day, he calls his manager MR. Torre...He has so much respect for the people around him...

Close it today with a little Barry...NO, not Steroid-Head...LOL...sing it smooth my man..Barry White... yeah baby

15 Of Your Sparks

  1. Dr. A Says:
  2. Go Tribe! (BTW, thanks for the link!)

  3. Go Tribe! C'mon D-Backs! Get your heads outta your asses - sheesh.

    I've never built a Habitat home, but I had some friends who did when I was still in paid employment. I was preggers at the time, and I was confined to bed. I gave money instead. You're a good egg, Vinny. This sounds very much like a project that would get you involved.

    Barry White...what the hell are you trying to do to your women readers? Sigh...

  4. Tug Says:
  5. I love Derek Jeter...


    and I'm with you on Bonds. blecha.

    I tried to get with Habitat after moving here to Hell, but they never get back to me; I haven't given up though! Good for're awesome.

  6. You know, one of my many tattoos is of the Grateful Dead dancing bears hop, skipping it up my And that's what Matthew was for his very first Halloween.

    And The Doors... do it!!

  7. Liz Hill Says:
  8. Watch your thumbs Bondbaby--you are always one to give to your community--one of the things i love about you sugar.

    Sigh about how ineptly the Giants are handling the Bonds situation--gee i wonder what AL team routinely throws money at anyone they think might help them win?

    The voting thing wouldn't work for me--I'd love to see The Cars and The Rascals

  9. Schmoop Says:
  10. I was thinking the same thing. The Giants organization screwed Bonds over pretty well...They didnt mind him putting asses in the stands but they feign "outrage" with no orchestrated good-bye. Hypocritical Bastards. Cheers!!

  11. katherine. Says:
  12. When I was five my family was transferred by IBM from New York to California. My Dad had been here a few months before we joined him. Literally as I stepped off the plane… as a “welcome to California” present my Dad handed me a kid’s size, black, wooden San Francisco Giants bat.

    I am a Barry Bond’s fan. And a Giant’s fan. Now its like being a child of a contentious divorce…and the whole mess saddens me.

    I truly believe that most (if not all) of the other homerun contenders…AND the pitchers they are up against were (if not are) using performance enhancers of some sort. I believe the playing field was level. And you at least gotta agree that Bonds has been clean the past couple of years…and still was a phenomenal player.

    Until the recent past there were no real rules or regulations against performance enhancers in Baseball. And has you have written in the past Mr. Bond…in other sports they are still prevalent. Don’t know if I shared the following article here or not…if so it’s worth repeating. For those of you who do not care as much as Vincent and I and don’t really want to read the entire article… the final part sums it up for me.

    “There's no doubt that Bonds' homers have traveled a lot farther in the second half of his career than they did in the first. We're pretty sure why that is. But if steroids make you stronger, that's all they do. They do nothing for hand-eye coordination or visual perception, the most important ingredients (along with bat speed, which is at least partly an acquired mechanical skill) that go into the making of a great hitter. Those gifts are there from the start. Either you have them or you don't. If you don't, some Poindexter in a lab coat can't give them to you.

    Bonds has these gifts, in spades. Even without the chemical enhancements, he'd have a boatload of home runs and would be a first-ballot Hall of Famer. Leave it to misapplied science (and greed, that destroyer of all things good) to screw up the most poetic, perfectly conceived game of them all.”

    2aug07 Luddite/Bonds

  13. Unknown Says:
  14. Thanks for the pretty cool 5 B´s by Bond! HA! I made it to 7 =)

    I voted for Grateful Dead - but I´m so looking forward to see yummy Jim M, too.

  15. Go Yanks! Bonds needs to go away. I gon't care how he retires, just do it...

  16. DR. A: No tribe fans allowed...LOL Kidding ...and you are welcome - sorry I brain cramped and it took so long

    SONGBIRD: Read above LOL D-Backs.. sheesh...It was a good day.. the family who we are building for was there and were so sweet...
    What do YOU think I am trying to do to my female readers!?!? LOL

    TUG: Never give up... and ty ...

    108: Kyra, now I truly know why I like you so much...though I prefer the skull logo!

    TURNBABY: It was a fun day..and I voted for you, so you are represented...and I came home unscathed...OH and IF you were referring to the Yankees, they have no need for a DH .. My guess...Oakland or Texas...remember that

    MATT-MAN: Yes they was pitiful...

    KATHERINE: I know how you feel about the pitchers also using and yes, you are correct, he has the skills, but wouldn't it have been better if he did it without the mad scientists????

    SANNI: LOL I kept changing the title to add more B's as I went! You COULD vote for TWO dear!

    BUD: I think he will play next year in the AL looking for the 3,000 hits..

  17. Meribah Says:
  18. Type-itis happens to all of us at some point...and you are living proof! LOL :P

  19. Mimi Lenox Says:
  20. Checking in to say hello and no to steroids.

    And that's all I have to say about that. (Cause I know NOTHING about most of this conversation and I'd rather not embarrass myself)

    Oops. I just did.

  21. MERI: I have no such diease.... disaese.... disease... nope I don't

    MIMI: ppppssssstttt..there was more in the post than that subject dear...LOL you could have spoken to that stuff!

  22. Travis Cody Says:
  23. Katherine - I respect your position. I just can't agree with it.

    Cheating is cheating, and a level playing field doesn't change that for me. If a player took performance enhancing substances that were illegal to posses, use, or obtain, that player broke the law. If he took cocaine or shot heroine, he broke the law. When his sport finally woke up and banned performance enhancers is irrelevant to me. If a player used an illicit substance to gain a competitive advantage, he cheated. And I don't care if everyone else was doing it too.

    Cheating is cheating. Sorry, but that's just how I feel.

    And without those mad scientists, many ill people wouldn't have the steroids and other substances they need to legally and medically make themselves well.

    Science is not the problem here. Players knowingly choose to take these substances and that free will is not the fault of science. A player just as easily could have made the choice to rely on his own innate ability - his own genetics - and worked with what he had to improve himself.

    My coaches said eat right, get plenty of rest, and work hard. So I did. Even if you could prove to me that taking steroids would have made me big enough, strong enough, and fast enough to avoid getting hit in my knees, I wouldn't take them.

    I think this is an unwinnable debate. But thanks for the discussion.

  24. Sparky Duck Says:
  25. I worry that the Mariners will spend for BB and since they are one of the teams I pull for (I swear I should just move to Oregon) I will be annoyed.

    Yes the flip, an amazing play that propelled them to the World Series. Do you think the celebration of clinching a playoff spot was a bit of overkill though?


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