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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, September 28, 2007

Welcome to Friday all...

Long day yesterday, we worked at the Habitat house from about 11 until 4. We installed kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities...we caulked windows and did clean-up. It was a good day all in all. Unlike our last build, the future homeowner was on site yesterday. A very nice woman who was just so friendly to everyone there.

The home ServiceMaster is building is right next door to a home being built by Federal Express employees. Two families within weeks of moving in to brand new homes!

Yesterday we wrote that 300 homes have been built in the US. We were told today that was wrong. It is actually 300 homes in the Memphis area alone!

Pretty freakin' cool....

We are continuing the voting for the next Tuneage Tutelage until Saturday and then will post the winning entry next week. If you have not voted...join in the fun...Remember, you can vote for two different artists.

Criminal Minds began on Wednesday and man did they start off with a bang...If you have not watched this show and you enjoy the kind of stories we have shared during our Monday Matinee's then jump on in Wednesday evenings at 9:00 PM eastern...

The steroids discussion seems to make it's way back onto The Couch over and over (OK, sure, it is because we report on the guy we call Steroid-head) and two of our favorite guests made their points with intelligence and passion in our comments section yesterday.

If you did not see them, take a few minutes and go back there to read.

Katherine, I appreciate your view, but as Travis pointed out, no matter what, it was cheating. Any player who showed a size gain over four years as we saw with McGuire, Sosa, Bonds, Caminiti and amount of weight lifting would do that...Of course there are others, but these are the most evident.

The use of steroids assisted in the death of Caminiti...the waste of a good life. Out of the players listed only one has even come close to admitting to the use of the drug. Sure Giambi never said what he was apologizing for, but we all knew.

Do I condone his use of the drug because he happens to play for the NY Yankees? Absolutely not and I do believe IF it can be proved he should be banned from the game. Has he continued to be a productive hitter, as you pointed out about Mr. Bonds, absolutely.

Has Sammy Sosa, who along with McGuire was touted to help save baseball when they had their 'historic' summer (man is that strange to say now), continued to be the same player he was when he was most likely using? Absolutely not. So in some ways the use of the drug DID help to set records.

The one guy who probably could have used steroids for their powers to help recover from injuries is, ironically, the one player we certainly thought would break the home run record when he broke into the game...That player is Ken Griffey, Jr. Injuries have plagued him for the past 5-6 years and he has not been the player he could have been injury free.

OK, time to sit back and watch the playoffs and route for your favorite team and hope that they make it into the World Series. So, root root root for your home team folks...

What are your plans for the weekend? We had some things set up, but then this week they all blew up, so now we are winging it...

Have you seen Rush Hour 3 yet? We still have yet to get to see it, so maybe we will go and put a few sheckles in our fraternity brother Jamie's see he is Assistant Director and a Producer of the movie. If you saw it, did you like it? (Warning...he does read on occassion! - LOL)

Probably watch some football on Sunday too....

When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives means the most to us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving much advice, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a gentle and tender hand. The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing, not curing, not healing and face with us the reality of our powerlessness,
that is a friend who cares.

Henri Nouwen

Aretha Franklin
Composer: J.R. Robertson
This Girl's In Love With You
Featured on Slide Guitar: Duane Allman

21 Of Your Sparks

  1. Wow. You're quoting Henri Nouwen. I'm deeply impressed. I love this quotation, too.

    Thanks for holding my hand, friend.

  2. Ok I'm getting off the couch and writing a comment to tell you how much I admire people who do for others with no expectation of financial reward. You and the others working on that home will be mightily blessed in many other ways.

  3. Twyla Says:
  4. I saw Rush Hour 3 a few weeks ago. It's not my type of movie, but my friends out numbered me 3 to I had to go. LOL My friends we're laughing the whole time. I found it to be a little cheesie with really bad acting, but maybe that was the point of the movie. If you liked the first 2, you'll like this one.

  5. Bond Says:
  6. SONGBIRD: Ah, don't be so impressed...I found that through a google search, but did love it, so thought I would use it!
    My friends are so important to me...and whether the touch we feel is actual or cyber they all come from the heart.

    FEELINGFLIRTY: OK, first rule on The have to SIT to make a comment! LOL Thanks for joining in...and you have a seat here anytime...(well it is the biggest Couch in the universe!) It is comforting to know a deserving family will get a chance to have a better life.

    TWYLA: Well, your friends enjoyed it! Not every movie is for every is supposed to be an 'escape' movie, where you don't have to maybe it does succeed.

  7. Sparky Duck Says:
  8. Bond as always you are the man.

    The family is coming, so there is plenty of cleaning in my future this weekend, though 3:30 saturday there will be some flipping between Oregon vs Cal and Nats/Phillies.

    Hell, I havent even seen Rush Hour 1 yet, though they always had good soundtracks

  9. Matt-Man Says:
  10. I think the Reds are going to win it all. Cheers!!

  11. the108 Says:
  12. Matt wants to work for Habitat for Humanity but you have to be 16 :-(

    My weekend will be spent doing some housework and making some Halloween costumes. Fun!

    Oh, and fantasizing about you, of course

  13. Bond Says:
  14. SPARKY: Ah shucks dude..ty...oooo cleaning! FUN FUN FUN ...enjoy the family...

    MATT-MAN: LOL you one funny guy... pour one it is noon somewhere in the world!

    108: Well at least part of your weekend will be rewarding! LOL

  15. Peg Says:
  16. Bond...just another reason I admire you is your getting in there, rolling up your sleeves and helping out on the HH project. When I was 13, I went to TN with my youth group and we did a similar thing (not HH) for a family living in the Appalachian (sp?) mountains...I learned how to use power tools and how to put up, mud & sand drywall. It was an incredibly gratifying experience, and I've never forgotten that time.

    Love the quote, is oh so true.

    Have a great weekend...

  17. Matt-Man Says:
  18. Bond: Why must you crush my dreams? Anyway, I did take your advice, Bottoms Up!!

  19. Mimi Lenox Says:
  20. You're a good man, Charlie Brown.

  21. Meribah Says:
  22. Sorry, can't vote as I'm unfamiliar with the work of the listed artists.
    Anyway, I applaud you on your helping to build homes for the needy. More people should be like you! :)

  23. Travis Says:
  24. Geeeez - I just realized I haven't made my picks yet for week 4. Best get that done.

    Gotta figure out the playoff schedule too. But I guess I won't be able to do that for the NL until somebody actually clinches something. I'm looking at the standings and no team has a "y"! Every NL division champ and the wild card is still up for grabs this weekend. Now that's entertainment.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  25. Tug Says:
  26. This will be the first weekend in 10 weeks I'm staying home. To work. ;-( But maybe I can give the place a good cleaning & sleep past 6 am, so it's good.

    Loved the quote - had never heard that one, & I'm big on quotes!

    My hat (or sad Yank cap tonight) goes off to you for the Habitat work...awesome!

  27. Bond Says:
  28. PEG: we all do things like this during our life...i just happen to now have a place to tell others! LOL
    Get out and volunteer folks, Habitat needs it.

    MATT-MAN: not crush...just add reality to your life....cheers dude

    MIMI: ah shucks Lucy thanks

    MERI: The Doors? the Grateful Dead? OK, time for you to come to Memphis for some tutoring

    TRAVIS: Not sure anyone in the NL actually want to go to the playoffs of World Series....

    TUG: sleeping past 6 is a good thing...wish i could...damn
    very sad is that about?????

  29. katherine. Says:
  30. Not to be too crude...but...we're gonna get to the point that every athlete from high school to the pros are gonna be peeing in a cup and that is a shame. When that happens we open the Pandoras Box which will totally ruin sports.

    genetic inclination
    pre-existing conditions

    I was thinking....With Barry Bonds....what would have been the better route? (not including the fantasy of "he just shouldn't have taken anything") Should he have quit the game? Should NONE of his homeruns count? Go back and change the Giants' standings? Once the assumption of performace enhancing use was made....what should have happened?

  31. katherine. Says:
  32. on the other note:

    As many others said, I think your involvement in Habitat is an example to everyone of how to live our lives. We have to be willing to help each other in this world....without expecting something in return.

  33. Julie Says:
  34. Good for you for doing good my friend! It felt good didn't it?

  35. Bond Says:
  36. KATHERINE: I guess I have struggled with that question of how the records should be addressed and have not come up with a satisfactory (to me) answer. I can tell you that in NJ athletes in HS can be tested for steroids now.
    And ty for the kind truly was a great day and made me feel so satisfied.

    JULIE: Yes it did my friend...I was actually thinking today that I might see if how they are set for volunteers for the last two days of the build...

  37. Gail Says:
  38. Love the have been that for me...thank you

  39. TopChamp Says:
  40. Hello Bond - This house project sounds great - definitely worthwhile. I'm much more a fan of giving time than cash... obviously being a bit skint helps with this outlook.

    This weekend? Working of course. Bah. But not til 2pm today.


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