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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Got a lot of nice comments about our Tutelage yesterday...HECK, even Katherine read it word for word! LOL

It was interesting to us though, as we tried to downplay all of the drug stories, yet it appears they came through anyway. Janis and Jimi and Jim all were tortured individuals and the pressure of their success obviously overwhelmed them.

They left behind families and loved ones, and we lost years of their brilliance...

As they say about celestial bodies, and it is true in the case of these three incredible talents...
Stars Burn Bright & Burn Fast...Just Saying...

New TV season begins, though the two best shows on the tube do not begin until January so that they can run uninterrupted without breaks for the holidays...

OF COURSE you know we speak of 24 and Lost...Just Saying...

Have not seen any previews for the new shows that rock our socks...but of course the baseball playoffs begin in a week, so there will be plenty of baseball on the tube here in Memphis...Just Saying...

OH, in case you are not keeping track.. 2 games between the Sux and the Yankees and the Yankees have pretty much locked up the Wild Card, so they will be playing next week...Just Saying...

Our friend Travis agrees with us...it is time to go to a two-man booth for Monday Night Football. Now we enjoy Tony Kornheiser on PTI and his writing, but in the booth on the TV there is only one man who was worse and that was Dennis Miller.

At least Kornheiser doesn't use a Mensa Word-A-Day Calendar to try and prove he is smarter than the rest of us, as D. Miller did when he spent his short time on MNF.

Speaking of Miller, what exactly happened to that dude? A few short years ago he was the most liberal, screw the establishment comedian there was. Then the tides changed and he jumped off the Donkey and landed on the Elephant...with a bang...

He is not the first commentator/radio host/celebrity to make the leap from one side of the fence to the other, but for some reason his switch just pisses us off....Just saying....

Changes going on here in Memphis...most for the good and in the next weeks we are hoping to share them more with you, our wonderful guests...Just Saying...

Speaking of football...bwahahahahahahahaa...our fantasy team has come out strong with a 3-0 record under our belt and we are doing well in our Survivor Pool also...

OK, we just put the Heebie Jeebies on both...Just Saying...


Dr. Blogstein will play the role of 24's Jack Bauer in a dramatic recreation of a scene featuring actor Fred Griffith.

Griffith emailed Dr. Blogstein last month with a desire to stop by the Radio Happy Hour. Blogstein agreed when he noticed that Griffith had "CTU Doctor" from season 3 of 24 on his resume.

Also rocking the Radio Happy Hour, Jesse O, the first artist signed to a newly formed record label call Twist.

The twist is that this label is a Sony/Columbia and LOGO network joint venture to create the first-ever major record label catered to gay and lesbian music artists. We'll find out if there is a market for gay music, how it different from straight music and whether Jesse O thinks that this label will end up labeling him.

All that plus, Dangerous Lee, Vinny Bond drags his Big Leather Couch into the Radio Happy Hour lounge and chats with the listeners, Justin the Weatherman with his forecast and your calls at 646-652-4804. And if that isn't enough, one lucky caller will be tasered!

Join us live every Tuesday night at 9PM ET. The Radio Happy Hour Lounge— a live chat room during show time— is a whole new reason to make sure you listen live! But if you can't and miss us then, we're ALWAYS ON at www.DrBlogstein.com

Jackie Wilson
"Woman, A Lover, A Friend"
Written By Sydney Wyche

i want somebody to hold my hand
somebody to love me and understand
i want a woman (woman)
i want a lover (a lover)
i want a friend (a woman, a lover, a friend)

mmm, i want somebody to share my love
yes, loving is something i've got plenty of
i want a woman (woman)
i want a lover (a lover)
i want a friend (a woman, a lover, a friend) ah-ahh

i don't want a fancy gal
with powder and paint
and i don't want a woman
who thinks she's a saint
i'm looking for someone
who's not make-believe
and doesn't mind giving so that she may receive

there must be somebody somewhere around
that's looking for someone to give pound for pound
i want me a woman (woman)
mmm, i want a lover (a lover)
i want a friend (a woman, a lover, a friend)

yeah i want her right now
i want my little girl anyway, i want her anyhow
please come on, baby
just be my little woman, be my lover

Love is like a friendship caught on fire.
In the beginning a flame, very pretty,
Often hot and fierce,
But still only light and flickering.
As love grows older,
Our hearts mature
And our love becomes as coals,
Deep-burning and unquenchable.
~ by Bruce Lee ~

23 Of Your Sparks

  1. LOVE JANISSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

    Just sayin'.

  2. Julie Says:
  3. Ahhh nothing like season premiere week, huh Vinny?

    Tomorrow will be nuts for me. Of course we have Dancing with the Stars which overlaps into Hunk 'O Hugh Laurie which overlaps into my guilty pleasure of Boston Legal.

    What's a girl to do?

  4. RW Says:
  5. Hey Bond sorry I haven't been around been busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest! Rock on Bond!

  6. TopChamp Says:
  7. hello - nice to see you. I am not such a Janis fan - recognise her brilliance but it grates on me I'm afraid. As it goes I'm not a big bluesy jazz fan in general.

    Look forward to hearing your Memphis news whenever.

    Off to finish reading (and stop the clips as I have accidentally set off more than one at the same time and it's a CACOPHONY!).

  8. Ralph Says:
  9. I love Jackie's Lonely Teardrops ("Just say you will...")

    It's ironic that Janis, Jimi and Jim were all only 27 years when they passed. Our daughter has been to Paris twice and visited the grave site of Jim Morrison at Père-Lachaise Cemetery, and took pictures. People still leave flowers and messages there...

  10. 108: Kyra....how do you really feel?

    JULIE: I am so waiting for Criminal Minds to come back and stir my brain so i start writing The Quest again!
    ummm my friend... Hugh Laurie - patooey - sorry

    ROGER: dDude, no worries.. it happens to all of us...

    TOPCHAMP: Well, OK, I still like you though....will share when I can...

    RALPH: Thanks for sitting on The Couch... 'Lonely teardrops' has played here on The Couch in the past...great song...They have also done graffiti on his grave site and all...which is sad...

  11. Sparky Duck Says:
  12. as someone said on the radio yesterday, "Wang and Petitte and then forget it" If the lead gets to 3, its close to hopeless.
    Which is also why I focus on the Phillies and the wild card not the NL East.
    Smoke em if you got em
    somehow my fantasy team is 2-1, even though my second back has been DeAngelo Williams, top backup for Carolina.
    of the new shows, besides Private Practice which really isnt new, the only ones I am curious about are Pushing Daisies and Moonlight.

  13. Don't forget - "Numb3rs" season premiere this Friday night!!!!

  14. Schmoop Says:
  15. Dennis Miller needs dirt sleep. Cheers!!

  16. Liz Hill Says:
  17. Absolutely agree on MNF--

    My Braves are twisting the dagger a little as they come on strong here at the end of the season---

    So you are Doc's chat master?

  18. SPARKY: Ha, we shall see son...we shall see...

    SONGBIRD: How can i forget!

    MATT-MAN: Agreed


  19. Bondage, will you come and take ballroom dancing with me?

  20. katherine. Says:
  21. Truly gifted people...including musicians...battle demons most of us will never understand. They do burn hotter and many times burn out faster. Sadness.

    on the other hand....laughing...
    How surprised are you gonna be to hear that I am a REALLY big Dennis Miller fan? In southern California I went to his show and met him as part of a corporate gig and have been hooked ever since.

    I agree MNF wasn't the best match for him...then again I loved Letterman hosting the Oscars. ("Oma...Oprah" STILL makes me laugh!)

    He is brilliant. And I love the way he rants....

  22. bond i never remember miller being a lib???!!?? i have an old vhs tape of one of his shows from years ago and he wasn't a lib then... just sayin'...

    smiles, bee

    ps: bond, there is no cake in here honey! what's up with that?

  23. 108: KYRA- Well... I would but it is a looong commute dear...

    KATHERINE: Not surprised at all.. I just preferred when he was a comedian taking on all sides then a political pendent....But I still meet so many of your alphabet 'what a guy should be' criteria!
    I also liked Letterman --DAMN we agree on something!

    BEE: He was much more neutral than he is today....just saying

    I need sugar and you hoarded it all!

  24. oooh! I wanna ballroom dance too!

    Just to show you how my brain works Bond, now I have Van Morrison stuck in my head. Wonder why :P

  25. Love Jim. Janis. Jimi. I miss Jim Croce. But the wole in my heart is how pissed I still am that they took John from us. Imagine (sorry for the pun) what music we would have heard over thelast 27 years.

    Denis Miller went to the dark side.
    You've got Tony right, PTI a must see. But MNF?

    Go YANKS! (Are we twins of different mothers?)

    Just saying...

  26. Mimi Lenox Says:
  27. If you say 'just sayin' one more time I'm gonna scream.

  28. Meribah Says:
  29. I love the start of season/series premieres! Gives me hope of finding something good to watch on TV. :D

  30. STARR: Ballroom dance classes being held in Memphis... c'mon down all y'all
    HEHEHEH on the Van

    BUD: It appears we certainly could be Mr Weiser

    MIMI: But but but,...I was just sa.......argggggggggggggggg get her off me puleeeease!

    MERI: heheh and I was gonna say 'they have TV up there, but Mimi strangled me...LOLOL SMOOCH dear

  31. Travis Cody Says:
  32. Dude...seriously...think of the incredibly interesting women you can meet at ballroom class.

    Just sayin'.

    Ow Mims...dangit! I only said it once! Ow!

  33. BeckEye Says:
  34. Dennis Miller is from Pittsburgh, so I don't think I'm allowed to say anything bad about him.

  35. TRAVIS: Dude..I am...I am....LOL

    BECKEYE: Ah go on ....vent!


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