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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, September 06, 2007

Holy Crap.... So, Anndi challenged us and we responded...and we were shocked by the variety that has appeared her on THE COUCH ...

First off, by month, it did surprise us that music did not appear here for so long...

Mar-06 - 0
Apr-06 - 0
May-06 - 0
June-06 -0
Jul-06 - 0
Aug-06 - 0
Sep-06 - 2 (videos only)
Oct-06 - 11
Nov-06 - 13
Dec-06 - 55
Jan-07 - 33
Feb-07 - 37
Mar-07 - 43
Apr-07 - 21
May-07 - 20
Jun-07 - 17
Jul-07 - 23
Aug-07 - 43
Sept-07 - 3

The first music was video clips...
The first true audio was Stevie Wonder - "Happy Birthday" for Dad on 11/20/06
The month with the most audio was December 2006, as we put up a whole Holiday tribute mix for the days before Hanukkah and Christmas.

319 songs (some of them videos)...

There were some songs which, when posted did not work, they WERE NOT counted...

Now, by artist....we don't think anyone can say that we do not supply variety here on THE COUCH...well, if you could see our music collection, that would come as no surprise and 100% of the music we have presented here is actually in our collection whether it be vinyl, tape or digital...

YES, there definitely are repeats, but a tune is a tune is a remember....when sitting on THE COUCH, you can always "LISTEN TO THE MUSIC".........

Whether it be big band, jazz, pop, r & b, psychedelica, rock and roll....if it has a beat, if it has a tune...we have it and will share...

Someone you do not see below? Let us know...we can almost guarantee we have it or can find it and put it on THE COUCH for lives here and will continue to do so...

Are you ready?

10 years after 1
3 dog night 2
jefferson airplane 2
al demeola 1
al green 1
alice cooper 1
allman bros 12
bachman turner overdrive 1
barbra streisand 2
barenaked ladies 1
beatles 3
bela fleck and the flectones 2
benny goodman 1
bette midler 1
billy idol 1
billy joel 2
bing crosby 1
black crowes 1
black sabbath 1
bob marley 1
bon jovi 1
booker t and the mg's 1
boston 1
boston pops 1
boyz2men 1
brenda lee 1
buddy holly 1
buggles 1
butterfield/arnold/bishop 1
carly simon 1
cat stevens 1
cheap trick 2
cheech and chong 1
chic 1
chicago 3
christina aguliera 2
chuck berry 1
clapton / bb king 2
commander cody & the lost planet airmen 2
cream 9
csny 1
cyrkel 1
danny elfman 1
david benoit 1
david bowie 3
doobie brothers 1
grateful dead 2
dean martin 1
delphonics 1
derek & the dominos 2
diana ross 1
dixie chicks 1
doors 3
drifters 3
duke ellington/johnny hodges 6
eagles 1
earth wind and fire 1
ella fitzgerald 1
elton john 2
elvis 13
eric clapton 1
frank sinatra 2
frank zappa 2
franklin/clover project 1
garth brooks 1
george benson 1
george duke 1
george strait 1
good rats 2
grand funk 11
guns and rose 1
hanson 1
harry belafonte 1
harry connick jr. 1
hendrix 1
herbie hancock 2
honeyboy edwards 1
hot tuna 5
howlin' wolf 1
iggy pop 1
inxs 1
j geils 3
jackie wilson 4
jackson 5 1
james blunt 1
james gang 1
janis joplin 1
jennifer lopez 1
jerry garcia/merle saunders 5
jerry jeff walker 1
jim croce 1
jimi hendrix 1
joe cocker 4
john fogerty 3
johnny cash 2
kool & the gang 1
led zeppelin 4
les paul 6
lisley brothers 1
little feat 1
liz minelli 1
loggins and messina 1
luthur dixon 1
lynyrd skynard 8
madonna 2
mahavishnu orchestra 1
manhattan transfer 1
mariah carey 1
marilyn monroe 1
marine corp band 1
marshall tucker band 1
martina mcbride 1
marvin gaye 1
maze 1
meatloaf 2
miles davis 1
monkees 2
nat king cole 4
natalie merchant 1
neville brothers 5
otis redding 1
parliament funkadelic 1
pat benetar 1
paul butterfield blues band 3
philadelphia philharmonic 1
phish 1
pink floyd 1
prince 2
procal harum 1
ramones 4
randy newman 1
randy travis 1
rascals 2
ray charles 3
red hot chili peppers 2
rick derringer 1
ringo starr 1
robyn hitchcock 1
rod stewart 1
rolling stones 3
romantics 1
roy orbison 1
santana 1
sarah vaugh 1
savoy brown 3
shakira 1
shuggie otis 2
simon and garfunkle 2
sonny terry & brownie mcghee 1
southside johnny & the asbury dukes 1
stevie ray vaughn 1
stevie wonder 1
styx 1
survivor 1
taj mahal 5
talking heads 1
taylor hicks 3
terry cashman 1
the illusion 1
the tubes 1
the who 3
tony bennett 4
traffic 3
van halen 1
vanilla fudge 1
widespread panic 1
willie nelson 1
wynton marsalis 1
yes 3
zz top 3

YUPPERS...the most featured artist....THE KING...ELVIS... beating out the Allman Brothers by one...we were surprised the Grateful Dead were not more represented...

There you have it folks...

Comments, criticisms, general comments?

Sorry Anndi, we did not work out which songs were covers or appeared on debut albums... but you are welcome to spend the time to do so....


Composer: Tom Johnston
Toulouse Street
Warner Brothers Records - 1972

* Patrick Simmons - guitars, vocals
* Tom Johnston - guitars, vocals
* Tiran Porter - bass, vocals
* John (Little John) Hartman - drums, percussion
* Michael Hossack - drums

Additional personnel:

* Jerry Jumonville - saxophone
* Joe Lane Davis - horns
* Sherman Marshall Cyr - horns
* Jon Robert Smith - horns
* Bill Payne - piano, organ, keyboards
* Ted Templeman - percussion

1972 BILLBOARD Pop Albums - # 21


1972 "Listen to the Music" BILLBOARD Pop Singles - #11

19 Of Your Sparks

  1. I didn't get my vote in yesterday, but I figured Elvis, Allman Brothers, and Grateful Dead had to be in the top three.

    I mean, c'mon - this is YOU we're talking about!

  2. I'm with Desert... we know you oh so very well..


  3. Maggie Moo Says:
  4. Yeah, I'm surprised about the Allman Brothers!!!

  5. Schmoop Says:
  6. I dont see The Cars on there anywhere!!

  7. Sparky Duck Says:
  8. wow, you can tell where your musical leanings are from this list.

  9. God, you have excellent powers of research. I wanted to go through and do a tally of how many times each curse word appears in my blog but with about 420 posts, I just don't know if I have the

  10. Anndi Says:
  11. Now you know me well enough to realize that a remark about inviting me to research your music just wouldn't get a rise out of me.. ask me to research how many hockey players in the NHL are Canadian... well.. that I would do (wait I did.. bwahahahahaha) just to prove a point...


    I am responsible for this post.. hehehe..

    Of course, there is more Claptn than anyone. I collapse all occurences...

  12. SONGBIRD: yet the DEAD are hardly represented at all... gonna have to fix that

    DIXIE: Hi my name is frank.... SMOOCH

    MAGS: Well, you know with Tuneage Tutelege and all...and we have not done one on the Allman Brothers...or the DEAD!

    MATT-MAN: We weill have to rectify (NOT rectum dude) that...vroom vroom

    SPARKY: All over the board, ain't I...and there are so many artists i have not even touched on

    108: It is my TYPE-A ...well, I bet I know the one word that would win! LOL

    ANNDI: Yes, you did do that dear...but I am surprised as my ace Tuneage compatriot, that you would not take the challenge, though I know your time is limited! Collapsing occurences is NOT allowed...too many people appear on too many albums, and i bet you missed the fact that he was on the Howlin' Wolf songs!

  13. AtriaBooks Says:
  14. You clearly need to step up your Sinatra.

  15. DOC: See and i thought you would be asking for some Warren g. bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  16. Psst...U2!!

  17. Ralph Says:
  18. Ah, I enjoy the Doobies these days as much as I did in college in the seventies. 'Listen to the Music' is great, as are others, my favorites include 'Ukiah", 'Road Angel" 'Sweet Maxine' and 'Double Dealin Four Flusher'. The Doobie Bros. evolved, never static. Still love 'em...

  19. LOL at Starrlight - she's not predictable at all, is she?

    I vote for more Alice Cooper, or more Doors, or The Who, or...

  20. Mimi Lenox Says:
  21. I would have guessed Taylor Hicks.

  22. Meribah Says:
  23. Wow! You're more OCD than the puppy...and that's scary! LOL :P

  24. Unknown Says:
  25. 3 Beatles and 2 Monkees and 3 Taylor Hicks? Very interesting...

  26. STARRLIGHT: On the list my friend...

    RALPH: Thanks for sitting on The Couch...I saw them in 1975 in Syracuse..great show...

    SONGBIRD: LOL surprised you did not ask for the Bono! On the list all of them

    MIMI: LOL very few of him...

    MERI: NOT OCD...just ummm...well....organized? heheheheh

    DANA: Not bad numbers for them compared to many others...

  27. Yay!!!! Let me know if you need any MP3's ;)

  28. Julie Says:
  29. Now wait a minute! Where did the Van Morrison go? I know I saw some on here.

    **realizes the memory is the first to go**


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