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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, September 05, 2007

We published these back in July 2006
and due to the RADIO HAPPY HOUR running so long last night
we were a bit stuck on what to do

We are hardly ever wordless here, so with these words, we
present to you some photos we have taken over the years...

Taken along the Delaware River in PA
this tree trunk just caught my eye on a camping trip.
The monochromatic tone and the way the stones
are shaped around the base all seemed perfect,
and just as we were framing the lone leaf floated in...

Early 80's, from the roof of mom and dad's
apartment in Manhattan on the 4th Of July.
Macy's huge fireworks display over the East River.
Using our 80-200 zoom, we used a delayed shutter,
began zoomed in tight and as the shutter stayed open
we zoomed out to create the movement.

The St. Lawrence River looking into Canada.
We were at our friends Kate & Jeff's wedding.
The motorboat was heading down river and we decided to close
down the aperture to darken all but the sun and it's reflection.

One of our favorites.
We were in Central Park one afternoon and
sitting about 80 yards away was this homeless man.
Using the 200mm zoom, we pulled in tight.
We actually held it there for about 20 seconds as we studied
his eyes. They just captured us for the time, as we wondered
what had brought this soul to his place in time.
His look is so intense yet in so many ways so desperate.

yesterday in our comments, our sweet friend ANNDI, made a comment/challenge asking how many tunes had appeared on THE COUCH. Not sure if it was a rhetorical question, or if, as she knows me so damn well, she was throwing out a challenge - like we really believe it was rhetorical! HA!

Our Gemini-twin Type-A, obsessive personality exploded outward and we began to go through and count.

OF COURSE, just knowing how many tunes is not enough. How many tunes by which artists? When did the first tune actually appear on THE COUCH?

Tomorrow, we will answer those questions....

Have a guess as to which artist has appeared the most on THE COUCH? Take a guess and leave your answer here today. A special shout-out to the person with the correct guess.

OH, and THANKS AGAIN ANNDI! sheesh......

back to counting we go....

J. Geils Band
Freeze Frame -
EMI Records

Composers: Paul Justman
& Peter Wolf

* Stephen Bladd - drums, vocals
* J. Geils - guitar
* Seth Justman - keyboard, vocals
* Danny Klein - bass
* Magic Dick - harmonica, trumpet, saxophone
* Peter Wolf - vocals

1982 Billboard Pop Albums - Highest Position: #1

"Freeze Frame" - Single:
1982 Billboard Hot R&B/Hip Hop Singles & Tracks - Highest Position: #25
1982 Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks - Highest Position: #8
1982 Billboard Hot 100 - Highest Position: #4

Additional personnel on album
* Tawatha Agee - vocals
* Randy Brecker - horn
* Ronnie Cuber - saxophone
* Cissy Houston - vocals
* Tom "Bones" Malone - horn
* Lou Marini - horn
* Alan Rubin - trumpet
* Fonzi Thornton - vocals
* Luther Vandross - vocals
* Ken Williams - vocals
* George Young - horn

22 Of Your Sparks

  1. ok the Fire Works and Big Daddy Beard are awesome!

  2. Wow. A whole other side to you that I didn't know existed, but somewhat suspected.

    You are an intriguing man, Vinny.

  3. Anndi Says:
  4. I'm evil... what can I say ;)


  5. Twyla Says:
  6. Awesome pictures!

  7. STARRLIGHT: TY ty tyvm... might share some others soon... SMOOCH

    SONGBIRD: LOL...intriguing....now I have been called a whole bunch of I words before, not sure intriguing is one of them! I thank you friend. SMOOCH

    ANNDI: Wait stop the presses....oh never mind ...everyone already knew that! bwahahahahahahahah SMOOCH

    TWYLA: Glad you enjoyed...SMOOCH

  8. Lou Marini on horn, huh? Any relation?

  9. Tiggerlane Says:
  10. Uh...no guess on the artist. But I'm betting it's NOT Prince.

    Love the bearded dude.

  11. Julie Says:
  12. Wow Vinny! Great pictures! Every single one of them speaks volumes!

    My guess is Van Morrison....do I win? Huh huh huh? Do I win?


  13. Vinny, those pictures are stunning. I especially love the homeless man. He is so intense.

  14. Liz Hill Says:
  15. I am so glad you posted these again. And as before the fireworks is a spectacular pic but my favorite is the homeless man--his eyes....

  16. SONGBIRD: Nope no relation, though you might know him from THE BLUES BROTHERS BAND...tall white dude, long hair...hummmm sounds like me

    TIGGER: LOL never know...we will tell tomorrow... thanks on the picture

    JULIE: TY my friend..glad you liked them... your vote has been tabulated SMOOCH

    108: TY my friend...so glad to have you back in your seat...SMOOCH

    TURN: I guess he wins the award... TY again

  17. Sparky Duck Says:
  18. some great pictures. You know how hard fireworks are to capture??

  19. cathy Says:
  20. The pics are as good your wordier posts. I really must spend more time over here now that I'm back from the beach.

  21. Tug Says:
  22. Awesome pics!! I think the homeless man is my favorite...I love people watching - trying to figure out their "story". Well done...

  23. Meribah Says:
  24. You're quite the photographer, Vinny! I give you two paws up! :P

  25. SPARKY: TY Sir... i am happy you appreciate the difficulty... I have many more I will share - fireworks have always been somthing I have been enamored with.

    CATHY: OH sure brag about the beach.... arg
    LOL and ty for the comment

    TUG: I love him also...I have other lsike that I will share in the future

    MERI: Ty my friend.....woooo 2 paws....woooo

  26. Julie Says:
  27. I did it right? I had NO clue! Good -I'm glad it worked!

  28. Travis Cody Says:
  29. One wonders...yes, one wonders how it is that no one has guessed that the musical act that may have made the most appearances here on The Couch might be the Allman Bros.

    Just guessing.

  30. JULIE: No dear..sorry, not Prince

    TRAVIS: I thought you might be correct, but the accounting firm of TUNEAGE, LYRICAL AND DOWNBEAT have done their tabulations...sooooo close my friend!

  31. AtriaBooks Says:
  32. Sorry that we kept you so long on Tuesday night ! :)

  33. katherine. Says:
  34. I love the 4th Fireworks!

  35. TopChamp Says:
  36. I love the pics... esp. the man with the big curly beard.


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