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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, October 17, 2007

So, it is 3:00PM CDT on Tuesday and according to StatCounter, we have had 44 Unique visitors so far since midnight.

Let’s look… ummmm 11 comments and 3 are ours, so that leaves…(carry the twelve, take off the shoes, ummmm) 8 comments…

Our visitors came from:
7 from friends blogs, figure that is those people just running down their sidebar
4 from google-readers, so we know they are friends
8 with no referring link – they must be friends who just type our URL in their address box

So, 19 friends and 8 comments…that is 42.1% leave comments…

1 from Bestest Blog (YEAH…Great job over there guys!)

The rest?

Well…they are searches, mainly google searches and they look like this:
Perc. Search Term
7.50% leather couch
5.00% big couch
5.00% doors live in Philadelphia
5.00% kenneth peden
5.00% wwp mom to mom
2.50% kornheiser Windsor
2.50% blogstein
2.50% ahmet ertegun t shirt
2.50% grand funk railroad
2.50% leather couch ma
2.50% the doors album
2.50% john prine common sense
2.50% the doors bootleg
2.50% going commando helps circulation (SEE IT IS GOOD FOR YA!)
2.50% bob segar don brewer
2.50% loggins e messina
2.50% graham bond organization
2.50% jorma kaukonen & janis joplin the typewriter tape
2.50% reilly's column si joey chestnut
2.50% janis joplin feather hair
2.50% blogspot the doors soft parade
2.50% original soul Christmas
2.50% victoria mars episode guide
2.50% the doors miami 1969 vinyl record
2.50% mission leather couch
2.50% the doors - waiting for the sun (1968)
2.50% mark frank lynyrd skynyrd
2.50% peter wolf
2.50% grand funk the best
2.50% the doors - 2007 - live in boston '70
2.50% janis joplin discography blogspot
2.50% jim morrison poetry session, december 8th 1970
2.50% comedian - big couch
2.50% marini leather

79.5% of the people who come here spend 5 seconds or less….’wow, this ain’t what I was lookin’ fer’

1.3% spend 5 – 30 seconds –‘doh, hey mable come look at this ugly scuka puttin’ his pitcures on the web’

7.7% spend 30 seconds to five minutes – ‘wait this ain’t what I want…but it has sumthin’ to do with what I was a searchin’ fer’

5.1% - spend 5 minutes to 20 minutes – OK, these are you, my special guests

1.3% - spend 20 minutes to 1 hour – I guess you again, but the phone rang and you went to answer it

5.1% - spend over an hour - you again, only you were so bored you fell asleep at your keyboard…look in the mirror and see the outline of the keys across your face…hehehehe

Besides the USA, the visitors have come from:
United Kingdom

Do you really care?

Probably not, but we just had no interest in researching some subject to write about and since we are only mildly amusing sometimes, we were not going to do satire…it is done so well elsewhere…

So, now we have a post done…

Woooo and hooooo

Let’s see what drivel we can come up with tomorrow…



The second track from U2's 1987 album The Joshua Tree, and was released as the album's second single. It became their second (and last as of 2007) #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100.

The song grew from another song called "Under the Weather Girls". A rough version was taped. However, Joshua Tree co-producer Daniel Lanois didn't like it — except for Larry Mullen, Jr.'s drum track, which the band used as the foundation of "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For". The development of the song saw the addition of such things as a subtle auto-pan effect added to one of The Edge's guitar overdubs and Bono, a tenor, singing in the upper register of his range to add to the feeling of spiritual yearning. Both Bono and Edge have, in fact, called it a gospel song on numerous occasions. Daniel Lanois says he is very attached to "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" and has, on occasion, joined U2 on stage to perform it.

29 Of Your Sparks

  1. Travis Cody Says:
  2. One should always follow up a solid, responsible rant with a bit of drivel. I believe that keeps everyone sane.

    Or was it insane?


    OK - I've had a rough day, I ran outside at nearly 10pm to turn around and spit, and I held my breath for a number of seconds.

    Yup...it was insane. Glad we cleared that up.

    Was I typing? Did any of that make sense?

  3. You just had to do it, didn't you? You had to do some research so that your final entry in this post sounded more like you, right? I won't comment on the subject matter because that would be too easy.

    I check out my Google Analytics once in a while just for kicks, but I just can't get that worked up over that stuff. I think the search stuff is pretty funny at times, but really, so what? People will read me or not read me. They'll comment or they won't. Whatever. I know you put so much into some of your posts, and that's what I've come to expect from you, so that's why I continue to visit. For me, though, I just can't put that much work into it. I've always just written from my heart and from instinct, and if it gets people to stay, great. If not, oh well.

    Just my humble take on things. For what it's worth.

  4. Gail Says:
  5. I didn't have to look very far to find a friend...

    But the song has some meaning for me at this time...

    DAMN I still can't figure out how to get a player to work. Hey, maybe that could be one of your lessons of the day!!


  6. Gail Says:
  7. I didn't have to look very far to find a friend...

    But the song has some meaning for me at this time...

    DAMN I still can't figure out how to get a player to work. Hey, maybe that could be one of your lessons of the day!!


  8. TRAVIS: LOLOLOLOL..OK that was the perfect way for me to start my morning...

    SONGBIRD: I hardly ever check that stuff, but it seemed appropriate yesterday...ANd your take on things are ALWAYS worth it

    GAIL: And a friend is always close...I hope I helped with your getting music to work

  9. Sparky Duck Says:
  10. Hey, the Doors Live in Philly? Who knew? You always learn something when you wander over here.

  11. Here's something interesting I learned: after Google and Bloglines, the top three referring sites to my blog are: Mo, Matty, and you!

    I guess loyalty does count for something, huh?

  12. SPARKY: LOL...I was surprised to see that also..

    SONGBIRD: In that order??? Mo, Matty, Me???


  13. Schmoop Says:
  14. At least on the site tracker I use, I have found that the time someone spends on my site is rarely accurate. Cheers!!

  15. Angell Says:
  16. I visit just about every day, but unfortunately blogger doesn't like me leaving comments and I can never tell when it's going to work or not.

    But that's ok, cuz I figure ppl are visiting my blog and not commenting either (hint hint nudge nudge).

    SIGH - let's hope this works.

    Great tune btw - they do this AWESOME live.


  17. I find it funny that Danny didn't like the original versions of Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking for (which IS a gospel song and which I personally like best off of Rattle and Hum) and Brian Eno nearly erased the early demos Edge did of Where The Streets Have No Name. You know that old song. The one they call the "God Song" cause it can will and always does pull the crowd in!

    As for my searches...I love love love the people who come see me whist searching for

    "toe sex"

    "sex with nuns"

    and of course....

    "Lewd Ladies"

    Just call me Triple X!

  18. MATT-MAN: And you can tell ...how?

    ANGELL: Well your comment got through this time...TY on the tune

    STARRLIGHT: I found it interesting also...AND...sheesh, i expected a SQUEEEE from you for the FIRST U2 song on The Couch! LOL
    Ah 'toe sex'...I think that is how I found you in the first place...or was it 'lewd sexy ladies' ??? I can't remember now!

  19. SQUEEEE!!

    There ya go :P

    And guess what I just got in my mailbox? This U2 Update.

  20. STARR: LOL timing in life is everything...maybe they will include the original "Under the weather girls"!

    and TY for the Squeeee LOL

  21. Unknown Says:
  22. OMG! Too funny your stats are. I'm probably in the 3-5 min category, when I can get here. I wonder how many surf from the Bronx? Just me. :)

  23. Tiggerlane Says:
  24. And you know....even after my sexy shoe post, very few searches for my shoes.

    "vampire girl photos" and "eeyore pink bow on tail" are still my top searches.

    Well, that and "Tiffany Lane porn star," but we expect that.

  25. Schmoop Says:
  26. Bond: I have shown up as being on my site for 0 minutes even though I was on there for more than 10 minutes.

  27. BUSY: LOL as long as you are here...all that counts

    TIGGERLANE: I am amazed and waiting for the next shoe post actually...'eeyore pink bow on tail'??? AND 'T.L. porn star' OK, that gives me an idea for a movie....

    MATT-MAN: That is one hell of a tracker you got bud...

  28. Sheesh - you didn't ask for a squee from me, and you know how I feel about Bono and the boys.

    Criminey. Girl can't any love around here...

  29. SONGBIRD: my sweet friend...I actually was hoping you saw that and wondered why i did not ask you for one...well it is because I want a WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AND HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    from you! bwahahahahahahahahahah

  30. katherine. Says:
  31. I don't even check that site stat stuff...I think it would become addictive...

    I'd forgotten the Marini thing...you never found out if you were related to the candy people did you?

  32. Honey, you know I'd make whatever noise you want...


  33. Wow. I'm getting censored now. I feel so privileged.

  34. KATHERINE: I wrote them once and they never replied..so I have no idea

    SONGBIRD: Censored?
    OK, well give me a chance to post it first... LOL

  35. Unknown Says:
  36. Verrrrrrrrrrrrrry interesting.

  37. Meribah Says:
  38. I actually enjoyed reading your blog stats...probably cuz I also enjoy reading my own blog's stats! LOL
    Ooo! Ooo! Daniel Lanois! I knows he! He's my cousin's friend, he is! **Suddenly feels special for having a cousin who's friends with someone famous** LOL :P

  39. Tug Says:
  40. I'm probably more a short-timer, 'cause I read you through Bloglines, then come on to comment...but I'm here!

    Who's going to win the series? Do we care??

  41. RW Says:
  42. Those stats are a lot better than mine...I am going to have a drink now!

  43. Julie Says:
  44. Oh I love stats! What about the readers that couldn't visit ALL week and spend an hour reading you nonstop and without dozing?

    Love the U2 baby...great song!


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