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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, October 01, 2007

Remember over at MO's
Manic Monday

hehehehe - sorry can not help myself

Knock Knock
Who's there
Banana who?

Knock Knock
Who's there
Banana who?

Knock Knock
Who's there
ORANGE you glad we didn't say banana?

Well voting is done and it looks a small margin....THE DOORS will be our next Tuneage Tutelage...Was actually surprised by the voting and the tight race...
The Doors 31.3%
The Cars 25%
Yes 25%
Rascals 18.8%
Grateful Dead 12.8%
Deep Purple 12.8%
Mott The Hoople 12.8%

Will be working it up (yes, we have started...) and should have it by Wednesday ready for your reading pleasure.

Notice the banner for the next BLOGBLAST FOR PEACE at the top of The Couch daily posts...grab your banner and let's make this one the best yet...

This is the brainchild of our dear friend Mimi over at Mimi Writes. If you have never gone over to Bloggingham Palace and read the Queen of Meme's, then you are missing out on one the the best reads in the bloggosphere!

Well, we finally did Graceland this weekend. Our partner J.P. ended up staying in town instead of heading back to NJ and his family and we had a real nice dinner on Friday, just the two of use and two bottles of delicious wine...

Saturday we were up early...though moving a bit slow, and off to Graceland. Enjoyed the tour. It really is interesting to be in the rooms that Elvis hung out in and entertained in. The amount of gold records and awards on display is just mind-boggling.

Didn't have our camera with us as we were not sure it was going to happen. Sort of spur of the moment. We are sure with visitors to Memphis, we will end up going back again and will make sure we document it this time.

We did have our picture taken before the tour began (actually everyone gets their picture taken, then you can purchase it when you finish the tour - you know how that goes) and we decided to get them...So, J.P. and yours time we hope we have a beautiful woman next to offense dude!

Next week is the Memphis Zoo. Meeting a new friend there and going to go dance for the monkeys. Just hope they like my dancing and don't fling stuff at me...because if they do, we will fling it back and that could get messy!!!!

Will ensure the camera is with us and will have pictures to share.

We are also feeling some stories building in us again. We have been struggling with "The Quest" for about 6 weeks, but this week actually got 5 pages written that we are very happy with. The story is developing and we are seeing now, how Frank Stevens became the man you all read about in our short story of the same title.

That said, we are itching to get back to Monday Matinee's and can almost guarantee the Drive-In will be open again next Monday. It might not be every week, but it will be creeping back into our time here on The Couch.

New to The Couch? Confused by what we just talked about? Scroll down on the right sidebar and find the Drive-in Marquee. Under that are the works of fiction we have published here on The Couch. Some are multi-part, some are one post. Some we think are pretty darn good...some...well, not so good, but we have them all there.

Also want to point out that we have updated the BlogTalk Radio area on the left sidebar. Each of the pictures will take you right to our friends home pages over there and there is also a player which will let you hear the most recent show.

We talked recently about redoing The Couch but real life has interfered with that and we are moving slower than we had hoped.

Watching that show Extreme Home Makeover show and man...we want to go to Hawaii soon and see the lava very cool...nature is incredible. We love Niagara Falls and have been there many times, but to go see an active lava flow....that woulod be SWEEEEEEEEET.

Our friend Starrlight went AGAIN this past year and had promised to put me in her luggage, but she forgot.....pout....

We selected the correct team in the Survivor Pool again this week, had we are moving on....45 teams were eliminated this week already...many in the pool picked San Diego. Only 62 teams left from a total of 156 original teams...

Mom Joan and Dad Vince clued me into this...
Bruce & The E-Street Band were on the Today Show this week.

Bruce's rap before "Living In The Future" is RIGHT ON!

Video for all songs is available HERE
look for "Promised Land" down on the right...

and the sound on here is pretty damn good...
We still get chills watching these guys play...seen them 3 times live.

(you have to watch a commercial between each song, but well worth it!)

This one is going out to our man Matt-Man

"Hang on Sloopy" is a hit song by the pop group The McCoys which was #1 in America in October 1965 and is the official rock song of the U.S. state of Ohio.

It was written by Wes Farrell and Bert Russell and is named for Dorothy Sloop, a singer born in Steubenville, Ohio on September 26, 1913 who used the name "Sloopy" on stage.

She died July 1998 in Pass Christian, Mississippi.

The most eloquent silence; that of two mouths meeting in a kiss.
~ by Unknown ~

26 Of Your Sparks

  1. Travis Cody Says:
  2. You had to do the knock knock joke, so I have to give you this...groooooooooooaaaaaaaaaan.

    You earned it!

    Not really a Doors fan, but I suspect you will clue me in on things I should know.

    The monkeys and the flinging of stuff??? Word of advice...wear a hazmat suit and gloves. GACK!

    I'm glad to hear that Monday Matinee will soon return. And I'm extremely pleased to hear that you made some progress on The Quest.

    Later dude.

  3. Yay! My two votes were at the top: The Doors and The Cars. Who knew? I almost voted for Yes and would have if I'd been allowed to cast three votes.

    I'd volunteer that be that beautiful woman standing next to you, but you'd have to settle for just "woman."

    Can't wait for the return of Monday Matinee - yippee!

  4. TRAVIS: BUT BUT BUT I had to! Hazmat suit..check...gloves...check
    Slow but sure progress...thanks dude

    SONGBIRD: Only two per
    Now stop that...beautiful you are!

  5. Dr. A Says:
  6. I'll have to get my picture from Graceland up. It's pretty funny.

    BTW, what's up with the University of Memphis today? I just read that on the news this morning...

  7. Schmoop Says:
  8. Thanks for the the thought Vin. I do however must say that the song is always played at Ohio State football games, and I HATE OSU football. But the thought helped to take the sting out of my beloved Cars coming in second. Cheers!!

  9. Sparky Duck Says:
  10. As Matt Man said, Hang On Sloopy means Buckeyes to me, though for this duck, i think thats a good memory.

    I maybe beginning to dislike starr when you say things like "Hawaii again"

  11. Anonymous Says:
  12. Thanks for including the "BRUCE" link in todays blog. Watched the entire show for the second time.
    The man is GREAT!

  13. Tug Says:
  14. The lava thingies looked awesome! I want to see Niagra Falls AND Graceland...


  15. DR. A: Reports are still sketchy from what I have learned. He was getting into his car and was shot...TOO MUCH OF THIS GOING ON!

    MATT-MAN: Sure, I do that and it offends you! Well, maybe I will work on The Cars after The Doors and you will LURVE me again!

    SPARKY: Well YOU liked it! LOL Don't be a hater playa...she can't help it if she loves Hawaii

    DAD: THANK YOU for the heads up...Gosh, as we get older our musical tastes come more in line! LOL

    TUG: Didn't they though? Look, come visit and I will take you to Graceland and you might even convince me to travel to Niagara Falls and then after theat, I will show you The BallPark In DA Bronx!

  16. Schmoop Says:
  17. Bond: I still love ya Vin!!

  18. *giggles*

    You mean that you went to the zoo and they didn't keep you???



  19. Oops... I misread about the zoo... just make sure they don't keep you... *giggles*

  20. Meribah Says:
  21. **Bounces on the Couch and makes herself comfy** Nice pic, Vinny! Now, all we need are some cool home videos! **Picks up the clicker and waits for the V-man to post some videos** :P

  22. MATT-MAN: I know dude...I know

    DIXIE: Reading is fundamental dear...LOLOLOL and pppppppppppfffffffffffftttttttttttt

    MERI: Maybe some day soon...or come to Memphis and see it all for real!

  23. BeckEye Says:
  24. I was totally groovin' on Hawaii during EHMO too!

  25. I go with my parents! Hawaii with the parentals is not the same as Hawaii on your own! does not suck ;)


  26. katherine. Says:
  27. we never miss Home Makeover...except for last night!

  28. BECKEYE: is settled...time for a FIELD TRIP!

    STARRLIGHT: Sure, but you could have taken me and it would have been more fun darlin' LOL

    KATHERINE: I have a hard time with that show...makes me cry! LOL

  29. Mimi Lenox Says:
  30. Thanks for flying the banner. I LOVE to see them.
    Bananas, oranges......sigh.

  31. RW Says:
  32. Hey the banner looks great! Thanks for the re-link sorry about that Oger said to say hi or "Oggaa" Great toons!

  33. i have a photo of sarge and i at graceland from two years ago. i had the best time! and loved corky's bbq too!

    smiles, bee

  34. Julie Says:
  35. I can't wait to hear what happens with the trip to the zoo.....may you have a wonderful time!

    Bruce...ah...Bruce..thanks Vinny. He's aged (haven't we all) but he still has the power to give me goosebumps and to sing his heart out.

    I loved it and will return to view the rest of the videos..thanks so much.

    Does Kity know that these videos are up?

  36. Bar Says:
  37. Me? Upset with you? Never! Just been busy and tired.

  38. Unknown Says:
  39. That was Bethany's favorite joke growing up. Man, that was a good EM:HE!

  40. Coco Says:
  41. that's B's favorite joke ... except his version goes like this:

    Knock knock
    Who's there?
    Aren't you glad I didn't say banana?

    and then i laugh because he screwed it up, and he thinks he got it right because i laughed ... and it's just a vicious circle ...

    i didn't really read the rest because i'm having trouble focussing these days, but i always get back and read everything sooner or later. Hope You're doing well, honey. Miss You.

  42. Anonymous Says:
  43. great picture of you at Graceland,
    HOT Vince, very Hot!


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