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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, October 16, 2007

OK, spent most of the day at the Chiropractor's yesterday and feeling better, but man is our spine messed up. Our right hip is like an inch higher than the left and our neck is totally out of alignment, causing the pinched nerve, causing the pain in our arm...going back today and then Thursday and going to do it 3 times a week for a few weeks.

Excellent place with a huge therapy area and Tens machines and rolling beds and cool other things and woo and hoo..'touch point massages' that are covered by my health plan....and all for $10.00/visit out of our wallet...OH YEAH baby...

Thanks for all the good wishes my wonderful guests...SMOOCHES, HUGS AND GROPES...

OK, sit on back...we have a bunch of things to ask you and rant about today...

You are a stockholder in a company and they have to hire many contractors to do work and to take care of their employees... got it? Strap in kiddies...
  • All of their contractors have "cost-plus" contracts, which means they are guaranteed a base-line profit of 3% of the total costs on their deals. The more they spend, the more they make.
  • Many of the contracts awarded are done as 'no-bid', because the company needs to get up and running quick and they just do not care.
  • Many of the contracts are given to buddies and people who have invested in the company.
  • One of the contractors they hire to build a facility spends two years and $72 million dollars and when you go to check it out, you find a crumbling structure that has human feces in the light fixtures, ceilings and walls from sub-par plumbing on the upper floors. When you ask a representative of the company how they could spend $72 million on a useless building they reply "I have some conjecture, but that's all it would be." (actual quote). You ask if they will return the profits and his answer is "No."
  • One of their contractors:
    • served spoiled meat to the employees and canned foods with expiration dates over a year old.
    • Billed the company for meals they never served...almost $16 million dollars worth, serving 14,000 meals a day, yet billing for 42,000 meals.
    • Supplied water to the showers the employees used that was contaminated with E.coli.
    • Used a subcontractor to supply ice to the employees whose bid was $3.4 million more than an equally qualified subcontractor.
    • Decided that the towels the employees would use in the bathrooms need to have embroidered logos, so they could bill more (remember 'cost-plus' contracts).
  • The man put in charge of all of the dealings with contractors decides to take $12 Billion in cash out of the company coffers and stores the cash haphazardly at different facilities around the country. When he needs to pay a contractor, he just sends someone to pick up $200 million in cash to pay them.
    • When you ask one of his agents to account for the money they 'withdrew' he can only account for $6,306,826 out of the $23 million he withdrew.
    • Another agent who was to have paid 8,206 security guards can only account for payments to 602.
    • Basically, they can only account for $8.8 Billion of the $12 Billion withdrawn from the company's account!
  • A contractor double charges the company for $617,000 worth of soda for the employees, AND:
    • They dumped 50,000 pounds of nails because they were the wrong size.
    • One of the supply trucks gets a flat tire and because the right tools are not available, the truck is destroyed.
    • They ran deliveries back and forth across the country with nothing in the trucks because they got paid for the 'deliveries'.
    • Their contract called for them get paid for the number of employees that use the rec center. They overcharge by doing an hourly head-count (counting the same employee 5-6 times) and even resort to counting empty water bottles as 'people'.
    • OH and when they are asked for a Karaoke machine, they deliver a cardboard box with a bunch of wires in it and charge full price! These are employees who are asked to work horrible hours and really need the rec time.
  • Many of the contractors rushed in twice or three times the number of employees needed for the job and then do nothing because there were 'glitches' in the contract or 'security' issues, yet they charge for the employee time, meals housing and other expenses from the moment they set foot on your property.
    • In one deal the cost of the contract was $13.4 million. The cost of the 'indirect' administrative costs were $52.7 million!
  • The company hires contractors to build a hospital in a town with no water!
    • The cost is targeted at $50 million. A year later the price tag is $169 million and the hospital is unusable. The contractor tells you..'oh yeah, our contract ends when the money ends...buh bye!'
  • The company puts in build natural-gas powered turbines where there is no access to natural-gas.
  • The company installs expensive telephone-based disease-notification database for use in hospitals..OH YEAH! There is NO telephone service in the area!
Now, the company's auditors come to them with all of this and they suggest the company sues all of these contractors and the company administration tells them NO!

YUP, you got it right..and when the auditors try to sue them anyway THE COMPANY GOES TO COURT AND BLOCK THE LAWSUITS!!!!!!

Kiddies...YOU are the shareholders and the company is the administration of George W. Bush!

Welcome to what has happened to YOUR TAX MONEY since the beginning of the Iraq War...and this is just SOME of the worst offenses...and yes, it is your government that has refused to take legal action against the companies THEY hired get this..

The contracts are all awarded under the auspices of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq and the Bush Administration claims that the CPA is not part of our government, so they have no interest in what is happening...these contracts are being signed off by people working for the US GOVERNMENT FOLKS....

OUR MONEY.... yours and mine...$550 Billion on the war and $44 Billion on the remember, hospitals falling apart with human waste running down the walls, rancid meat for our soldiers, cost over-runs and work not being done...

Support our troops, the men and women who are over there fighting with all of your heart and soul...Tell this administration to BRING THEM HOME NOW...STOP THE WASTE!

Oh... pssst the company doing the most to waste our money and serving our troops rancid food called KBR...recently spun off from a company called know...DICK CHENEY'S old company.,.. you know ...OUR VICE-PRESIDENT!!!!!

I now vote to send Dickie Dickhead over to Iraq to shower in E.coli infected water and eat rancid meals and spend some time in the hospital with the SHIT RUNNING DOWN THE WALLS... ANYONE WANT TO JOIN ME?

Rant over...see what happens when we are sitting around waiting for brakes to be installed on our car and we begin reading???? Man I was on fire over this...


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25 Of Your Sparks

  1. Schmoop Says:
  2. Quit your whining you Un-American bleeding heart. Dont you realize that it takes alot of money to create a Cluster F@#K? Cheers!!

  3. So glad that you will be back with Dr. Blogstein this week. Sorry I won't be listening... but you know where I'm going to be!!


  4. MATT-MAN: sorry...I will stop now...and a huge cluster-f**k it is

    DIXIE: drive safe darlin'

  5. Hope your arm is feelin' better.
    And thanks for the promo!

  6. Tug Says:
  7. I did the 3-a-week chiro thing for awhile, and am now at the once a month's wonderful! (Mine are $37 a pop - damn insurance)

  8. I gotta see a chiro, me thinks. I am tired of the constant neck/back pain. Bleh.

    As for your rant...I knew right off who you were talking about. I saw the pictures of Poop County General Hospital and said poop on the reporter's jacket.

    All I have to say is anyone who pulled that lever in 04 for that shitbird Bush and his Puppetmaster Cheney are the ones who should be swabbing the bedpans in Poop County General.

    I will not comment on the fools who voted for them in 2000...everyone knows it was not their votes counted but rather the dubious Supreme (Kanagroo) Court's. Ka-ching.

    I feel your rant, Brother Bond!

  9. katherine. Says:
  10. snakes, vodka and cocaine on the couch....

  11. MO: You are welcome

    TUG: I am shocked by my insurance

    STARRLIGHT: Finally someone actually comments...I wonder why I just do not do 5 line fluff posts...45 unique visitors today and SEVEN COMMENTS...we read the same article I surmise...LOL

    KATHERINE: is that the updated version of lions and tigers and bears?

  12. Sigh.

    You post about this crap, and then you post a photo of a snake? I think I'm gonna have to stop visiting for a while in order to clean up the vomit that's all over my computer.


  13. SONGBIRD: Know what...I may just stop posting all together...
    Or just post jokes...seems people like that better
    A cow walks into a bar...

  14. Don't you dare stop! We have enough of the other bloggers. We still need you!

    It's a crying shame that the taxpayers have again been duped into giving money and manpower for a cause that someone else uses as an opportunity for exploitation. Why is it human nature to make a buck off of a lamentable situation? And don't tell me that's the American way, because "capitalism" runs deep in the veins of many other cultures as well. Exploitation is exploitation, regardless of the national flag it flies.

  15. TopChamp Says:
  16. interesting.......

  17. TopChamp Says:
  18. p.s. good luck for tonight.

  19. SONGBIRD; Sympathy comments are not allowed!

    TOPCHAMP: Or or the other LOL and TY

  20. Sympathy my ass! That was a legitimate comment, with my ire properly raised!


  21. Ya know I have been racking my brain trying to remember where I saw the news report. I think it was Anderson Cooper. The food part was bad enough, but the hospital. With the overhead lights filled with urine cause the plumbing was done by a chimp!

    But yes, once I read the first sentence Tricky Dicky Part 2 rose up like an ugly bloated spector in my minds eye. Not a great mental image. Damn. Now I need a drink. I just added a tutu. Sounds like one of Matt's Photo Deluxe offerings!

  22. Sparky Duck Says:
  23. Vodka on a podcast. I am so there!

    Did you mention the fact the one of the companies diretors lost like 12 billion dollars. It just disappered, Bremer style.

    Thanks Bond, I am missing Olbermann tonight, so I needed to get my dander up somehow.

  24. SONGBIRD: LOL ok dear

    STARRLIGHT: I saw that and also then read Rolling Stone and it was detailed there by Matt Taibbi...a great political reporter with much credibility.

    DUCK: Then see you soon...I believe that was bullet point #6...LOL

  25. Meribah Says:
  26. **Watches as America teeters on the edge of an abyss...then realizes that Canada is handcuffed to America. The puppy tries to gnaw through the handcuffs but to no avail, so she wraps her arms around a tree** Okay, everybody, hold onto something. I have a feeling this is gonna get a whole lot worse before it gets better!

  27. Travis Cody Says:
  28. Dude, I appreciate the rant. Don't stop posting stuff like this.

    I'm outraged by these reports as well, and my senators and my congressman get routine emails.

    Sorry I missed Doc B - I got involved in watching Heroes on and I forgot.

  29. RW Says:
  30. Sorry to hear of your back pain thats the worst hope you feel better soon!

  31. Peg Says:
  32. Doesn't it drive you NUTS thinking about the waste? I know it drives me just about insane...especially when I think about the rampant cronyism. Great article, Vinny--and I hope your back is better being out of alignment!

  33. MERI: I tend to believe your money is part of the money wasted also.. Your country is part of the CPA also...

    TRAVIS: Keep sending the emails..they have to know we want it stopped...DR B was pretty funny and a little wild...

    ROGER: Back is feeling fine...arm is still feeling some pain from the pinched nerve, but I only woke up once last night

    PEG: Drove me so nuts I had to post about it...and TY on the back thingy

  34. THAT was it! I Subscribe to Rolling Stone. The problem with reading as much as I do is that half the time I forget WHAT I have read. Literature senility.

  35. STARR: Been a subscriber since 1972 and have all the covers since then except for maybe 200 that got lost during a move...just call me pack rat!


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