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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Jerry Garcia/Robert Hunter

Have not rambled for a while…just feel the need, so...

Strap in, keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times and remember, it can be a dark and scary ride through the brains of Bond and his Couch...

Sitting at the hotel, Tuesday afternoon about to have lunch and waiting to take the shuttle to the airport...

Flew in yesterday and went over to the marketing company holding the focus groups...

They began at 6:30 and we had the laptop set to mlb.com so we could keep track of the Yankees/Indians game on their gameday.

It is an illustrated representation of what happens in the game, showing each pitch, speed of pitch, how much the pitch broke and the result of the pitch; ball, strike, foul, hit. Pretty coo technology.

One of the regional managers took a position on the third tier of seats to look over my shoulder and watch.

Focus groups (2 of them) went well. First was with people who do not use Terminix and second was with current customers. Learned some interesting things about how they looked at the creative pieces we help to design.

Got back to hotel room for last three innings… alas…it is over for the pinstripes…

Not wearing black today…lol

The owner said on Sunday if the team did not win the series Joe Torre was gone. Dumb thing to say, the team started off 27-21 and finished with the best record in the American League from that point on. Torre probably did his best job as a manager this season.

If he goes, there is a good change the best reliever in baseball in the post season Mo Riviera will not re-sign ads probably Jorge Posada, who had his best year ever will also go. These guys love Torre.

Alas…an era in Yankee baseball might be ending as a new era begins with a youth movement not seen on this team since the Boss took over,

We go commando when we wear jeans…just feel better that way...

We hate wearing socks with loafers or boat shoes, but when having to go through security at the airport, we hate the thought of walking on those floors barefoot even more...

We do not wear cologne, but recently began putting Johnsons Baby Powder on after our shower and like the feel and the scent and have been told some women like it also…

Why do some hotels charge for internet access and some do not? In this world today, it should be part of the service...

Do you like anchovies in your Caesar Salad? We find them yummmmmmmmmmmmo!

Have not heard from our friend and are still hoping they are ready to resume our friendship.

It has been a long time since we were out dancing and hope to do so soon. There is a meme going around where people write about their first (best) experience dancing and man we do miss it. The experience of holding someone close and then the sliding out of your grasp and twirling and then back again…bodies curved against each other… the movement…the fell…sigh

Ate too much crap at the focus group. They always have all these snacks out for those who watch from behind the mirror…went to the right for the candy and the Philly pretzels and not to the left for the veggies and dip….another sigh….

The show tonight on the Radio Happy Hour will probably turn off some people. We have to say the subject is a bit…Ummm ‘crappy’…sorry could not help our self!

If you missed it, DAD wrote a comment on the post we had up last week thanking you all for your wishes….and he received a package with some books from a special guy in NYC…he truly appreciated it all…

He is on a flight home on Thursday and says he is feeling just great. Big WOOOOOO for that!

Wondering if we take the shuttle to the airport now, or wait a while….flight is in 4 hours but Philly airport security can be atrocious at times…hell…finish lunch and head on over….

It will only mean you might get even more ramblings…LOL we can hear you all yelling right now…STAY AT THE HOTEL!

Well, here we are at Philly Airport…didjamissus? LOL

Why is it that every airport in Florida offers free wireless access and in every other airport you have to purchase a 24-hour service? OK, like who the frick stays in an airport for 24-hours??????

Sure we can buy a service, but we do not travel enough at this time to warrant it. If we were doing the 130,000+ miles a year like we used to back in the 90’s, well hell yeah we would have a service.

And why do some airports, like the one we are in now, have so few outlets to plug your laptop into?

And why do people feel they have to take up every outlet with their computer and their cell phone and their blackberry chargers? It becomes first come first serve and even when they see you looking they turn their head and ignore you…like the clown next to me who has 3 of the 4 available outlets taken up. We had to get on the floor and crawl under a seat to get the one left and there is this other poor sap who keeps roaming round and round and round…

In two seating areas there are 4 total outlets… HEY AIRPORT PEOPLE…your travelers’ need more outlets…get with it will ya?

Wait, did you answer us???? Didjamissus? OH ok, guess ya did!

OK, we are going to stop this ramble now…ummmm...maybe...

Why do people wear clothing that is so tight on them the buttons pull and the rolls of fat underneath bulge out? Truly, we have been overweight in our life and are still carrying extra poundage, but we buy clothes that fit….We have our magic mirror that shows all of our hair as black, sure…but do theirs show them being a small when they are actually an XL????

Maybe we are not….hehehehe…traveled recently? Tired of those announcements that begin “The Security level has been changed to Orange…”

Ummm it has been Orange for at least two, if not three years now… Are these messages intended to scare the people who never travel? Because they only sound silly to someone who travels often.

“Where have all the flowers gone….” man now we sound like Matt-Man on a Friday with weird music floating through our head….Well there is always music floating through our head, if you have sat on The Couch long enough that comes as no surprise… BUT that song????

We moved from the outlet since we were not using it and wanted someone else to have access. Just watched some uptight business man…so…funny…he is walking with laptop in hand…obviously needs an outlet. Spots the one we were using…tried to lean over the chairs to get to it…NOPE…goes down on one knee and tries to reach…NOPE…stares...realizes …YUP ya gotten get down on yer belly if ya really want it…gets up…walks away….guess he really didn’t want it…

Calling our flight….on our way home….what the hell are we going to have for dinner….

Yeah...they called the flight, we boarded and they pulled from the gate...THEN, they tell us there are 'weather problems' ... ummm no...we know Philly Airport...too many frickin' flights, not enough runways and we sat for two hours and never got home until after 10, so we missed Doc and the crappy show... but we hear our SUGARBABY Dixie took over as SUPREME COMMANDER OF THE CYBERWAVES and handled the chat room... nice going darlin'

Please do not exit until the ride comes to a complete stop….

Friendship is a plant of slow growth and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation.
George Washington

29 Of Your Sparks

  1. Damn, you had so much going on, I couldn't figure how on what to comment!

    Just FYI - Phoenix Sky Harbor International has free WiFi. Don't know about the outlet availability, though.

    Sorry for you about your Yankees. We're looking forward to a D-Backs/Tribe WS!

  2. Travis Cody Says:
  3. Dangit! I pinched my finger on the safety rail.

    Nice ramble there.

    I missed Doc tonight. Too many blogs to catch up and encores to post and results to see.

    I posted Ms Jane for you.

  4. Gail Says:
  5. glad you got home safe, hon...

  6. katherine. Says:
  7. glad to read your Dad is on the mend.

    Dixie was great. The show was...strange.

    Thanks for the Bond fashion insight.

    Too bad about the Yankees...will be really boot Torres?

    No anchovies anywhere. except as bait.

    I forget the rest...laughing...

  8. Twyla Says:
  9. All I heard was...
    'We go commando when we wear jeans.'

  10. SONGBIRD: Adding Phoenix as another airport that is cool beans..
    Wut is a World Series? I thought they canceled it this year! LOL

    TRAVIS: There are warning signs all over.... you have to be more careful...Can't wait to go watch Ms. Jane

    GAIL: TY darlin'

    KATHERINE: TY he is...
    I began listening last night as I fell asleep...trying to finish now...
    hehehehehe on the fashion
    Either they will boot or Torre will decide it is time to move on and will get a job quickly
    Notes no anchovies when Katherine comes to visit on her train ride!
    Glad you enjoyed dear

    TWYLA: Why does THAT not surprise me! LOL
    AND I had jeans on yesterday!

  11. Sparky Duck Says:
  12. Hey you should have said hello to my folks at the airport yesterday. I dropped them off at 3 and I think they landed in Texas at 12:15. Gotta love Philly.

    Joe is done, done, done. Cashman could have said on a radio interview that sure, there is possibility Joe comes back and didnt. Done.

    I would have liked to see the Red Sox-Yankees series again, makes it much more painful when NY loses

  13. Glad you are back in the Bluff City...

    Glad that Poppa V is mucho better...

    Had fun on Doc's show... it was a rather "shitty" show to say the least.. ;-)

    I promise I didn't take your spot... I'll just consider filling in on occassion.... but you will have to give me plenty notice...


  14. Maggie Moo Says:
  15. OK...if last week I was all over the board with my Randomivity, you beat me in the all time ramble scramble!! Holy COW!!!

    Interesting to learn that you go commando with jeans...I'd think that would be very uncomfortable for men.

    And also, I do not like anchovies ON my ceasar salads, but love when they are in the dressing. YUM!

  16. Ralph Says:
  17. Didn't the Yankees begin the development of their 90's run in 1992, the year that MLB suspended Steinbrenner, and he couldn't be involved with the team? Torre is a good manager who had the fortune to run a still good team, unlike the Mets and Braves previously?

    Also, why do many business people travel in their least comfortable-for-travel suits?

  18. SPARKY: I did meet them..we did shooters until they took off!
    Yes, I know he is done...and maybe he wants to be from his interview after the game

    DIXIE: I listened to most of the show, and TY for the sexy shout-out near the beginning...you did MAHVELOUS DARLIN' SIMPLE MAHVELOUS

    MAGS: LOL my goal was completed then! LOL - Not uncomfortable at all...I kinda prefer it...I love them in the dressing but also like a few whole on the salad

    RALPH: You are one smart dude...yes, that is exactly what happened...as their 70's run began when Steinbrenner was suspended for the Nixon contribution money...so it is not coincidence!
    My travel attire is normally jeans (commando of course), a dress shirt, loafers (so I do not have to deal with untying and tying at security) and a sports coat...

  19. so bond, you are saying you go commando AND use powder in your jeans??? sarge had on navy blue shorts yesterday and we were at a doctor's office. i looked down and the whole area was white. wtf? honey the ball powder SHOWS, get it??? yeesh... bless his heart.

    smiles, bee

  20. Schmoop Says:
  21. Thanks for the mention and glad to hear that your dad is getting along well. And as far as anchovies....Yum-OH!! Cheers!!

  22. One of my irrational fears is the smell of baby powder. When we keep it here I always make sure that it is scented to smell like something other than actual baby powder..lol.

    Just spray yourself with some Febreeze and you'll be fine. LOL.

  23. Come to think of it, that comment regarding going commando stopped me for a second too; probably would have been longer had I not thought of someone else instead of you then...sorry!

    Oh, and anchovies? Nah, not so much.

  24. Tug Says:

    Glad you dad is doing better...

    I can see commando, but not with jeans. Ow.

    Where HAVE all the flowers gone? Long time passing.......

  26. Tug Says:
  27. pee ess....

    Damn Yankees.

  28. AtriaBooks Says:

    And PUT ON SOME UNDERWEAR you freak!

  30. good choice in powder Mr Bond, (James Bond)........

  31. TopChamp Says:
  32. I have never had anchovies on caesar salad - but you do salad a bit better in America from my experience, so I'll go with you if you say it's good.

    Maybe the people using the outlets are all sick cynical people who take no greater pleasure than in watching people scrabble under furniture, bum in the air?

  33. BEE: Well, I do not put the powder IN my jeans... I ummm rub it over the areas intended...and then it would not show!

    MATT-MAN: Knew I liked you...let's share an anchovy pizza when we meet!

    108: Fabreeze???? yukko..when we meet, i will resist the urge to powder, how is that?

    SONGBIRD: you were on The Couch and thought of someone else??? HOW DARE YOU!

    TUG: No ouch at all dear...I have always gone that way with jeans...it is second nature...OK, you can not eat pizza with Matt or I..and TY regarding dad...and yes, pouting still over the Yanks

    DR. B: Yeah, but when i woke this morning i turned it back on...

    SARGE: LOL,,, just use it a bit less liberally sarge!

    TOPCHAMP: LOL maybe those people are dear..maybe they are...

  34. Anonymous Says:
  35. I've two left feet and never had the pleasure of going out dancing! Lead the way, I'll follow. Take some time to enJoy.

  36. Unknown Says:
  37. Stop the blog...I wanna get off!


  38. Meribah Says:
  39. Wooo! Glad to hear your dad is feeling better!
    Sorry you couldn't make it to the chat room during Dr. Blogstein's show. Had a wicked time, we did! LOL
    Dixie was a delightful Supreme Commander of the Cyberwaves. :)
    By the way, you go commando??? **Blinks** Okay, the puppy must not think about sexy Bond going commando...he's almost as old as my dad...must think of something else...**Imagines Taylor going commando** Awwww, there we go! :P

  40. ANONYMOUS: Anytime you want to go....you let me know, I know we can dance, dance, dance

    DANA: The ride can not stop ntil over

    MERI: TY dear Meri...Glad you enjoyed, sorry I missed it...You HAD to mention I am as old as your dad - didn't you????? sheesh
    but thanks for the sexy comment

  41. Julie Says:
  42. The only question with me now is....are your jeans nice and soft?

    **runs away blushing**

  43. Coco Says:
  44. *shakes head in wonder and amazement* talk about stream of consciousness ...

    glad Daddy V is getting better, hon.

    um ... yeah, airports ... my son makes me hang out in ours so he can watch the planes ... it has free wireless access, too. thank God.

  45. If there are no wee fishies in it, then in ain't a Ceasar!

  46. JULIE: They get softer the more you wear them

    COCO: LOL well that is the definition....ooo boss de plane de plane

    STARRLIGHT: Knew I liked you!


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