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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, October 11, 2007

Well...what a weird day and it seems that we have found how to get comments!

All we have to do s open the weirdness that is my brain and all y'all want to try and get into the darkness even more...


NO, it is not uncomfortable to go commando in is liberating...sitting in an airport or in a meeting knowing we are free and no one knows...

Well, maybe they don't...we do not think anyone from work reads this..but if you are and you do..well..THERE YA GO...

SO, more personal info...a number of years ago while warming up on of my pitchers he threw a ball in the dirt and hit me directly on the big toe.

Toe broke...nail went KAPLOOEY...has always been a bit funky since...and then we got that fungus crap...tried everything...well my doctor suggested petroleum jelly and said it would take a year for the nail to grow out and it to be back to is he already looks better...

OK, so it isn't the same as me swinging in my jeans .... LOL

The NY Yankees called a pitcher up to the majors this year. His name is Joba Chamberlain. He is a member of the Winnebago Indian tribe from Nebraska. He began the year in Single A and leaped to AA then AAA and then the majors and they treated him with kid-gloves, with special rules on how much he could pitch (The Joba Rules).

There was an article in the October 8th Sports Illustrated on this incredible young man. Yes, he is a baseball player, but this is a story about family and trials and overcoming and faith and love...

PLEASE spend 10-15 minutes reading it and be warned, grab the tissues first...and do not read it on an airplane like we did....

It is called "What Love's Got to Do with It" and it is wonderful!

Tried to help Mimi tonight who is struggling with internet problems...ARGGGGG...think we figured out what is wrong but not how to fix it...

Get Your PEACE GLOBE yet? Head on over to THE HOME OF THE PEACE GLOBE and grab one today...just scroll down for your options....

Plans are set...going to Baltimore to be with Matt the weekend of November 2nd... SO looking forward to it!

Hoping to get to the Zoo this weekend finally, but now that we mentioned it, the plans will probably fall through as they did last time.....

When Dad pointed us to the Bruce videos, he did make mention that Frank was still his fav... so today....The Chairman Of The Board...

Henry Mayer and Johnny Mercer
A cool, nostalgic tale of a fleeting romance

Love means to commit oneself without guarantee,
to give oneself completely in the hope that our love will produce
love in the loved person. Love is an act of faith,
and whoever is of little faith is also of little love.

~ by Erich Fromm ~

24 Of Your Sparks

  1. funny how on a blog you feel free to say how you powder your balls and have a funky toenail and all, but to people you know in person??? me too! ha ha ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  2. I'm glad you're going to go see your son. You and he both need that visit.

    Thanks for all of the rambling. TMI, dude!

  3. Coco Says:
  4. not going to comment on either the danglers or the funky toenail ... and You know better than to think i'd have anything to say about baseball, but i do have a question for You ... why is Afghanistan listed as one of Your locations?

    Thanks for the positive thoughts lately, hon. They are helping me get through this crappy time. Smooches.

  5. Coco Says:
  6. Oh dang - forgot to say i'm glad You and Matt are getting together soon. Hugs.

  7. Schmoop Says:
  8. Frank Rocks!! Cheers and doobie doobie dooo!!

  9. Mimi Lenox Says:
  10. Internet down on both computers now. Mims is having a heart attack. Not really. But close. Four technicians in 10 days to my house. They don't know what they're doing.

    Somebody pray, light a candle, peace globes....peace globes....thinking peace globes.
    OK. I'll calm down now.

    If you think you can help, please write and give me tech advice? Anybody? Somebody? Everybody? Messenger works but can't get to internet sites. That is just CRAZY!!

    Queen of a Nervous Breakdown

  11. You could have written anything ... but a funky toenail... ewwwwwwwwwww.... my stomach couldn't handle that this morning... that's just ewwwwwwww...

  12. BEE: whatchutalkinboutwillis... I will talk about that in person too! LOL

    SONGBIRD: LOL funny lady

    COCO: Not sure how that happened...but it is fixed now and the positive thoughts are always there for you and I am excited about the trip

    MATT-MAN: You are STRANGE in the night.... lol

    MIMI: Trying to work it out in my brain dear...I told you take it to the store and just smile at the guy and say, can you help?

    DIXIE: But the point is BETTER now... and look at all the comments it is generating! LOL

  13. Remember that conversation we had on my btr show about toe sucking?

    Never mind. LOL. J/K.

    I'll go to the zoo with you any day, babe!

  14. Sparky Duck Says:
  15. The Joba article was great, though I still think Joba himself is a windbag, but thats just me.

    All this weirdness seems to revolve around different powders. You dont work for Gold Bond do you?

  16. Sparky Duck Says:
  17. Thinking on it, the windbag comment was misplaced. Joba is not a windbag.

    the windbags are the Yankee fans who call into sport talk shows and blame the Game 2 loss on the flies on Joba's neck.

    I rescind my previous comment, please contact the press office for further questions.

  18. katherine. Says:
  19. the Joba article was indeed touching...wonder how long it will take until the media-freaks find out the story on his Mama.

    I guess its a good thing tight jeans aren't back in style...

  20. TopChamp Says:
  21. mmm. sucking a toe with a fungal nail... nice.

    Your rambles seem most contented today - it is very pleasing.

  22. Gail Says:
  23. Commando is the only way to go...

    OOOPS, I've said too much...hmmm, how do I repair my reputation?


  24. 108: KYRA...geeze i have NINE other toes! LOL

    SPARKY: Glad you realized your mistake! LOL and no I work for Johnson's Baby Powder

    KATHERINE: Glad you enjoyed the article and I hope it takes a long time for the vultures to roost.

    TOPCHAMP: not that one..any of the others! LOL

  25. Out there and loving it, eh Bond?

    Oh hey...I just read on Bestest that they are "taking October off."

    You gotta go read it and my comment. Either Bobby and Kevin are birds of a feather for naked greed or they are the same person!

  26. Incredible Starr...those guy(s) are off their rockers....

  27. Mimi Lenox Says:
  28. They're taking a month OFF???

    Wireless is back. Let's all cross our blogfingers.........and toes.

  29. Julie Says:
  30. Yeah...will the real Vinny Bond please stand up?

    This is good Vinny...real good!


    and it's not just the pain killer and the booze talkin' either!

  31. I thought you would think that Bond! I wrote Bobby a while back and said that it was annoying to have spam blogs up and the entire thing is not even remotely close to what the original site was all about. It was a great idea. Someone should really do what Bestest did. I found a TON of great blogs that way. Now it is just crap. I always feel like I am in one of Matt's smary preacher posts when I go there :P:

  32. Today was one time when my politics had nothing to do with my post, Al Gore is a hypocrite, is there a problem, sure, is he doing anything to fix it, no, the earth is a wonderful thing, it has experienced and survived much larger changes than we are experiencing today. The peace prize, for what????????

  33. Travis Cody Says:
  34. Read the Joba article. It reminds me that it takes more than superior athletic talent. You have to have the heart and the head to get it done too.

  35. Anndi Says:
  36. Dangling and toes?

    I came back for this?

    Something made you cry? A tear-jerker?

    *in best Gomer Pyle voice*

    "Souprize, souprize, souprize!!!"


    Love the tune BTW

  37. MIMI: WOOOO for the internet...

    JULIE: Here I am No I am over here nope here I am

    STARRLIGHT: I am so done with all that they do over there

    SARGE: We disagree is getting worse...and the film was brilliant

    TRAVIS: It most certainly does my friend...

    ANNDI: Yup this is EXACTLY why you came back..bwahahahahahah
    Read the article and tell me it is not a great story - sheeeesh


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