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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, October 29, 2007

How To Get Your Peace Globe November 2007

Detective Steve Cooper thought his eyes were doing TRICKS on him. Sure he had seen the character Regan do it in “The Exorcist”, but to see a body live; the chest against the floor and the shoulder blades facing upward…with the head turned 180 degrees, the dead eyes staring up at him, open, pleading for justice, was almost too much for the 30 year veteran of the Homicide Squad to take.

He turned away from the sight to see through the window, the C.S.I. team climbing from their van. “Let them figure our how someone could snap a neck and turn it around so perfectly.”

“What was that Steve?” This was from Cooper’s partner for the last five years, Edward Young. Everyone called him ‘Eddie’, everyone except Cooper, who insisted upon calling him by his given name, Edward. Cooper wondered if his comment about the C.S.I. was not just in his head and he had said the words out loud.

“Nothin’ Edward, whatCHAgot?” Eddie Young was kneeling by the body, using his latex clad hands to check for some identification on the corpse. So, far he had found nothing in the back pockets on the pants or the side pockets of the jacket the victim wore. He needed to wait for the C.S.I. to clear the body and document its position before he would be able to check the front pants pockets and shirt pocket.

“No I.D. so far Coop, and would you PLEASE call me anything but Edward, I told you only my mom calls me that, and if she does, she is pissed.”

“OK ‘chump’ here comes the ‘trace twits’, so we better give them some room to do their job.”

“Chump is not what I had in mind you clown…”

As Coop and Eddie walked out of the apartment they gave their first impressions of the crime scene to the C.S.I. techs and then began speaking with the neighbors. What they collected was a lot of information about nothing. The apartment was supposed to be empty; no one heard a sound the night before, even the neighbors whose bedroom wall backed to the living room where the body was found.

And that is all we have at the moment. This is now the fourth story we have started, and can not finish…so it is telling us we have to get The Quest out of our brain and the only way to do that is to finish the damn thing…so…back to the salt mines…

As aTREAT, last weekend as we made a big pot of gravy and meatballs & sausage, we were sending teasing emails to our friends associated with the TOOSP email group (Taylor Hicks related), mentioning as we added ingredients. Well, that took on a mind of its own and ended in a ‘challenge’ to video tape my making of the lasagna…Well on Saturday we made more gravy and meat and on Sunday we put together 2 trays of lasagna…each 3 layers of filling thick.

AND……it is all preserved on digital tape. We will be editing over the next day or so and then will post it here on The Couch

we can tell you that we are not ready for the ‘Next Great Food Network Star’ or anything…

and we probably have a better face for radio than TV…

and we did not have a camera person so all the shots are static…

though we moved the camera a few times…

and it might not all be easy to see...

and we were winging it so there are quite a few ‘ahhh’s’ in there

…OOOOO maybe a contest to see who guesses the number of ‘ahhhh’s’ LOL

And we have to redo the template of one of our friends and we did not get to it this weekend

…so, this week is busy and we leave Friday for Baltimore to see Matt…

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Composers: Los Lobos ("LaBamba")/ Weird Al Yankovic
Weird Al Yankovic

20 Of Your Sparks

  1. Peg Says:
  2. Vinny, you know how I love your fiction...and here you are, leaving me hanging?? Grr...LOL!

    Here's hoping you can keep on trucking on this one. And I love lasagne--my favorite meal as a kid--so I'm eager to see the fine creation!

  3. TopChamp Says:
  4. mmmm.... I've just had lunch and the thought of your lasagne still has me drooling.

  5. Tug Says:
  6. I want LASAGNA. ;-(

    Damn Rockies.

  7. Schmoop Says:
  8. I'm making Chicken Breasts stuffed with cheese and spinach served with a homemade tomato sauce on a bed of noodles. Mangia!!

  9. katherine. Says:
  10. yum lasagna!

    (you should so finish these stories)

  11. Thank you so very much for the template update... you're a jewel for doing this for me!



    And yummy! Matt's too. Someone send me a care package. I am making a trip to the microwave for dinner tonight. Where I shall nuke the leftover pizza I have. And then finish off the butterscotch pudding (it is super yum) I made.

    The story is a good one. I hear you on the stuck part. Sometimes you need to let the plot and characters simmer like that sauce =)

  13. Anndi Says:
  14. I'm happy to report I'm responsible for that challenge being issued...


    YOU?? say 'ahhh'??? NO! really?! :P


  15. Travis Cody Says:
  16. I like this story beginning.

    You and I are in the same boat my friend. Lots of beginnings, a few middles, but no endings!

    I'd try this NaNo thingy, but no ideas. I can't just sit and type uh uh uh over and over again. That ain't no story!

  17. Sparky Duck Says:
  18. you could do one of those cooking podcasts. Though is it gravy or sauce??

    Oh and the story has a chance to rock

  19. PEG: No one is more frustrated than I am

    TOPCHAMP: Hope you show up earlier tomorrow!

    TUG: There's a plenty of it here...I know, they just did not show up..or that other team was just that good...

    MATT-MAN: I'll trade you some of mine for some of yours...

    KATHERINE: I so want to finish them...I think I need some time on the beach....

    DIXIE: My pleasure darlin'...SMOOCH

    STARRLIGHT: Only choice in my mind was a bit of Al...Hoping to make your mouth water and draw you closer! LOL - simmer...yup, except I feel like they were in your microwave!

    ANNDI: Yes, you certainly started it..and Julie and Dana climbed on board! LOL I might say it once or twice....

    TRAVIS: I love the beginning...I need the beach ...No way am I going to do NaNo not brain would implode

  20. SPARKY: For those of us with Sicilian blood it is gravy...
    Thanks...I think it could rock...

  21. RW Says:
  22. Hahahhaha cant stop laughing over that song!

  23. Mimi Lenox Says:
  24. I would commit blog suicide if I did NaNo but I really want to.
    Somebody stop me.

    And the lasagna smells wonderful.

  25. ROGER: Weird All has that kind of a brain...

    MIMI: No way am I doing that...NOPE
    hope it tastes as good...

  26. Yikes, micro's explode stuff :P

    Hey what about Lifeblogger for the podcast? Do they do those?

  27. I think I have to break it into three segments instead of two and it should work...Lifelogger is another choice I thought of...

  28. Meribah Says:
  29. OOO! Me likee the way this story starts! I luv CSI-esque stuff! You must finish it...but no pressure! LOL :P

  30. Unknown Says:
  31. WOO! We're famous!

  32. Julie Says:
  33. Ooh! I can't wait to see the video! I'll be looking forward to seeing it upon my return.


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