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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, October 30, 2007

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Well, we planned absolutely nothing for today because we had planned on uploading the 2 videos that compromise "SICILIAN GRAVY & LASAGNA ala BOND" But youtube is NOT cooperating...telling us we are uploading a bad file format, yet we are uploading a .mov file...

Well it is way too late to figure it out now, so we will have to work on it some tomorrow. As we are sitting here, we think we may have to break it into 3 parts...it runs 23 minutes in total..half for the gravy, 1/2 for the lasagna...


Thanks for all the encouraging words on the partial story we posted yesterday...we really think a week at the beach will open up the brain cramps...now to make plans...probably will not be until after the holidays, but maybe even the thought that something is planned will help...

We will be trying to finish the one from yesterday though...it has the most potential...

This is called "JUST BEFORE THE NEWS" composed by Jim Messina from LOGGINS & MESSINA, the second album released in 1972.

* Kenny Loggins (vocals, guitar, rhythm guitar, harmonica)
* Jim Messina (vocals, guitar (acoustic), bass, guitar, mandolin)
* Merel Bregante (vocals, drums)
* Lester (Al) Garth (fiddle, violin, horn, recorder, sax (alto), sax (tenor))
* Michael Omartian (organ, piano, keyboards, clavinet)
* Rusty Young (dobro, guitar, steel dobro)
* Jon Clarke (flute, horn, oboe, recorder, sax (baritone), sax (soprano), sax (tenor))
* Milt Holland (percussion)
* Larry Sims (vocals, bass)
* Stephen Stills (vocals)

Reviewing on-line news sources to see what is going on in the world and the headlines for the last few days...well pretty freakin' scary...

20 headless corpses found as Iraq province handed over

U.S. consumer group flags more toys with lead

Dalai Lama holds first formal talks with a Canadian PM

Dominican storm kills at least 20 people

Mob moll says Mafiosi helped FBI

Joe Girardi offered job as Joe Torre's replacement with New York Yankees

Immunity Deal Hampers Blackwater Inquiry

1 in 10 Schools Are 'Dropout Factories'

AIDS Virus Invaded U.S. from Haiti in 1969: Study
New Evidence Suggests HIV Spread Decades Before 'Case Zero'

Thriving Black Market for Hannah Montana Tickets

Oil Rises to Record Above $93 a Barrel

Gap Admits Possible Child Labor Problem

Hand Grenades Explode at Mexican Consulate in New York

Price of MIT professor's '$100 laptop' hits $200

Beach House Blaze Investigation Continues
Officials Said It Could Be Days Before Victims Are Identified Officially

Californians Mull Next Step After Fires
Residents of Fire-Scarred SoCal Communities Mull Next Step
As Firefighters Keep Eye on Weather

Cowboys reward Romo with lucrative extension
Six-year, $67.5 million deal expected to be announced Tuesday

Calif. fires give Schwarzenegger chance to shine
Governor appears to have gained public approval in handling of the crisis

Prisoner assumes cellmate’s identity, leaves jail
Authorities realize their mistake 6 hours later; murder suspect still at large

College tuition still rising
Report: Average increase of 6.6 percent forcing students to borrow more

Coming up this week on DR.BLOGSTEIN'S RADIO HAPPY HOUR: (Live on Tuesday October 30th at 9PM ET and forever archived at BlogTalkRadio.)

Emmy Award winning TV host, radio host and designer Christopher Lowell will join Dr. B and Dangerous Lee to design the hell out of the Radio Happy Hour--and if you're not sure what that means, you're in good company.

Lowell will give us tips on decorating the Radio Happy Hour studio, help Dr. B make his bachelor pad more inviting for the ladies and hopefully share some beard trimming techniques.

Then, by popular demand, extra Phil and extra Justin the Weatherman. The emails cried out for it so now you're going to get it! Be careful what you wish for.

All that plus, SUPREME COMMANDER OF THE CYBERWAVES Vinny Bond drags his Big Leather Couch into the Radio Happy Hour Lounge and chats live with the listeners, your calls at 646-652-4804 and I guarantee a surprise that will cause you never to look at a Radio Happy Hour regular the same way again.

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We always enjoyed the LOGGINS & MESSINA ONSTAGE Live album released in 1974. Some great live performances recorded at three of the great halls; Carnegie Theatre in NYC, the Orpheum Theatre in Boston and the Winterland in San Francisco.

On the album the band moves from "JUST BEFORE THE NEWS" into this song, "ANGRY EYES" a Loggins & Messina collaboration.

Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness.
~ by Oliver Wendell Holmes ~

20 Of Your Sparks

  1. Mimi Lenox Says:
  2. Yes, the news is bad today. The NC fire so tragic. I've been to that beach many times as a child. It is a very small shore community, quiet and peaceful. Sending prayers....

  3. Liz Hill Says:
  4. YouTube is not happy with longer videos but it will upload--eventually. Blogger doesn't like them either!

    I didn't get to read your story yet but I will ;-)

    And one of the scariest headline of yesterday--Tony Romo and Britney Spears on a date --ugh.

    Hoping to be able to hear and get in the chat tonight--'pimped' ya. YOu should check out my show in archives--Ian gave out some great writing advice.


  5. Julie Says:
  6. Ummmm???? Thriving black market for Hannah Montana tickets? WTF?

  7. MIMI: Another sad piece of news indeed

    TURNBABY: I may have to upload as a 3 parter, 8 minutes each - thanks for the pimp

    JULIE: Kind of scary isn't it?

  8. Schmoop Says:
  9. Dropout factories...The worst one is here in Ohio. A high school in Cincy (Aiken HS) has an 18% retention rate. Wow!!

  10. Anyone who dates Britney at this point is beyond stupid. How bad does this twit need the press? And I ask you...who would still hit that?!

    Just yuck.

  11. katherine. Says:
  12. As a parent of college students who go on similar types of roadtrips, the NC fire brings tears to my eyes.

    There are GOOD headlines too...just not always at the top of the list...(and Arnold has been doing a great job all along...I am very pleasantly surprised)

  13. I know you worry when I don't comment, so here I am. I haven't read because I haven't had the right frame of mind to read and comprehend. Forgive me friend, but wanted you to know I was here...

  14. MATT-MAN: 18%...WTF is that all about...disgusting

    STARR: Well, she called me on Friday and I turned her down... I neve liked sloppy 3,766,876,797ths

    KATHERINE: As a father of a college student, I also worry...so very sad...I will do a good headline piece soon...

    SONGBIRD: I am sorry you are not in the right frame of mind darlin'...we are always here for you and you have a perma-seat on The Couch whenever...

  15. ROFL!

    Good cause then I would have had to start calling you PopTart. And that would be ...undignified :P

  16. Dr. A Says:
  17. See you on the Blogstein show tonight - Oh Supreme Commander of the Chat Room! LOL Rear Admiral?

  18. LOL PopTart....
    Hey is that a crack about my age?????

  19. Sparky Duck Says:
  20. hey 23 minutes for a lasagne aint that shabby. Usually it takes hours. Wait, you probably edited

  21. DR. A: Now cut that out!

    SPARKY: Nothing gets by you dude!

  22. Phil looks like Hank Williams, Jr. in that picture

    Maybe I'll get to catch Dr. B tonight in chat... ;-)

  23. Meribah Says:
  24. **Waits oh-so-patiently to see Vinny Bond on The Tube** :D

  25. AtriaBooks Says:
  26. Starr: I would still hit that--no doubt about it.

  27. Unknown Says:
  28. I lurve Kenny Loggins...and I'm personally writing to Youtube to express my dissatisfaction! I'm sure they'll respond like Myspace did...with resounding silence.

  29. Travis Cody Says:
  30. As long as youtube lets me post the Dancing encore clips, I guess I'm happy.

    I should be able to listen tonight and actually form coherent thoughts into sentences that make sense. They told me I made sense at work today, but perhaps they were just being kind.

    Later dude!

  31. RW Says:
  32. Great tunes Vin! Never heard them before LOGGINS & MESSINA always like enjoying different kinds of music! Thanks for sharing your knowledge !!!


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