Weak Wednesday....

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Great Mofo Delurk 2007

Interesting...seems a bunch of people in the bloggosphere had been noticing that the amount of comments on blogs were decreasing...

NOW, weren't we just talking about this yesterday????

Well this group decided to call today THE GREAT MOFO DELURK, where bloggers asked their lurkers to come out of hiding...

As we asked that same question yesterday, we thought we would share the thought with you today...click the button to see how it all began...

YES, we know we promised THE DOORS today, but the week has been kind of hectic at work with a few major occurrences and our nights have been nuts. We barely made it home last night to get onto THE RADIO HAPPY HOUR...and then we were ready to crash, so we whipped this post up.

We are putting TUNEAGE TUTELAGE off until Friday....

From the 1971 Album, "Harmony"...this song was written by Hoyt Axton....performed by Three Dog Night...it reached #5 on the Billboard Charts..."NEVER BEEN TO SPAIN"...

and as a double pleasure...

From their 1973 debut album "The Marshall Tucker Band"...always loved this song by Toy Caldwell..."TAKE THE HIGHWAY"...

ALMOST FORGOT....well we did but...

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength,
While loving someone deeply gives you courage.
~ by Lao Tzu ~

27 Of Your Sparks

  1. I have de-lurked! Oh wait. I never shut up. Nevermind :P

  2. Travis Cody Says:
  3. Awwww - I love my lurkers too.

    They're so cute when they peek over the back of the sofa, and then they realize you're looking and they duck back down real quick. Then you hear the nervous little giggle, and the patter of their feet as they try to sneak away.


    Uhm...I think I might need to step away from the laptop.

  4. I'm here! Well, like Starr, I rarely not post a comment, but I'm so proud that I got my Google Reader of unread posts down from 121 to 66 - wooohooo!

  5. Oh, and I'll take The Doors when I can get 'em - no worries!

  6. Peg Says:
  7. I had noticed the same commenting phenomenon on my own blog, now that you mention it (again!)...I wonder what's going on?! LOL

    Looking forward to Friday. I love me some Jim Morrison! ;-)

  8. Gail Says:
  9. But...but....

    I LIKE lurking...

  10. me no lurlie! oh, and bond? there is no cake in here again. sigh...

    smiles, bee

  11. Schmoop Says:
  12. The only lurkers I have are from the Dept. of Homeland Security. Cheers!!

  13. STARRLIGHT: bwahahahahahahahaha and we like you like that!

    TRAVIS: Too much dancing will do that to you Sir...

    SONGBIRD: You are a regular...when you do not comment we get concerned...

    PEG: It is strange how so many people have noticed it....Jim will be here to give hugs and kisses to all (NOW that is scary!)

    GAIL: You can lurk me anytime darlin'

    BEE: The cake is lurking, I can't help it!

    MATT-MAN: Well them and the members of PETA who are concerned with the amount of SPAM you are consuming!

  14. Tug Says:
  15. Do I need to lurk before I can delurk?

    I'm so confused.

    Nobody told me the rules...


  16. Maggie Moo Says:
  17. I don't mind if people want to lurk, but I love me some comments! I have had 1 reader for the past 2 years who reads me almost every day of the week yet has never once commented...now THAT'S a lurker!

    Sometimes I don't comment here because I just don't know what to say about your amazing music posts-it's way over my head because you know so much...and what can I add? A "nice post Bond"?

    But I'll try harder, k?

  18. TUG: Since you comment and are not a lurker, you would have to lurk to delurk and then I would get confused....THERE ARE RULES? I just wing it!

    MAGS: 2 years!!!! wow...no that is a stalker....
    Well you can always just tell me how brilliant I am!

  19. Sparky Duck Says:
  20. I always like trying to track my lurkers, because I would not be stunned if my Ex was amongst them.

  21. Me too Sparky! Well one ex actually has the blog address and never reads it. It's a busy life living with mama :P

    The ex husband I know has peeked. Hell he hacked my computer not once...but 4 frickin times. I figured screw em...read at your own risk!

  22. SPARKY: My ex never read me when we were together, so i have no worries she reads me now....

    STARR: LOL screw em


  23. Liz Hill Says:
  24. LOL at Trav!

    You called it "weak" but the tuneage is awesome sugar.

    Ah--see now my reader is down to 255 items ;-)

  25. Tug Says:
  26. Yep, I'm a winger too. ;-)

    My ex probably doesn't know what a computer IS.

  27. TURNBABY: Well the 'weak' was for such a short post...you know how verbose I am normally

    TUG: We can wing it together darlin' ;-)
    Truthfully, mine never uses one...

  28. katherine. Says:
  29. when I lurk it is usually cause I decide NOT to say what I am thinking.....or have too many other sites to catch up on....

  30. KATHERINE: The rules here are there are no rules and as YOU should be aware, we always welcome opposing views...

  31. Mimi Lenox Says:
  32. My comments have been way down as well. Not sure what's going on with Blogger. I'm still having to post last Saturday's date to keep my sidebar from disappearing. I'm about to lose my mind with this. Peace Globes coming up soon and my blog is sick.

    Stress is not becoming of a Queen.


  33. Meribah Says:
  34. **Tippy toes through Bond's blog** Lurk, lurk, lurk! Hehehehehe, lurk, lurk, lurk!

  35. Anndi Says:
  36. **comes in.. no cake.. leaves**

  37. Tug Says:
  38. Sing it with me now...

    "Just a wingin'..."

    LOL. Oh, yes, I crack myself up. ;-)

  39. MIMI:It might be a virus....take two aspiring and call me in the morning

    MERIBAH: We caught you

    ANNDI: We can't win...HAPPY BIRTHDAY enjoy your trip

    TUG: "Just a wingin'......."
    I do that to myself all the time (Crack myself up that is!)

  40. Julie Says:
  41. Hey buddy Vinny....I was here!

    Woo hooo!!!!

    **blows a kiss**

  42. Unknown Says:
  43. Trav scares me!


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