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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, November 16, 2007

So how many bowls of rice have you donated?

HUH? HUH? What? You have not tried it yet?

<-----------GO 'DERE NOW!

It really is are challenged after a few rounds...well HELL! we are challenged...but we find we can work out the answer by breaking down the word....

GEE...JUST LIKE A SIXTH GRADER! Maybe we should go on that show "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?" Well, if we do we are not gonna tell anyone in case we like...don't get out of the first round....

Sorry Katherine...but it must be mentioned...steroid-head has been charged with four counts of perjury, one of obstruction of justice; carrying a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison.

The 10-page report mainly consists of excerpts from his December 2003 testimony before a grand jury investigating the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative, or BALCO. It cites 19 occasions in which he allegedly lied under oath.

Maybe, just maybe that offer from the WASHINGTON WILD THINGS will be the last he receives. We do not see any clubs making an offer until this issue is resolved.

The world will be watching San Francisco on December 7th, when he appears in U.S. District Court...

Looks like A-Rod will be a YANKEE in about 10 years when he breaks the record and it could happen sooner...he is 244 behind...

CAPTION CONTEST: The lady who we stole the idea from, Beckeye:
"J. Lo and Christina Aguilera continue to deny baby rumors, while Pauly Shore confirms that he's expecting twins."

Close runner-up...

SueAnn..."OK...DAD, I promise not to smoke any of your Pot please go away and stop following me."

Now we have to finish the week Beckeye...

We wish you all a WONDERFUL WEEKEND...and begin it by sharing another Savoy Brown treat...


20 Of Your Sparks

  1. Rainbow Says:
  2. I sold over 2000 bowls of rice today...will work harder tomorrow, Pa.
    Sheesh, Vince, you have me hooked on Savoy DUDE you!
    OMG! I made runner up in the "Caption Contest"....thank you and I would like to thank Anndi, Angell, Meribah, DammDuck, Dixie, Oh and Vince..yeah Vinny...YOU, my dog Scarlett, Taylor Hicks..oops out of roo

  3. katherine. Says:
  4. somehow I KNEW you would mention it....I must admit to be curious to see how it plays that Anderson was released a couple hours following the indictment....

    If the feds go after him for his grand jury testimony...they will have to go after everyone esle...or Bonds will get off.

  5. RW Says:
  6. Hey that is fun I have got three bowls so far I am going for more! Have a great weekend Vin!

  7. Sorry - I couldn't caption that photo. I was caught up in the fact that her fake boobs were hanging out of the bottom. They was just too damn round not to be fake, and that just blew me away.

  8. Travis Cody Says:
  9. One could wish that this grand jury business could be done on a different date than 7 Dec.

  10. Schmoop Says:
  11. Good job on the captions. Have a good weekend Vinny. Cheers!!

  12. Anndi Says:
  13. I have an update on how many grains have been donated.. all I'll say is


    Oh.. but are you smarter than my 4th grader?


    Thanks for keeping the Rice at the top!

  14. Twyla Says:
  15. I am officially addicted to the rice thingy. :-P I'm going to add a link to it on my blog too.

  16. Bar Says:
  17. Hey, wanted to wish you a very wonderful weekend Mr. Bond :)

  18. Angell Says:
  19. LOL - I've played and it is totally addictive!! (Huked on foniks werkd fur me)

    Captions were genius!!

    Love the tunage as always. Have a great weekend Vinny!!


  20. Liz Hill Says:
  21. I love the vocabulary exercise!! And I am posting a link this weekend.

    I'm up to 4210

    Figured you'd be pleased about ARod.

  22. SUEANN: Nicely done on the rice and the move off stage, we have to announce the next category..."Co-starring in a light comedy or bloody horror flick, the nominees are..."

    KATHERINE: Not sure they have a case or not...without the Anderson testimony, they could have filed 18 months ago....weird

    ROGER: be the word....LOL...great weekend

    SONGBIRD: Get past the silicone next time...ok?

    TRAVIS: Listening to the news today it did hit me that it was the 7th...not sure why it did not hit me last night...

    MATT-MAN: Thanks dude...enjoy the bagwine...

    ANNDI: that so many people are into it...YOUR 4th grader? No way! LOL

    TWYLA: Anndi has commandeered a legion and she will not stop until we feed the world

    BARBARA: And a wonderful weekend to you also Ms. Layla...

    ANGELL: It is addictive fer sure...Enjoy your weekend SMOOCH

    TURNBABY: I am pleased that he came crawling back hehehehehe
    not keeping track of my bowls of rice...just keep doing it...

  23. Ralph Says:
  24. As least Scott Boras cot his comeuppance as far as NY goes. Never thought I'd say it, but go A-Rod.

    Remember when Bonds was part of the early 90's Pirates 'Killer Bs' (Bell, Bonilla and Bonds). It's sad that the way of many players have to resort to chemicals to get better, instead of working harder. Sigh. Even the staid world of the PGA is not sacred anymore, as testing will even happen there now...

  25. Meribah Says:
  26. More rice...must get more rice...the Bonded One demands it! LOL :P

  27. Tug Says:
  28. Any bets on whether or not Bonds will spend any time?

    yeah. me either.

  29. Sparky Duck Says:
  30. so how much rice has A-fraud donated?

  31. RALPH: I do like the fact A-Rod did it without Boras....that was huge...

    MERI: Remember this is all from the LADY OF THE

    TUG: time at all

    SPARKY: hey you have to give him credit that he at least shoved Bor-Asshat aside and went in on his own and realized he would have to give up that 21 mil...

  32. RALPH: I do like the fact A-Rod did it without Boras....that was huge...

    MERI: Remember this is all from the LADY OF THE

    TUG: time at all

    SPARKY: hey you have to give him credit that he at least shoved Bor-Asshat aside and went in on his own and realized he would have to give up that 21 mil...

  33. So when are they going to officially knock Roid Man out of the record books? Cause he should be.

  34. Mimi Lenox Says:
  35. The Rice Bowl game is totally awesome and addictive. You can't stop. It's like blogging!


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