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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, November 15, 2007

Psssssssssssssst...yeah you...c'mere.........look to your left...yeah that's right...over there....NOT RIGHT!


OK, better, now ya see that new button over there? The one that says FREE RICE? Well this wonderful idea came to us from the Lady of the Luggage, our sweet friend Anndi...

All y'all must go over and check out her POST TODAY and PUSH THE BUTTON!...

Use your vocabulary skills and feed people today.

Thank you Anndi...

Our friend Layla (aka Barbara) from Writing From the Inside Out, bestowed upon us, this new award...

Be The Blog award

We love getting and giving our bling. We went to the site of the creator of this award, Me & My Drum and this is what it says about the award...

Earlier this year I was tagged with the blogging tip meme in which the tip I offered was “Be the Blog“. That phrase stuck with me because I think that really sums up what a successful blogger does. And what I mean by successful is that they make it their own, stay with it, are interactive with their readers, and just plain have fun.

Since then I’ve been thinking about creating an award of my own, but with so many out there, it’s hard to find a niche that remains untapped for recognition. So I said, “What the heck?”, and decided to shape the phrase into an award called (you guessed it): Be The Blog.

So, with that in mind, we bestow upon the following...the BE THE BLOG AWARD. Now, if you do not like the 'midnight oil' version, there is a pink and a Cabernet version over at Me & My Drum...

Grab your bling kids....and spread the word...

We went on a rant over at Travis' site yesterday over the music selections chosen on the "Dancing With The Stars" program. If you are a regular reader over there, you know Travis has also complained about it this year.

Well this past week, it was just the worst you could imagine.

A Viennese Waltz to the theme from "Harry Potter"???? OH sure, as Travis pointed out, that is some romantic music to choreograph....sheesh

The other sore thumb was a Cha Cha to the ROLLING STONES "Brown Sugar"!.... Are they out of their ever lovin' freakin' mind?????

The rest of the music was also very weird. If you are going to ask someone to dance the jive, why would you not do it to a Big Band Sing song?

This is our first season watching this show, and we have enjoyed it greatly (OK OK, it has much to do with the SHOES, but we still enjoy!)...but we did find our mind wandering...

Would you two please quit it out!

Where were we? OH yeah...with the sucky music selection, we found ourself not enjoying the dancing as much as we should. Hopefully this was a one week situation where they asked a couple of tone-deaf interns to do the selections...

Welcome back to "Make fun of celebrities" on The Couch:

Puff n' Diddy Puff Doody...Well whatever he calls himself
must have reached into his wife's closet for that number

Tara"Gimme a drink & I will flash ya" Reid
in her Nort' Joisey look

Sharon Stone proving that it was not a stunt double

in that scene from "Basic Instinct" and that she is all woman

And from the "You can get 'em from places other than Joe's",
the Timberlake checks out the crawly things on his timbersnake

Stealing one from BeckEye...
(go on, call my attorneys!)

OK Kiddies...this one is for you!

Write your own caption to this next one
and you might get a big 'ole prize from The Couch
(Or you might not...)

We are just feeling real good tonight (had a real nice evening), and smiling and all and this song came up on the i-Tunes shuffle...well, hell...PERFECT...All y'all might think we are crazy, but this song makes us want to get up and dance....

From the brilliant At The Fillmore East...yup...ALLMAN BROTHERS...

The back and forth between Greg's vocals and Duane's slide guitar is just incredible.

Originally recorded by Blind Willie McTell, and Duane taught himself to play slide guitar by practicing it over and over after hearing the Taj Mahal version.

Butch Trucks and Jai Johanny "Jaimoe" Johanson, the two drummers lay down a pounding blues beat while Berry Oakley completes the hot rhythm section.

This is also the song the band played at Duane's funeral with Dickie Betts taking over the slide part from that point on....


29 Of Your Sparks

  1. Anndi Says:
  2. Thanks... your legions and my handful should help the cause! SMOOCH!

    I wanna play the name that picture game but they aren't loading buddy... both on IE AND the dreaded Firefox!

    So glad you had a good time... and LOVE the tuneage!


  3. YOu found it sweet friend...I am just helping the cause...Not sure why you can not see the photos, they are all loaded here....anyone else...Bueller??? Bueller?

  4. whew! i thought for a minute someone captured condi rice! ha ha (free rice? no? sorry, you had to be there. oh. you were. never mind.)

    smiles, bee

  5. RW Says:
  6. Yep unfortunately those photos are not loading here but the one of Tara (nice caption btw) Great itunes shuffle Vin! That Allman Brothers tune is helping me to wake up! Good day to you!

  7. Anndi Says:
  8. So... I can see them at work but not at home? sheesh!


    The blonde in the red bikini is so afraid of drowning, not only does she bring her own floaties, she figured she should bring Paulie's in case hers deflate...

  9. No photos, darlin'. Just poor Tara "I just wanna party" Reid. No one else is visible.


    BEE: Umm no even more important than that - LOL

    ROGER: Hope you came back and checked...should be fixed...Glad the Brothers are doing their part...enjoy your day

    ANNDI: LOLOL AND I get to work and they do not appear...think we fixed it though
    and ... bwahahahahahaha 'floaties' heheheheh

    SONGBIRD: Think I fixedidid it....

  11. Ohhh....that music on DWTS has always driven on me. The biggest problem is... the singers CAN'T sing!! Seriously, that guy singer sucks ass. Badly :P

    The horrific use of bad 80's music this season is a bit frightening. Bet Mel is glad she could use her own!

  12. Maggie Moo Says:
  13. Bond! Thank you so much for the award! It's a great going away present! I can't post this up at work, but I'll proudly display it when I get back from Boston tonight.

    You're the greatest! Thanks again...

  14. Coco Says:
  15. "If I pretend I can't see him, maybe he'll go away ..."

    Who are these people, anyway? Is that her daddy .. or her sugar-daddy? Can you tell I don't watch tv? Or from whatever media these people claim their fame ...

    I played Anndi's little word game, too. Work sucks and I want to retire and play games all day. Oh, and I'm still bucking for a trip to the South ...

  16. Schmoop Says:
  17. Sharons isnt just "all woman" she is "all camel toe". Cheers!!

  18. Tiggerlane Says:
  19. Hey - I'm HONORED!! award...for being ME! And for being the blog!

    Going off to chant somewhere...


  20. When I first saw "Free Rice" I thought, oh no did some band of insurgents capture Condi?

    Thanks for the BTB award = I'm amazed that I've been award-worthy lately, but it is appreciated!

    As for the caption:
    "Hey blondie, wanna check out my biodome?"
    (That is Pauly Shore, isn't it???)

  21. BeckEye Says:
  22. ummmm....

    Hey, look! A washed-up Shore just washed up on the shore.


    J. Lo and Christina Aguilera continue to deny baby rumors, while Pauly Shore confirms that he's expecting twins.

  23. Rainbow Says:
  24. "OK...DAD, I promise not to smoke any of your Pot please go away and stop following me."


  25. Liz Hill Says:
  26. Thank you so much sugar!!! {{{{{SMOOOOCCHHH}}}

    I'm at 3010 on the rice and will put it on my blog.

  27. STARRLIGHT: Now I will hear the bad singers! I just heard the crappy music choices... LOL

    MAGS:Well deserved it was...enjoy

    COCO; That is a larger than before Pauly Shore and some big breasted woman

    MATT-MAN: I expected You would point out what i eluded to...

    TIGGERLANE: Just Be The Blog and enjoy

    MO: You and bee are too close... you have to stop thinking with one brain...LOL
    You deserve the award
    and YES, that is Pauly

    BECKEYE: calls from your lawyers...LOL

    SUEANN: hehehehehe

    TURNBABY: You are welcome....I keep leaving the page but have put up somewhere around 20 bowls...and now getting co-workers into it..all work has stopped!

  28. Julie Says:
  29. Ewww why did I go back to check out camel toe?

  30. Ewwwwwwwwww I can not answer that question...only you can!

  31. Rainbow Says:
  32. EWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Camel toe...I hate that!

  33. Beth Says:
  34. Dear God Man!!1 Pauly Shore!! EWWW!!! Biodome indeed. Hey Buuuuudddyy!!

    By the way, love the Allman Brothers.

  35. Meribah Says:
  36. Okay, the puppy is addicted to that Free Rice game now! I think I'm here for the night...stupid Bond....LOL :P

  37. SUEANN: Obviously Sharon does not....

    SCHMOOP: He seems to have 'grown' ...As do I my do I

    MERI: heheheheh ...blame Anndi not me.....

  38. Travis Cody Says:
  39. Does Timberflake have a scratch and sniff lottery ticket down there or what?

    Or maybe he spilled something?

    One should probably keep that kind of intense concentration on one's nether regions to a private room.

  40. Tug Says:
  41. Wow. Mirrors must be expensive in Hollywood, 'cause nobody's using them. Time to rinse my brain with bleach.

    Who ARE Beauty & the Beast/beached whale?

  42. Tug Says:

  44. Sparky Duck Says:
  45. a historic moment on the couch, Cameltoe

  46. You should find the one of Justin bringing sexy front. As in boner moment of doom during a concert.

  47. Jeff B Says:
  48. Objects are larger than they appear


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