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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, November 06, 2007



Well, our flight to Baltimore was uneventful. We spent most of the flight reading the new Vince Flynn book, "Protect & Defend"...Flynn has done it again. We love Mitch Rapp and love his attitude and as we have said before, if the US could just send Rapp, Scott Horvath, & Jack Ryan over to the Middle East all of our problems would be over!

Landed and called Matt who was waiting in the 'cell-phone lot'....LOL how the world has changed in the last few years. Now almost every airport has bought property off site or converted property at the end of their borders to allow cars to sit and wait for that call to come pick up their arriving parties...

Walked outside and a few minutes later here he comes. He jumps out of the car and we grab each other in a big ole hug and kiss....(Yup...we still kiss...something I have done my whole life with my grand dad and my dad...and now with Matt)...

Jump in the car and head out. We went to his apartment which is not all that bad, but way empty. Only a couple of chairs and the TV in the living room and his futon and two small dressers in the bedroom. The microwave is on the floor in the kitchen since there is no counter space at all...

We then headed out for dinner and Matt picked a place where he could get a steak and they had a bunch of sports on the TV's...

Afterward, we headed back to his place and just talked and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

Saturday began a little slow (well, hell he is a 20 year old and still knows how to sleep!), and then we headed to the Towson campus.

We ate at one of the dining halls and had a nice breakfast. We got to meet a few of the friends he knows (all women!) at the dining hall and then did a walking tour of the campus. Dang...lots of up and down on that campus...and it is bigger than we had imagined.

We ran into his friend Aaron who informed us that his fraternity was playing football that afternoon, so we decided to shoot out to the store and then come back for the game.

Off to Wal*Mart we ran, where we purchased a 12 quart pot and some of the fixin's for a pot of gravy. Then back to campus for the game.

We got there to find out the other team had forfeited the game...

We met one of Matt's other new friends, Andrew. Andrew is also pledging the fraternity that Aaron is and they tried to get Matt to pledge. Matt's thought is to do so next semester...it is not TKE like we are a member, but that is fine...

This is Matt & Andrew
Andrew said something really interesting. He had also been playing club baseball with Matt, but dropped out because the pledging was taking too much time. He told Matt on Saturday that another guy he knew had been thinking of trying out for the club team, but had been told by some of the other team members that, since he was a catcher, his task was almost impossible...seems there is a 'new kid who has the spot locked up'.

Yup...the other kid is Matt!

Andrew then took a few pictures of us, as we picked up a throw-away camera at the Wal*Mart. We thought Matt had the digital camera with him on campus, but were mistaken.
We headed out to the store to get the rest of the ingredients we needed and even found the plum tomatoes packed in Italy(you know...where Julie is with Sara!). Basically had to buy all the spices needed...

Back to the apartment around 4:30, we began the process of making a pot of gravy. Since he did not have a food mill, this pot was made with the tomatoes whole...you just cook a with a bit more heat and let them fall apart as they cook...we also made 19 meatballs...

Matt watched and helped so he could learn and do it himself soon....
Note the whole tomatoes early in the cooking stage

Stir the pot often, making sure to get all the way to the bottom

Plans were to go out to dinner, but we decided to get a pizza and some wings and rent a movie or two and hang and do something we had never done together....

We drank beers and watched the movie. It was pretty cool that we finally got to have that 'right of passage' together. We have never just sat and knocked back a few and it was nice to be able to do with Matt.

We watched "Casino Royale" which was OK, not the best Bond movie (We tend to like the Sean Connery versions best). We knocked off some beers and all the pizza and wings while we watched and as the gravy slowly cooked.

Sunday morning, we woke early and as Matt slept, we put the gravy and meatballs into tupperware and slid them into the freezer (which obviously gets SO MUCH use! LOL)...

Each round tub - 3 meatballs...The rectangular containers - 2 meatballs
There was also a pot on the stove for his Sunday dinner - 4 meatballs
Yup..that is 19...we split one! LOL

Then off to breakfast and then to the airport where we took some of these pictures in fun...

Matt broke some news to us that we will share in the next couple of weeks if his plans pan out as he is thinking....

We did not get to see his girlfriend Danielle as she was in her dorm room sick sick sick....

When we got home, we received two calls on the 'making of dinner' and gave our recommendations...

Too freakin' short ... the time went too freakin' fast...but we have discussed his coming to Memphis in January while he is on break, if he is not booked with lessons...(Matt is an instructor at a baseball academy in NJ and has a roster of clients who he works with).

Love my son...he is everything to me...and every parent knows exactly what we mean by that...


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Looks like Thursday will be "GRAVY & LASAGNA" day...

Lifelogger still acting up and not allowing us to load anything new.

So...into the vault...Roger mentioned this and we have to agree...The mix of rock, jazz and even some Latin makes this a classic...

From the Allman Brothers At The Fillmore East album. Composed by Richard (Dickey) Betts.

This is from the entry for "In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed" on wikipedia.com:

In this performance, Betts opens the song with ethereal volume swells on his guitar, giving the impression of violins.

Slowly the evocative, lilting first theme begins to emerge, and Duane Allman's guitar joins Betts in a dual lead. The next section has the tempo pick up to a Santana-like, quasi-Latin beat, with a strong second-theme melody being driven by unison playing.

Betts now takes a solo, featuring his usual metallic-toned guitar playing. This leads into a thoughtful organ solo from Gregg Allman, with the two guitars churning rhythm figures in the background.

Now it is Duane Allman's turn, and he starts out quietly rephrasing the first theme in his more wood-toned guitar style. He then gradually builds to a high-pitched climax, with Berry Oakley's bass guitar playing a powerful counterpoint lead underneath him against the band's trademark percussive backing.

Allman cools off into a reverie, then starts up again, finding an even more furious peak. It was this long, masterful solo that drew comparisons of Duane to jazz immortal John Coltrane.

Spent, the band drops off and a relatively brief but to-the-point percussion break is taken by Butch Trucks and Jai Johanny Johanson.

The full band then enters to recap the mid-tempo second theme, and the song is smartly finished off.

Clearly kept in rapt attention, a couple of silent beats pass before the Fillmore audience erupts in applause.

The song is named after a headstone Betts saw at the Rose Hill Cemetery in Macon, Georgia. By no coincidence both Duane Allman and Berry Oakley are buried in the same cemetery as Elizabeth Reed, as it was a place frequented by the band in their early days, for relaxing and writing songs, among other things.

19 Of Your Sparks

  1. katherine. Says:
  2. looks like you had a really great time... what house is he thinking of? (If you can't go Greek...go TKE....)

    My oldest is only an hour away...and that is far too far...

    I notice you didn't post the famous family gravy recipe...

  3. Oh, Vinny, I adored the photos of you and Matt. He is one handsome young man, and it is obvious how you two feel about each other.

    Also, since he seems so much like you, it's not all that surprising that he has hoards of female friends. Chip off the old block, right Dad?

  4. Travis Cody Says:
  5. It's never enough time, is it? But it sounds like you made the most of the time you did have.

    I still kiss my grandpa...right on top of his head! He's a little guy and I think it's funny. He punches my stomach when I do it. My aunt says my cousins do it now too!

    Dangit! Now I miss my grandpa and the rest of my family. Rats.

  6. When you WANT to go Greek, GO TKE)

    The gravy recipe is coming on THursday...

    SONGBIRD: LOL...he has many more female friends than I had at that age....

    TRAVIS: Oh sorry dude...did not want to make you feel sad... LOL

  7. Peg Says:
  8. Oh, what great photos...and Matt just looks so much like you! Glad you guys had a great time--looking forward to hearing the big plans, too! :D

    Now, I'm eagerly awaiting Thursday, because I think I simply MUST have the recipe. Yum!

  9. Schmoop Says:
  10. Glad you had a good time, but please, refrain from going to Wal*Mart. Cheers!!

  11. Angell Says:
  12. So glad to hear that you had a great weekend with Matt there Bond baby!

    Such a handsome lad - better keep him away from us cougars (lol).

    Looking forward to the gravy recipe - see how it stacks up to my nonna's.

    I was able to upload to lifelogger yesterday, but maybe it's cuz it was only pictures not video (or maybe it's cuz it likes me better :P)

    SMOOCHES (and great tunage).

  13. Tug Says:
  14. Such awesome pictures...I'm so very glad you had a great time with Matt. And you're right. NEVER enough time.

  15. PEG: TY my friend...well you will get to see how it is made... the recipe..well...heheheh

    MATT-MAN: LOL well it was the closest place and all I really needed was the pot

    ANGELL: He likes cougars!

    TUG: Nope NEVER EVER enough

  16. Liz Hill Says:
  17. You know I got a little teary seeing you so happy with Matt. It was a great sight and the memories y'all made this weekend will last a lifetime or two.

    I am so glad you got to do this sugar.


  18. TopChamp Says:
  19. Hello - sounds like fun.

    There's nothing better than family coming to visit especially when they stock the freezer with home-cooking. Sounds fantastic!

  20. TURNBABY: TY darlin'...it was a wonderful weekend...Smooch

    TOPCHAMP: LOL, well I semi-stocked it...

  21. Unknown Says:
  22. It looks delicious! I'm very happy you got to have such a wonderful time with Matt!

  23. Sparky Duck Says:
  24. sounds like a great weekend. Sadly it was spent at Towson, but not everyone can be a Blue Hen ;)

    Gotta love the cellphone lot

  25. Travis Cody Says:
  26. Dude - The poem at Mimi's was great!

  27. I was gonna say what TB said (that the photos made me a bit teary-eyed), but I thought you'd rag on me for that. You two look wonderful together. I know I said that already, but it's true.

  28. DANA: I hope it was..I never tried the finished product

    SPARKY: It was a great weekend...LOL

    TRAVIS: TY my friend

    SONGBIRD: Me rag ???? Never....ty dear

  29. RW Says:
  30. Those are some great photos looks like ya guys had a great time!! Thanks for the shout Vin!

  31. Julie Says:
  32. Thanks for all the Julie with Sara in Italy references...they make me smile. I know all about spending time with a child....having time with Sara was just fantastic!


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