Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, November 02, 2007

Julie left yesterday to see her Sara in Italy...They are together already....

Today at 5:20 PM EDT, we get to see Matt!

We are flying up to Baltimore to spend the weekend with Matt!

Tonight we will take Matt! to dinner and sit and catch up on all the things going on in both of our lives...

We understand Matt! misses our cooking....

So, Saturday will be spent touring the campus and the sourrounding area and then going to the store to pick up some groceries, and cooking dinner for Matt! at his apartment.

Sunday morning we will put on a big pot of gravy and meatballs and sausage so Matt! can freeze it when it is ready. Then he can have his Sunday dinners like he remembers!

It has been 6 months since we have seen Matt!

Talking on the cell phone every couple of days with Matt! just does not cut it...but this is obviously what happens...the natural progression of life...

But that does not mean it has to be easy!

As some of you might remember it was real difficult when we moved to Memphis 13 months (yup! we have been here longer than a year!) ago. How leaving Matt! behind hurt so much...sure he should have been already gone away to school, except he stayed local to play baseball at the JuCo and lived at home...but we were leaving Matt!

But today, we get to hang with Matt!

and it will be a FREAKIN' GREAT TIME!


This is an oldie...but it was in our head yesterday...so

"True Love Ways" is a song co-written by Buddy Holly and Norman Petty and recorded with the Ray Ellis Orchestra in October 1958, four months before the singer's death.

It was first released on the posthumous The Buddy Holly Story, Vol. 2 in March of 1960.

This is obviously a digital recording of a vinyl release. You can hear some snaps and pops throughout, but in our opinion, it gives the entire song a warmer, feeling..

Listen closely...

You will hear Holly preparing to sing and record, saying "Yeah, we're rolling."

A piano player and trombone player start to play some notes, Holly mutters "Okay," and clears his throat.

A recordist yells "Quiet boys!" to everyone else in the room, and at the very end of the talk-back, the recordist says "Pitch Ernie" to signal the piano player to give the vocalist (Buddy) the proper note to start with.

Single releases

* USA: "True Love Ways" b/w "That Makes It Tough" (Coral Records - June 29, 1960)
* UK: "True Love Ways" b/w "Moondreams" (Coral Records - May 20, 1960)

Yes you know why
Why you and I
Will by and by
Know true love ways.

Sometimes we'll sigh
Sometimes we'll cry
And we'll know why
Just you and I
Know true love ways.

Throughout the days
Our true love ways
Will bring us joy to share
With those who really care.

Sometimes we'll sigh
Sometimes we'll cry
And we'll know why
Just you and I
Know true love ways.

(Instrumental Interlude)

Throughout the days
Our true love ways
Will bring us joy to share
With those who really care.

Sometimes we'll sigh
Sometimes we'll cry
And we'll know why
Just you and I
Know true love ways.

Then to start the weekend...this is one of those live performances we have collected over the years. To be honest, we can only tell you that the band includes Kim Simmonds who has been the driving force of SAVOY BROWN...

Can't tell you when or where this recording was made, or even what line-up...

Might have to do a Tuneage Tutelage on SAVOY ... the lineage through and out of it is pretty impressive ....

This is labeled "Boogie", well that is what SAVOY BROWN was... a Boogie band... enjoy...





28 Of Your Sparks

  1. Travis Cody Says:
  2. What's that kid's name again?


    Have a great weekend with Matt!

  3. Aw, darlin', have a wonderful time in Baltimore with Matt!

    I'm sure he needs to see you every bit as much as you need to see him. Spoil him rotten, Dad!

  4. Gail Says:
  5. Awww honey! I'm so excited for you...

    Please make sure you tell Matt!that you love him, and treasure this time...


  6. Schmoop Says:
  7. Have fun Bond. I am a HUGE Buddy Holly fan and that song is one of my favorites. Cheers!!

  8. Anndi Says:
  9. Not sure who the cute guy in the picture is.. whatshisname again?

    Just be safe my friend...


  10. You and MATT! have yourselves a great weekend, Vinny =)

  11. TRAVIS: What kid? =] Thanks we will.

    SONGBIRD: Thank you my friend...I am sure you are correct and I have a suspicion I will spoil him a bit...

    GAIL: I will do just that...I love how all y'all picked up on the Matt! thing...LOL

    MATT-MAN: Going to be a great weekend...glad you enjoyed the tune

    ANNDI: Ummm you mean Matt! ??? lol We will be safe

    STARR: We will darlin'...ty

  12. Peg Says:
  13. Have a fanTASTIC weekend with Matt!

  14. Hey, you know that Matt! is pretty darn cute. I think his smile looks like his dad's...

  15. I didn't know you were going to see Matt this weekend. Could have NEVER guessed it.

    Safe travels my dear friend.


  16. Maggie Moo Says:
  17. You have a son? LOL, jk.

    Yay for Matt day!!!! Have a fantastic time Bond!!!!

  18. Angell Says:
  19. Wait - who's this Matt kid? Did I miss something?


    Enjoy the weekend - just the boys - uh oh - ladies of Baltimore are in TROUBLE....

    Love the tune - I cry every time I hear it.

    SMOOCHES AND HUGS and a high five to Matt for being such a great kid.

    Come back safe..

  20. Tiggerlane Says:
  21. Heck, now I wanna go see MATT!

    You are making me not want to allow my kid to go to college - EVAH.

  22. AtriaBooks Says:
  23. Eat at Sabatino's in Little Italy!

  24. katherine. Says:
  25. have a really wonderful time...I would never be able to stay away six months...never!

  26. TopChamp Says:
  27. enjoy it!!! and remember photos x

  28. Rainbow Says:
  29. Have a wonderful weekend with "whatshisname"! Miss you!


  30. BeckEye Says:
  31. Can I come visit Matt too?

    Ok, it's official. I am a dirty old woman.

  32. Enjoy the time with, shit who was it? Oh well, have the BEST time!

  33. Sparky Duck Says:
  34. just the way it should be, awesome!


    Matt! Loved the comments!

    Beckeye...You want his email address?

  36. Meribah Says:
  37. You've been taking Julie lessons, haven't you? LOL Hope y'all have a great time. :D

  38. Gail Says:
  39. Hope your weekend with Matt! went well and you have plenty of father/son bonding memories to share...


  40. Tug Says:
  41. I am so very sorry I'm so late with this...but I've been thinking of you with MATT!!! Hope you had a totally awesome weekend my friend!

  42. cathy Says:
  43. For an awful freaky minute there I thought you were matt-man's father.

  44. Mimi Lenox Says:
  45. Cathy - That's a scary thought.

  46. Unknown Says:
  47. :slaps forehead:

    It's Julie and Sara all over again! Have fun! (And I'm psychic being as I have already read the post where you spent time with Matt and had fun!)

  48. Julie Says:
  49. Cute Vinny...really cute! So you saw Matt, eh? I like the big red letters!


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