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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, November 28, 2007


People all over the world are getting into it...go check out the updated count of grains donated over at Anndi's.

Have to tell you, if you missed the DOCTOR BLOGSTEIN RADIO HAPPY HOUR, you have to go over to the player along the left hand side and press the play button...it was one of the best shows we have done...Cheril Venditti was a scream ... and maybe we will be out in Hollywood producing her cooking show...one never knows!

Then Mr. Rick Barry came on. This man is a total class act. He is intelligent and has a sense of humor and integrity...He made some excellent points about the state of the game of basketball...

If you are a listener, do not forget to call 201-OVEN BAG and leave a voice mail for Doc with your favorite moments...he will be putting on a "Best Of" show during the Christmas holiday week and what a better way to end your day of family, gifts and food than with a dose of THE BEST OF BLOGSTEIN...

Such a sad story about Sean Taylor the Washington Redskin killed in his home the other day. We are hoping the other shoe does not fall and we find out this had something to do with a nefarious activity he was involved in. His history is not without blemishes (truly, who's life is?), but in the last year or so, it seemed he had turned his life around. We feel badly for his fiancee and his one year old daughter.

Not only could they play instruments wonderfully, the arrangements were as complex as they come, their use of intricate time signatures was their trademark, they wrote some fantastic songs and their harmonies were some of the best of their time...Since 1968 they have fascinated and entertained audiences worldwide...

This is one of their signature songs and truly shows all of their talents as well as any other...From their third album titled The Yes Album and written in two parts. Part one entitled "Your Move" was written by Jon Anderson. Part two, "All Good People" was penned by Chris Squire.

The first half of the song is essentially a monologue on how to play chess, as if it's said by a Bishop running the black diagonal squares to the player (left wing when you are playing white, right wing when you are playing black). The second half consists of many repetitions of the sentence "I've seen all good people turn their heads each day so satisfied I'm on my way" over a driving rock accompaniment.

* Jon Anderson: Vocals, percussion
* Chris Squire: Bass guitar, vocals
* Steve Howe: Electric and acoustic guitars, vachalia, vocal
* Tony Kaye: Piano, organ, Moog synthesiser
* Bill Bruford: Drums, percussion

21 Of Your Sparks

  1. Mimi Lenox Says:
  2. I missed the show but I heard it was a scream. Ahem.....

    Please stop by Bloggingham Palace for a party Wednesday night after The MO Show! I think it's time we got into a little trouble on a school night. Castle Chat

    Queen is serving cookies.

  3. Travis Cody Says:
  4. I'm exhausted and out of words, but totally keyed up by the DWTS finale.

    I'm such a geek.

    It was very sad news today about Sean Taylor. By most accounts he was a kid getting his life squared away, totally devoted to his baby and his fiance. Such a shame.

    Later dude.

  5. katherine. Says:
  6. truly from a listener standpoint it was one of the very best!

    I read an interesting article about players in the NFL...I'll send it to you...it is a tragedy about Taylor for sure.

  7. Schmoop Says:
  8. I feel bad badly for Taylor's family. I hate to see someone turn around their life for what seems to be for naught. Cheers!!

  9. RW Says:
  10. Here's to all good people! Have a great day Vin!

  11. Julie Says:
  12. Hmmm nothing about Dancing with the Stars? You no watchie?

  13. MIMI: It was a blast last night...will try and come by...have something to do before going home this evening....

    TRAVIS: Was happy by the results myself...Not a geek at all..I have to believe it was a very close contest

    KATHERINE: Glad you enjoyed the show...Doc did pay me a compliment on the way I dealt with Cheril and then Justin! hehehehehe
    I am look forward to reading the article

    MATT-MAN: I agree dude...

    ROGER: Sing along now....

    JULIE: I leave that to the Travis dude

  14. Very sad indeed about Sean Taylor. An athlete with an incredible future ahead. May he rest in peace.


    Me loves ya, Vinny, but me hates YES :P

  16. Angell Says:
  17. Sad news in the world of athletics. The Blue Jays just lost a 28 year old pitcher, and they haven't released the details of his death yet.

    Will have to get over and listen to the Doc's radio hour one day (I know I know....why do today that which can be put off until .. meh, whenever). Not cuz I don't love you, but cuz my husband thinks I'm having an affair with my monitor...


  18. DIXIE: It is sad...

    STARRLIGHT: As much as Mr. Hemingway?

    ANGELL: Wow...that is news...will go look for info...so...just turn hubby on to doc and listen together


  19. It's verrrrrry close, Bond. But Papa wins out over YES in the irritant scale. But it is close :P

  20. I know what you mean about waiting for the other shoe to drop on the Sean Taylor story. As much as we would like to give people the benefit of the doubt, his tainted past puts a bit of color on his tragic death. I truly hope his past didn't come back and cause this one. Not that his death would be any more or less tragic.

  21. I feel awful for Sea Taylor and his family :-)

  22. STARR: OK Papa trumps Yes....got it

    SONGBIRD: Correct, his death is a tragedy...and i truly hope this is random and not related (that sounds horrible I know, but he worked so hard to clean up his life...)

    108: Horrible, i know

  23. Indeed! Although the concept of YES putting Hemingways words to music....lord. Pencil in the ear time. See I try to keep in mind that no matter how bad something is, it could be a heck of a lot worse ;)

    Like the possibility of snow this week now that I have kidlet extra. Yay school commute drama =(

  24. Meribah Says:
  25. It's always sad when a person dies just as they are starting to make their mark on the world. Such a shame for Sean Taylor's family. May they find peace.

  26. Liz Hill Says:
  27. The show was great despite Nikki's hand wringing in chat. Thanks again for mentioning Free Rice on the show!

  28. I think it was really interesting in the 80s when Yes had essentially split into two seperate groups and fought over the name. The fact the case was settled by the two groups merging was a riot...

  29. AtriaBooks Says:
  30. Not sure I want her hubby turned on my me, Vin-Bo

  31. Junebug Says:
  32. I love Yes. My husband and I saw them back in the 70's. Good stuff. Thanks for reminding me.


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