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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, December 24, 2007


Build your vocabulary, feed the hungry...GIVE THEM A CHRISTMAS GIFT
11,086,237,670 grains donated at this point...ELEVEN BILLION FOLKS!!!!!!!!

Well, we made it to San Antonio safely, if not totally frustrated after a 15-hour drive..but that is a story for another day...

Today, Christmas Eve and tomorrow, Christmas Day we leave you with the following collection of beautiful Tuneage...and a video we swiped from our Sweet friend Anndi...

The music will make you smile (we hope)...the video, may bring tears to your eyes, but this is our wish for Christmas as it is the wish of the woman who posted it...

May your Christmas be filled with family and friends and loved ones and safe celebrations.....


"Do You Hear What I Hear"

Words and music written by Noel Regney and Gloria Shayne in 1962. It was originally recorded by the HARRY SIMEONE CHORALE in 1962. However, Bing Crosby made a hit recording of the carol on Capitol Records on November 22, 1963 and released a week and a half later on a then-new Christmas album.

"Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree"

Written by Johnny Marks and recorded by Brenda Lee in 1958. Although Decca released it in both 1958 and again in 1959, it did not sell well until Lee became a popular star in 1960; that Christmas season, it hit #16 on the Billboard pop chart and turned into a perennial holiday favorite.

"I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"

Music and lyrics by Tommie Connor. The original recording by JIMMY BOYD reached #1 on the Billboard charts in 1952, and on the Cash Box magazine chart at the beginning of the following year. The song was commissioned by Neiman Marcus to promote their Christmas card for the year, which featured an original sketch by artist Perry Barlow, who drew for the New Yorker magazines for many decades.

The record was actually condemned by the Catholic Church in Boston when it was first released on the grounds it mixed sex with Christmas. Boyd, aged thirteen, was widely photographed meeting with the Archdiocese to explain the song.

"Little Drummer Boy / Peace On Earth"

Words and music by Katherine K. Davis. Henry Onorati and Harry Simeone have been credited with writing the song, even though they were only the arrangers for their recordings of it.

The track was originally recorded on September 11, 1977 for Crosby's 1977 television special, Bing Crosby's Merrie Olde Christmas. The pair exchanged stilted dialogue about what they do for Christmas before singing a medley of a traditional song, "Little Drummer Boy", and a new song written for the special, "Peace on Earth". Bowie's appearance has been described as a "surreal" event, undertaken at a time that he was "actively trying to normalize his career". He has since recalled that he only appeared on the show because "I just knew my mother liked him." Crosby would die just over a month after recording the special.

According to co-writer Ian Fraser, Bowie balked at singing "Little Drummer Boy". "I hate this song. Is there something else I could sing?" Fraser recalls Bowie telling him. Fraser, along with songwriter Larry Grossman and the special's scriptwriter, Buz Kohan, then wrote "Peace on Earth" and arranged a medley of it with "Little Drummer Boy". Bowie sang "Peace on Earth" and Crosby performed "Little Drummer Boy".

"Happy Christmas (War Is Over)"
Also know as "So This Is Christmas"

Released December 18, 1971...a different war was being, this song rings true once again...

And on that note....BRING THEM ALL HOME SANTA...

23 Of Your Sparks

  1. Tiggerlane Says:
  2. Glad you made it safely - I hope you and your family have a VERY Merry Christmas, with LOTS of egg nog!

  3. TIGGER: And the same wishes for you and yours..and I put a HUGE dent in the eggnog last evening actually...

  4. Anndi Says:
  5. You didn't steal it.. I'm playing nice and sharing. :)

    Glad you made it there safe, got a tad worried when I saw footage of the pile up...


  6. Anndi Says:
  7. And you do realize that Queen Mimi may send you to the dungeon for putting up 'that song' by Brenda Lee.. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

    Merry Christmas Vince!

    And yes, we got the card... but it had been fingerprinted ;)

    oh wait, nm... gravy stains...


  8. Anonymous Says:
  9. Wow. great post!!
    Check out the10 Christmas songs that wouldn't make you wanna puke list.

    Have a Merry one!

  10. ANNDI: TY for aharing
    What pile-up???
    Let her try..I am dungeon proof...
    Merry Christmas Sweet friend...HA gravy stains! then it was from me!

    ANONYMOUS: Also some great songs, but I could not leave a comment there...

    Merry Merry Christmas

  11. Mimi Lenox Says:
  12. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  13. Best wishes for Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year Bond, I would love to see them home for Christmas, it is sad that it cannot happen.

  14. So glad you arrived safely in San Antonio, Vinny.

    Have a Merry, Merry Christmas!

  15. Happy to hear of a safe journey.... happier still to hear you had a great Christmas :-)

    Happy Holidays, love..... smooooch?

  16. Unknown Says:

  18. Merry Christmas, Vinny!

  19. Unknown Says:
  20. Merry Christmas to you and yours from me and mine, dear Vinny!

  21. Liz Hill Says:
  22. Merry Christmas Bondbaby

  23. The Ferryman Says:
  24. I hope you had a great holiday, my friend!

  25. Schmoop Says:
  26. I hope your Christmas was great Vin. Cheers!!

  27. RW Says:
  28. Merry Christmas Vin!

  29. MIMI: Merry Christmas Oh Queen of mine

    SARGE: Merry Christmas to you Sir

    SONGBIRD: Hope you and yours enjoyed your special day

    KYRA: Smoooch ? With a question mark? Smooches are always appropriate

    DANA: Merry Merry to you and Bethany also

    BUD: TY Sir and the same for you

    SANNI: Congrats darling...such wonderful news

    TURNBABY: Merry Christmas my friend...4 more days

    MR FAB: I am and hope yours is well also

    MATT-MAN: Big manly hug to you dude...

    ROGER: Hope you had a wonderful day.

  30. Excellent finish with the Lennon!
    U2 did that one in concert when we saw them on the vertigo tour cause it was 5 days before Christmas. That and the Bing and David are favorites of mine.

  31. katherine. Says:
  32. may be the only one I can think of who could fill an iPod! So glad you enjoyed the holiday...even without your Matt.

    (and you even stopped and asked for directions!)

  33. TopChamp Says:
  34. For some reason Ma & Pa's computer doesn't like your comments box... but I have found a workaround.

    Merry Xmas! Can't quite believe you'd want a jumper after seeing the scarf... nutter x

  35. Travis Cody Says:
  36. Hope you're having a great visit!

  37. STARRLIGHT: TY my friend...Also love the Bing and David

    KATHERINE: Well when I upgrade my computer it will be a task deciding what goes onto the 16gb i-pod...YES, I did stop and ask...heheheeh

    TOPCHAMP: Glad you found the workaround and the scarf is lovely

    TRAVIS: It was fantastic...


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