Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, December 05, 2007


OK OK OK...we almost put up another post saying we were too tired to do a post, but then Anndi would be bored and Songbird would never speak to us again and Julie would get in her truck and come pound us, and Mimi would throw us in her dungeon and Roger...well Roger would turn Oger loose on us....


We still have not had time to visit any of you and for that we are truly sorry...we are just getting swamped at work as the New Year is rapidly approaching and we are beginning to get the new creative executions in shape...

Then this past weekend, we had another kidney stone attack on Saturday. Luckily, we had some pain meds which allowed us to sleep most of the day. We had a visit from our special friend who arrived with dinner totally prepared. Yummy pork chops and a wonderful baked yam with crisp green beans and Texas toast.

We did not eat a lot, but it was just what we needed...OH, did we mention some yummy Cove chocolates for dessert? JUST what the doctor ordered. The TLC was so welcome...

We felt pretty good on Sunday and were able to joining our three new friends in the purchase and decorating of their Christmas tree and we were even asked to string the lights for them.

The kidney stones are causing some complications and we will be having a CAT scan on Thursday to ensure that there are no more of the little suckers floating around.

All of these things combined have resulted in our being absent recently...but we vow to get back into the swing of blogging again and being a good visitor....

Had a fun time on the Radio Happy Hour again last night and we have the coolest chat room in all of BlogTalk Radio...if you have not joined us, you should mark your calendar for Tuesday evenings at 9:00 pm Eastern Time...

Our fantasy football team now has the best record in our league, we are guarenteed a spot in the playoffs and, if we can get a win next week will get the top spot and a bye week going into the playoffs...this from the team that ended up in last place last season...

A nice turn-around...

Incredible...the man charged with pulling the trigger in the Sean Taylor case is only 17! What happens to a young man to put a gun in his hand at 17 and turns him into a killer? This just stuns us and we are saddened that these things happens...

OK, it is very late, almost midnight here in Memphis and we need some sleep...

Our good friend Anndi giggled at the title of the album last week when we posted LITTLE FEAT'S "Fat Man In The Bathtub", so we decided to post the title track tonight....

This is "Dixie Chicken"

A hot song by a great group...

Composers: Lowell George, Martin Kibbee

I've seen the bright lights of Memphis
And the Commodore Hotel
And underneath a street lamp
I met a Southern belle
Well she took me to the river
Where she cast her spell
And in that Southern moonlight
She sang a song so well

If you'll be my Dixie chicken
I'll be your Tenessee lamb
And we can walk together
Down in Dixieland
Down in Dixieland

Well we made all the hot spots
My money flowed like wine
Then that low down Southern whiskey
Began to fog my mind
And I don't remember church bells
Or the money I put down

On the white picket fence and boardwalk
Of the house at the edge of town
But boy do I remember
The strain of her refrain
The nights we spent together
And the way she called my name

Well it's been a year since she ran away
Yes that guitar player sure could play
She always liked to sing along
She's always handy with a song
Then one night in the lobby
Of the Commodore Hotel
I chanced to meet a bartender
Who said he knew her well
And as he handed me a light
He began to hum a song
And all the boys there at the bar
Began to sign along

20 Of Your Sparks

  1. Schmoop Says:
  2. This too shall pass. Good Luck Vinny. Cheers!!

  3. Twyla Says:
  4. Awww...I hope you start feeling better soon. :-)

  5. Why would you say I wouldn't speak to you again? Aw, Vinny, has my absence been that notable? So sorry - life has been getting in the way. You understand that, right?

    I have been following the Sean Taylor story, and it saddens and sickens me. What bothers me is this, though: If this was supposed to be a "simple" burglary, why was Sean's bedroom kicked in after he locked it? Why not just take the money and run? And also to consider, if this was to be a "simple" burglary, why go to the house armed in the first place?!

    Sad and confusing.

    So sorry to hear about your bout with kidney stones again, but it sounds as if you received the attention you need and deserve. Continue to feel better, my friend.

  6. Travis Cody Says:
  7. LOL at Matt!

    Love me some Little Feat!

    Hang in there.

    You are one funny dude

    TWYLA: TY so much my friend

    SONGBIRD: Not YOUR absence dear...MINE....You make some great points about the Sean Taylor situation...TY for your wishes

    TRAVIS: He can be a funny guy, no? WOOOOO on the Little Feat

  9. and I would have made that 45 minute drive to the Bluff City to kick your arse... no wait.. you're in pain... I'll wait till you get to feeling better...


  10. AtriaBooks Says:
  11. Don't forget to mention your plans to auction off any future passed kidney stone on ebay.

  12. Mimi Lenox Says:
  13. Reading these comments always cracks me up. It's the show within the show.

    Feel better, Mr. Bond.

  14. Tiggerlane Says:
  15. Hang in there! I've heard passing a stone is like having a baby - and trust me, I only have ONE kid for a reason! I'll be thinking of you...

  16. Ohhh Dixie Chicken is a good one! Of course it will be stuck in my head all dang day :P

  17. Liz Hill Says:
  18. *groaning at matty*

    Yay for the TLC sugar---it makes everything better.

    Dixie Chicken ---love that song.

  19. I hate that you're not well :(

    Maybe some topless photos would cure what ails ya???

    Love you, babycakes. Smmooooch!

  20. katherine. Says:
  21. as I mentioned at Dr B's...I've experienced both childbirth and kidney stones...

    kidney stones are FAR worse!!!!!!

    you have my total sympathy...I'll email you some of my preventions...

  22. Mia Says:
  23. Ohhh hope you are feeling better soon. Stones are so not a good thing...unless of course they're the 'Rolling Stones'...ok that was corny...sorry. lol

  24. DIXIE: Take the drive anyway..SMOOCH

    MIMI: Ya gotta have fun...or else it just is boring! TY

    TIGGERLANE: Well, I can not compare, but katherine did and she would rather pass another child than a stone!

    STARRLIGHT: Well better than a Brittney song stuck there!

    TURNBABY: Don't groan at him he takes that as a sign of affection! heheheheh

    108: And I am sorry to hear you are not feeling well doll...Smooooooooooooch back

    KATHERINE: Well, I certainly have a lot of respect for women giving birth, and i know the pain of the stones...

    MIRANDA: Corny, but I laughed!

  25. Tug Says:
  26. Much luck tomorrow - I hope they get things figured out. Glad you got some TLC...

  27. Anndi Says:
  28. *shakes head at Matt*

    Special friends make the ride on the shortbus so much easier to bear...

    Bored.. moi?

    OOH what's that shiny thing.. Oh yeah.. the Free Rice button!

    Dixie Chicken.. *giggles*

  29. Julie Says:
  30. **rolls eyes at Matt** You said my name! You said my name! Wooohooo I'm famous!

    Ummm sorry baby....but that's Dove Chocolate. I wonder if Jeff's bought some for my stocking yet.

    **rummages through the "seekrit" cupboards that he doesn't know I know about**

  31. TUG: TY so much my friend...TLC is great

    ANNDI: You know better than to encourage him now...
    Pay attention my friend..over here....
    Love when you giggle...hehehehehee

  32. Angell Says:
  33. Just catching up....

    *giggles at Matt's humor and Anndi's astute assesment*

    Oh honey - stones suck. My grandfather went through them while he was living with us - each time required an ambulance ride - and the poor man was in his briefs and housecoat.

    I hope that you're feeling better babe. Glad that you have someone to take care of you.

    Dixie Chicken - cute, very cute.

    SMOOCHES and all sorts of luv.


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