Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, December 17, 2007


Build your vocabulary, feed the hungry...

Well, we missed the announcement last Monday, but the sponsors have upped their donations and now you get 20 GRAINS of RICE for each correct word...the number of sponsors have grown and this is just exploding...by today it should be over NINE BILLION grains of rice donated in just over 70 days...absolutely incredible...

Thanks again Anndi for cluing our group into this incredible phenomenon...

Going to play Tuneage Tutelage a bit different this week...

Each day we are going to select a song and give you versions of it by different artists. We will try to find different takes on the song and then let you, our guests vote on which version you like best...

We'll give you the results the following day...

Today, the song is "Little Wing" written by JIMI HENDRIX

First...the original by JIMI






Check out the Manic Monday over at MO's...
Tomorrow we will play along on the next Tuneage Tutelage

33 Of Your Sparks

  1. Travis Cody Says:
  2. This is a great idea.

  3. Julie Says:
  4. Good morning Vinny! What a cool feature you came up with! I must admit I didn't listen to all of the options in their entirety but I gotta go Stevie Ray Vaughn...just because.

  5. TRAVIS: Thanks...glad you enjoyed

    JULIE: Now that is cheating dear friend...

  6. Sparky Duck Says:
  7. as a fan, I love SRV and Pearl Jam better, but on this song, the original is the best

  8. BeckEye Says:
  9. I loves me some Pearl Jam, but I'll always like Jimi's original best. Besides, PJ has "Yellow Ledbetter," which is very "Little Wing"-esque.

  10. Anndi Says:
  11. Ok... I've listened to all in entirety. You're damn lucky I'm snowed in and have time. Of course then I had to listen to 2 of the tracks again...

    I'll make up my mind ... I hope...

    A pox on you for making me choose!


  12. Nothing beats the original but Pearl Jam is a close second...

    What a fun, little game!

  13. Schmoop Says:
  14. You are so clever. Great idea...Cheers!!

  15. SPARKY: That is the way to play it...you might like another artist better, but this is about the version of the song

    BECKEYE: Yup...they sure do....

    ANNDI: OOOO she has it narrowed down to two folks...which will it be?

    108: KYRA...Glad you enjoyed

    MATT-MAN: BUT did you vote?

  16. Anndi Says:
  17. OK...

    It's not because he and I share a birthday...

    But I have to go with SRV.

    I had to watch videos, because I obsess about stuff like this.. and well, basically... I prefer Stevie's version because it's all guitar. He makes this look so effortless!

    Of course, I'm sure you're ready with a detailed tutelage about the choice of the Couch sitters...



  18. Twyla Says:
  19. I vote Pearl Jam...they can do no wrong.

  20. ANNDI: I bet it is all about the birthday ... hehehehe

    TWYLA: But did ya listen to them all? hehehehe

  21. katherine. Says:
  22. how come we can only vote for one....

  23. Well the question was "which Did You Enjoy Most"? but I can give you two options tomorrow if you promise to send some of those cookies you baked!

  24. Maggie Moo Says:
  25. I voted Bond Baby! (Pearl Jam, thankyouverymuch)

  26. Rainbow Says:
  27. I cast my vote....Awesome Stevie!
    Great idea, Vince! Looking forward to tomorrow's list.

  28. Tug Says:
  29. Wow. Between 3...I seriously thought I'd end up voting for PJ...but I didn't. ;-)

    This was awesome, Thanks dude!

    And please don't hate, but I just cannot 'get' Sting. Or the Police.

  30. TopChamp Says:
  31. this was fun! Thank you x

  32. Bar Says:
  33. Cast my vote for the one and only SRV!

  34. Meribah Says:
  35. This kind of music doesn't really appeal to the puppy. It sounds like something you would get drunk and depressed by. Nevertheless, the puppy listened...to all of 'em...and figured the version by Sting was the most tolerable. :)

  36. MAGS: Glad to see you stopping by...hope you enjoyed them all...

    SUEANN: Glad you enjoyed...

    TUG: Just because I list em does not mean I endorse em heheheheheheGlad you enjoyed

    TOPCHAMP: Love when my guests have fun

    BARBARA: With your logo, I thought you might go with Derek dear...

    MERIBAH: Waaaa? Never depressed dear..maybe drunk....sorry ...maybe you will enjoy tomorrow's featured song

  37. Tug Says:
  38. So are you telling me I'm not alone with the non-love?

  39. TUG: I prefer some of his solo stuff...not a huge Police fan though

  40. Mimi Lenox Says:
  41. Love the new feature. I voted Sting. Of course!

  42. RW Says:
  43. Thats awesome about the rice sponsors! I had to go with my man Jimi on the vote! When I was learning electric guitar Jimi is who I wanted to play like! I could never get my hands on 10 hits of window pain to help me out though!

  44. Mia Says:
  45. well Im not a fan of that song, but I like Stings version.

  46. MIMI: Glad you enjoyed...

    ROGER: It is great news...Jimi was my vote also actually...

  47. Tug Says:
  48. You have been tagged my friend...you were the first that came to mind. ;-)

  49. Anndi Says:
  50. You really weren't paying atention to my comment where you...


  51. ANNDI: The 'detailed Tutelage"? Who is to say that will not be a wrap-up of this feature next week? huh? huh???

  52. The original is awesome, but I love the ethereal quality that Sting brings to it.

    SRV is a very close second.

  53. Anndi Says:
  54. That.. and the reason... *sigh*

    Why do I bother giving an explanation?


  55. SONGBIRD: hehehe..everyone loves the original

    ANNDI: I am planning on doing a wrap-up with all the winners and something about them when this is all over...sigh......


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