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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Build your vocabulary, feed the hungry...
14,165,837,150 grains donated at this point...

Well, we received our National Marrow Donor Card in the mail yesterday. Slipped it into our 'wallet' and now we just sit around and wait and maybe at some point we get a call asking us to report to some hospital to have further tests if we are found to be a match to someone who needs a Marrow transplant.

It was truly easy. You go to the web site, register, pay a fee (about $60.00) and they send you a kit. Sort of A C.S.I. kinda kit...4 move them around your mouth, put them back in the pre-paid envelope and mail back...

We told you all about the things you can do to save a life HERE and the story of a great young man who actually did save lives HERE...

This all began because of the tragedy we suffered in our life when our Fraternity Brother Wade Winter passed, which we told you about HERE...

Maybe it was going through Mom Joan's battle with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma...which she beat

Maybe it was remembering our cousin Sal and his battle with H.I.V. ...which he lost so many years ago...

Maybe it was remembering, a year later, the sorrowful time our dear friend Anndi went through during the last months of her mom's life...

Maybe it is more than that. Maybe it is looking at our own mortality as we spend more and more years on the earth...

Whatever the reason, we actually hope that there is a time that we do receive that phone call and we can do something to assist someone live another day, another week, another year, another decade...

Off to St. Cloud, MN today and single-digit temperatures...we will be working around the clock approving the printing of two different mailing programs, so there is a chance we will not make it to The Radio Happy Hour this evening...But if we can, we will be there...

OK is a question for all y'all...

How long do you keep links to other blogs on your site after a person does not show up to visit you?

How long do you keep visiting people who never come to your blog?

Just a couple of things we have been thinking about recently.

Another take on the Dylan song presented yesterday by THE DAVE MATTHEWS BAND ...

This one by Mr. JIMI HENDRIX

Again from on his version:

The Jimi Hendrix Experience recorded a cover version of this song. Hendrix heard the track after being taken to a party by Traffic's Dave Mason. Hendrix, a longtime fan of Dylan's work, commented he would love to cover the track. Due to Noel Redding's absence over the tension created by Hendrix in the studio during the recording of Electric Ladyland, Hendrix played the bass himself with a righthand, shortscale Fender Mustang bass guitar.

Dave Mason initially played the 12-string acoustic part, but was unable to satisfy Hendrix's growing perfectionism and was moved to bass, then completely off the track, as Hendrix played everything except the drums.

While Dylan's version had been minimalistic, Hendrix's spared nothing—his wailing electric guitar and vocal delivery were wholly different from Dylan's quiet folk performance. Hendrix rearranged the song to include several electric guitar solos, where the harmonica solos were in Dylan's version, and included it on the Electric Ladyland album (1968). The longest solo on the song (in between the second and final verses) features slide guitar, done with a cigarette lighter rather than a more traditional tubes of glass or metal. Hendrix settled on the lighter after frantically trying other objects to get the exact sound that he had in his head for that portion of the solo. The solo also features a wah-wah line, and an echo effect in its middle section (from the 'slide' part to the end of the wah-wah part).

Dylan has described his reaction to hearing Hendrix's version: "It overwhelmed me, really. He had such talent, he could find things inside a song and vigorously develop them. He found things that other people wouldn't think of finding in there. He probably improved upon it by the spaces he was using. I took license with the song from his version, actually, and continue to do it to this day."

Released as a single, it was an immediate hit—the only US Top 40 single Hendrix would release in his lifetime. In the booklet accompanying his Biograph album, Dylan said: "I liked Jimi Hendrix's record of this and ever since he died I've been doing it that way... Strange how when I sing it, I always feel it's a tribute to him in some kind of way."

Hendrix's version was featured in the movies Withnail and I, Rush, Private Parts, Clockers, Forrest Gump, A Bronx Tale, Vegas Vacation and Tupac: Resurrection and also in television shows such as The Simpsons, in episodes "Mother Simpson" and "My Mother the Carjacker".

This version of the song appears at number 48 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest songs ever, and in 2000, British magazine, Total Guitar, named it top of the list of the greatest cover versions ever.

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28 Of Your Sparks

  1. Travis Cody Says:
  2. I really appreciate that you've become a donor. I got lucky with my Hodgkins, but it's good to know there are lots of people like you willing to donate if I ever need it.

    As for your questions...

    You know, I have to admit that I don't clean up my links that much. I just added some a couple of weeks ago, but I rarely remove them. I know I have several links to blogs that don't have active posts anymore.

    I hope that people return my visits, but if they don't - or if they do but don't comment - then I guess my posts aren't of interest to them. Or at least they aren't interested enough to comment.

  3. Gail Says:
  4. Well, you know me...I'm here, I'm there...ugh, forget it, I'm nowhere...
    Not for another 30+ days, anyway...

    I visit your blog...I may not comment every time I perch on the couch, but I'm here...And I know you visit mine...

  5. You're a good man. I've said it before, but it bears repeating. I think the cause of donation, whether it be blood, organ, tissue, etc., bears mentioning time and time again. I hope that should you or anyone else you love need a donation of life-giving material, someone comes through. Just got my new organ card after getting my license renewed, so the thought crossed my mind as well.

    Was thinking again of you as I watched a reprise of U2 Rattle and Hum on VH1Classic. There is one part where Bono and the boys are sitting on a small hill overlooking the Mississippi in Memphis; the tune playing is Heartland. I love that song.

    About the blog questions, I subscribe to over 60 blogs, and yet on any given day, I receive only about 10-20 comments on my blog. Some I read faithfully and comment nearly every time (yours, Matt-Man's, Tiggerlane's), others I read on an occasional basis, commenting only when the urge really strikes me. I must admit, there are some I just read, too.

    If I've made a concerted effort to read and comment faithfully, and that person doesn't read and/or comment on my site at least every few weeks (or doesn't even reply via e-mail), then after about 3-4 months, I cull the blogroll.

    It's a case by case basis, though.

  6. RW Says:
  7. Thats a good question on the link's Vin! Having custom links for me, its a pain to take them back off. I hope someone has a good answer on this. I am going to try & catch the show tonight, odds are good! Thanks for the Jimi!!

  8. Liz Hill Says:
  9. You are a good soul Bondbaby.

    And I am woefully behind in updating my blogroll on the site because I do everything through my Reader. And no I don't just read there--I go to the blog and leave comments so that the traffic is recorded. That's why I am sooooooo far behind ;-)

    As for going to a site that does not 'reciprocate'--depends on the blogger and why.

    I think it's likely an individual thing.

    Stay warm!!


  10. Schmoop Says:
  11. Those two link/visit questions are good ones, and ones of which I have pondered. I guess I just figure if I like the person or their site, I leave it up for me regardless of whether they visit mine. Cheers Vin!!

  12. Anndi Says:
  13. SMOOCH... Good for you my BFF!

    Wait, now they have your DNA? They could clone you? I could be invaded by lasagna videos? *shudders* ;p

    About links: I can't keep links on my blog to "private" blogs... how am I supposed to recommend a read?

    There are lurkers... some folks just don't comment I guess. Or they have a life and don't make frequent rounds... I don't know...

  14. Sparky Duck Says:
  15. Man, stay warm. You are already a humanitarian when it comes to donations and stuff.

    I am lazy, so bloggers stay on my sidebar for a long time.

  16. TRAVIS: Also glad you got lucky...I still wish everyday that they had found someone to help Wade before his disease won...
    I have also added a couple, and actually deleted a few recently...there are others I am considering deleting...but wonder if it will make me a pariah...

    GAIL: There are some people on my list who I know are in the midst of life...those are not the people I am referring to..

    SONGBIRD: I do not know if it makes me a good man or is just something I believe anyone who has the ability to do should do...
    Have not seen Rattle and Hum in a long time...
    My feelings mirror yours on culling...I truly try to get through my list every two comments are down...yet my visits are up (though I get many visits from searches based upon my music posts)

    ROGER: I am not sure there is a good or a bad answer...but it is a question that has been ruminating in my brain lately...glad you enjoyed Jimi

    TURNBABY: I have stayed away from the Reader thing, as I truly enjoy going to the site...I will try and stay warm, Smooch

    MATT-MAN: What if you become bored with a site in conjunction with their not visiting yours? Your comments are through the roof, so I presume your links are coming by to comment

    ANNDI: TY BFF...
    They have actually promised to use my DNA and clone me so you will get more lasagna, some ziti, manicotti, raviloi, and more...hehehehe
    Yes, I agree with the private blogs and have removed all but one, as my links are how I go to visit sites...
    I see some on other sites, so those are the people that I am considering removing, though I know there will be repercussions with the little cliques that are formed in the bloggosphere

    SPARKY: Well, just trying to do my part...TY
    I have been lazy also..thinking of getting un-lazy

  17. Travis Cody Says:
  18. Sometimes I make myself feel bad when I don't get a comment on a post I feel is really good, or when someone I'm expecting to see doesn't stop by.

    But I'm getting over that now. I remind myself that my blog is for me, and I'll write what I enjoy. I like to interact with the community, but if my post doesn't reflect me and my thoughts then it's not really worth the time it takes to put together.

    As for The write stuff I want to read.

  19. Good on you for the donor card Bond. Once kidlet is a bit older I plan to do that as well.

    As for the blogs, I think I look at my links maybe once a year. I figure they are there for my benefit should I ever get a bunch of time on my hands. Heck I think I still have Tisha up and she completely disappeared. I am hit and miss on visiting blogs myself and there are times I read but just don't have time to comment. So I figure there are others out there like me =)

  20. This is a good question. I still visit people who never visit me and maybe I should stop but then I feel bad.

    As for the marrow thing... I don't have sixty bucks but I wonder if the Army doesn't have a program? I'm going to look into it. Great post, baby!

  21. Well done with the donor thing. I have been considering it for a while, and after this, I am getting it done.

    As for the links, I only link the ones I read on a regular basis. It never has really mattered to me if they read mine or not. However, if they stop posting regularly, I delete it. I see no reason in referring folks to a blog that is a month or more old.

  22. Schmoop Says:
  23. Not everyone in my links comment with any regularity. I think the majority of comments are because I am just so damn adorable. Cheers!!

  24. Kb Says:
  25. A year ago I watched my husband wither away day by day. You see he needed a new heart. His liver was congested his kidneys were screaming from lack of blood pumping through them. We were literally a week away from having to attach an artificial heart that would hopefully get us by until a new heart was found. The hardest part was being totally helpless. Then one cold Saturday night we got THE CALL! Some family made a heroic decision to donate their loved ones organs. Today, my boys have a Dad who is full of life and able to do things he could not for many years.
    The new motto in our house --- Recycle Yourself!

  26. RW Says:
  27. Vin is my blog boring you lol! I like what Travis said about it and Matt could you get a bigger head lol! I can catch the show tonight!!

  28. Unknown Says:
  29. I've donated blood and am set to donate organs, but I've never even known about bone marrow.

  30. TopChamp Says:
  31. I leave a link up if I like the blog. I take it down if it's a blog I wasn't too bothered with in the first place.

    Recently I took one down as it had changed to a blog full of adverts only.

    It doesn't matter much does it? If they come back you can always re-link.

  32. Unknown Says:
  33. Great post as usual, Vinny.

    Well, the questions - I´m with Trav. I´m disappointed when people don´t stop by or don´t take time to leave a comment although they´ve been there (obviously on mybloglog, etc.), but I started blogging for myself and try to go "back to the roots".

    There are a few people who I still visit although they don´t stop by anymore and lots of people on my blogroll who were not visiting for a long time. I hope they are busy and will return someday.

    You know, sometimes I myself am too busy to stop by my favorite blogs - the little one, the job, the pregnancy, Crohn´s Disease, etc. I feel bad about it, but I´m not able to make it. Other people might be too busy, too.

    However, The Couch will remain on my blogroll as long as I´ll be blogging. You´ve been one of my first commenters, remember? =)

    Have a great day, Vinny. Stay the way you are! ♥

  34. TRAVIS: I agree... it is for me when I write on The Couch, though I also feel (I do not know if it is the right word, but...) 'slighted' when I work real hard on a Tutelage and I do not get a lot of comments...then again, the comments I do get make me feel good.

    STARRLIGHT: I also have Tisha up...wondering for how long though..I know people use my links to find other blogs and those that are stagnant...well they should come down WHERE IS THAT GIRL???

    108: KYRA..I would think the army can do something and also, I would write to the Marrow Network and I bet they have situations where they wave the fee...KISS

    RWA: Good deal signing up ... it really is important might save a life...
    I agree with the stagnant blogs...but I am also thinking of some who never come to The Couch any longer...selfish?> Maybe

    MATT-MAN: Then I should have thousands of comments since I am much more adorable than you hehehe

    ROGER: I love your blog..and always enjoy my visits...LOL

    DANA: As important as the other two...look into it

    KB: What a wonderful story...I am so happy your children can continue to learn from their dad and you still have him to love...FOLKS...THIS is why you need to be a donor!

    TOPCHAMP: Very good point...

    SANNI: TY my friend..and I understand some people have real life to deal with and can not always visit..I have been interrupted recently due to work like today, I did not get to make the rounds...but the day is not over YET!
    I love my get a liquor license so I can enjoy Sambuca with it! KISS

  35. Tug Says:
  36. You, my friend...are just an awesome human being. Planet earth is lucky to have you. ;-)

    As for the blogroll...I go through spurts, depending on the mood. You learn pretty quickly who comments on your site just to get people to theirs, so them I usually don't even add (for the most part). I have trouble deleting ANY, even when they haven't posted for MONTHS. And that's just wrong - but it's me. I go through times when I just read & don't comment because I'm overwhelmed, or really don't have anything to add - I expect others are like that as I try to take that into my thoughts before I totally delete 'non-commenters'. I guess my LONG STORY just says 'um, yeah, it's the mood & different with them all'.

    Sorry I wasn't more help. You're still awesome!

  37. TUG: The links thing is complicated and personal...that is evident from all the comments..
    The donor thing...well..I really don't know if it is awesome, but to read KBs comment above makes me know that if by not taking my organs with me I can save a life, then it will be worth it and if I suffer a week's worth of discomfort giving marrow that will allow someone more time to enjoy their life, then it is well worth it

  38. Gail Says:
  39. I was feeling the same way that you and Travis do about the lack of comments. But then, I am not nearly as HALF as popular as you two in the Bloggosphere. But as I mentioned to you guys before, I'm considering re-opening it soon and making it more about "fun" rather than the "woe-is-me" garbage I've been living. And I do appreciate your dragging the couch over to read, leave a comment and a hug or smooch. You are a special person, and I am VERY proud to count you as a friend.

  40. The Teamster Says:
  41. hello again bond a newby..but no longer a virgin....I don't know any answers to any questions about blogging. I'll comment when something strikes me....mainly the great music....but I'm mainly an observer of blogs....

    so...comment...dave mason...traffic...hendrix...I never knew that watchtower was a dylan song...dave mason does a great version...and now i'm turned on to a Dave Matthews version...thanks...

    St. Cloud Mn? you're only a couple of hours from my kin-folk (is that how southerners say it?) in Nashwawk and Keewatin....stay warm..

  42. Tug Says:
  43. The donor thing...well..I really don't know if it is awesome, but to read KBs comment above makes me know that if by not taking my organs with me I can save a life

    The saving a life thing? THAT makes it awesome. SO many people know this, and have NO reason not to do it - nothing religious, nothing. Yet they don't. YOU did. That's awesome. ;-)


  44. Liz Hill Says:
  45. TURNBABY: I have stayed away from the Reader thing, as I truly enjoy going to the site

    You still can go to the site from the Reader. What the Reader does is let you know when a site has been updated and collects everything togather for you.

    They get the traffic if you open the site.

  46. TopChamp Says:
  47. Sambuca IN coffee? Or alongside coffee?

  48. Julie Says:
  49. I'm also very proud of you for becoming a Marrow Donor. It's relatively easy to donate after you die. It's a whole 'nuther ball game to do it when you still alive!

    I read about 40-45 blogs. Unfortunately sometimes 2-3 days may pass and though I will almost always read every post sometimes I will just make one comment on any given blog. Of course not everyone writes everyday. Unless something really strikes me or unless I really feel a connection with the writer.

    I rarely get over 12 you can very well understand that I read far more then I get read.


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