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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, January 18, 2008


Build your vocabulary, feed the hungry...
14,649,688,990 grains donated at this point...

Uneventful flight home yesterday...we were able to get on stand-by for an earlier flight so that was good...

Seems like a good day for some videos...there has been a plethora of videos by Mr. Cruise popping up lately all over the internet. Unfortunately, the lawyers for the religion he is hawking have been working triple time to have them pulled down from so many sites - youtube - especially...

Our friend Dana alerted us to this one....thanks dear...

One site has vowed to keep this video is an indoctrination video that lasts about seven minutes. In it you get to witness a true believer a fanatic, and it is just as scary as watching fanatic from other religions, whether they be Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, whatever...

His assertions are totally frightening as say Huckleberry Hound stating that "what we need to do is to amend the Constitution so it's in God's standards rather than try to change God's standards…"

The video on this site is no longer on youtube, so we have to send you over to the site to watch...wrap yourself in your woobie and hold on is an insight into a man and his beliefs and frankly is is scary...GAWKER.COM

We stole a few clip ideas from brother Rich's great site "Favorite Office Time Wasters" (which he finds across the internet or has sent to him)... you can always visit everyday via the top link on the right...

This is a great commercial From Norway...

This is rather interesting...behind the scenes with Katie Couric the evening of the New Hampshire Primary...We learn a few things...she has at least one viewer...she cracks herself up quite often (gee...we know all about THAT, right Nancy?!?!), and she can, when needed talk like a truck driver...enjoy...

sssssssssssssssssssssssshhhh...don't tell anyone, but this weekend we are going to load a bunch of music onto the laptop and then upload to lifelogger and then delete it from the laptop before Monday when we go back to work...that way we will have music enough to last us until the middle of February, as it seems that will be when we can get the new iMac...

OK, everyone pinky-swear you won't tell...

We will leave you with this, one of our favorite BEATLES tunes for the weekend...

The song is one you will certainly know...but did you know it's origins?

"Something" was released in 1969, and featured on the album Abbey Road.

It was the first song written by George Harrison to appear on the A-side of a Beatles single, sharing top billing on the double A-side single with "Come Together" in the United Kingdom.

It was the only Harrison composition to top the American charts while he was a Beatle.

During the 1968 recording sessions for The Beatles (also referred to as the White Album), Harrison began working on a song that eventually became known as "Something".

Initially based on the JAMES TAYLOR song "Something In The Way She Moves", the song's first lyrics ("Something in the way she moves/Attracts me like no other lover.") were used as filler while the melody was being developed.

The James Taylor song...


29 Of Your Sparks

  1. You're all over the map on this post, Vin my darlin'. I'll have to come back in the daylight hours to comprehend better.

    I will say this, cannot pay me enough money in the world to watch anything that involves Scientology and THE CREATURE. I shudder and shiver to think about it...

  2. Schmoop Says:
  3. Bond: I could only make it half way thru the Couric video. I cannot stand her. She reminds me of a circus clown. I hate clowns. Cheers!!

  4. Anndi Says:
  5. Videomonster! hehehe!

    I'm NOT watching the nutjob again... nope, not gonna make me...

    What?? No mention of Taylor's version of "Something"... you should be ashamed of yourself.


  6. 'kay, just came back to watch the commercial...OMG! That's too stinkin' cute!

  7. Check out for more Crazy Cruise videos. I like the dance remix. The man is friggin nuts. I am so ahead of the curve, I have loathed him since Top Gun =)

    While My Guitar Gently Weeps never charted?!?! America needs it's head examined. Something is a lovely song, but Guitar so completely owns it.

  8. Mia Says:
  9. Omg that is such a cute commercial. lol thanks I needed that.

  10. I caught the Cruise video over at Perez Hilton's... it scared the shit out of me.

    Katie Couric also scares the shit out ofme. *shudder*

    But YOU don't!

  11. Liz Hill Says:
  12. Oooo Taylor's 'Something" is really something!!!

  13. OBLadyBug Says:
  14. The commercial was too cute dear. James Taylor is the bomb in my book.

    Thank goodness it's FRIDAY.

  15. SONGBIRD: It is a new tactic... then everyone has something to comment on...hehehehe

    MATT-MAN: Then the video did it's job
    good weekend dude

    ANNDI: I guess I caught it from you.... hehehe...and Yes, i could have mentioned Taylor and put ANOTHER video up...I can not access the audio file I have..

    SONGBIRD: Yes, I loved the commercial

    STARRLIGHT: I was a tad amazed it never charted also...will have to do the perezhilton site.. I actually kinda liked Top Gun, but more so since one of my Frat brother's was out there just after they finished filming and some of his squad were used in it

    MIRANDA; glad you enjoyed

    108: KYRA...well I certainly am glad I am not in the same bucket as Cruise and Couric...

    TURNBABY: Yes it is...I think my favorite performance of the season

    OB: NANCY...I loved the commercial and have always been a JT fan...I am also glad it is Friday....I get to see you tonight

  16. Sheila Says:
  17. I watched part of that Katie piece. Interesting what goes on off camera. It doesn't compare with that CNN anchor caught talking about her sister-in-law in a negative fashion though a year or so ago.

  18. The Cruise thing is downright scary. But I really loved your point about all religions. Like Mike Huckabee not believing in evolution. Like that is a bright guy who should lead us? Katie is in SO over her head...

  19. TopChamp Says:
  20. hello - checked in to listen but I have run out of time (as I am snoozy) - will come back.

  21. SHELIA: Thanks for coming by and sitting on The Couch
    Off camera footage is always interesting

    BUD: He is scary, is he not...Huckleberry is also scary and Katie just scares herself

    TOPCHAMP: Sleep well dear

  22. RW Says:
  23. Oh man good stuff Vin I had to come back to check it all out!! Have a great weekend!!

  24. Jeff B Says:
  25. In response to the Cruise vedio:

    Please pass the milk, because I've just had a helping of Fruit Loops.

    He talked for eight minutes, but did he actually say anything?

    What a friggin nut job!

  26. Meribah Says:
  27. I find it very difficult to take a religion started by a science fiction writer very seriously anyway...but when their spokesman is Tom Cruise??? All credibility goes out the window right there! LOL

    That video couldn't convince ANYBODY to become a Scientologist, could it? I mean, TC made NO sense, repeated himself, laughed himself silly at various intervals, for no apparent reason, and claims HE'S the only one who can help people??? A perfect example of somebody with delusions of grandeur for sure. 8\

  28. Travis Cody Says:
  29. I pinky swear I won't tell, just as long as you don't make me watch that wacko.

    The commercial with the kid was cute.

  30. Gail Says:
  31. So sad to say that Tom's become a freak, he's just so...alien or something.

    Speaking of "Something", everytime I hear that song, I get teary reminds me of a time when innocence was lost...

    Katie like really annoying...

    Can't wait for more tutelages...won't tell, I swear

    Have a good weekend, my friend

  32. Julie Says:
  33. Great post Mr. Vinny...I absolutely adored that commercial..I teared up and then when I got to JT the biggest smile erupted across my face! It's only 830 Sat. am....thanks my dear! One of my fav JT songs!

  34. tiggerprr Says:
  35. I'm telling!!! I don't know who, but I'm telling! :P

  36. katherine. Says:
  37. you SO gotta get to Vegas to see Beatles Love.

  38. BeckEye Says:
  39. I wish John Travolta would forget that he's so nice and just beat the shit out of Cruise.

  40. TopChamp Says:
  41. That cruise video is amazing! I can't BELIEVE him - nutter. My sister thinks it's strange that we're allowed to take the piss out of scientologists when we are not allowed to take the piss out of christians. Or jews. etc etc. I see her point but this is just WEIRD.

    As to the Beatles - Fool on the Hill or She's Leaving Home are my favourites. The second song here is very lovely.

  42. ROGER: heheheh enjoy yours also

    JEFF B; bwahahahahaahahah funny...welcome and thanks for sitting on The Couch

    MERI: Well...there ya go dear...

    TRAVIS: I will not force anyone to watch that twice...and the commercial..wasn't it though

    GAIL: But I still sit and watch Top Gun for reasns I mentioned above...I do not condone anyone for whatever religion they want to practice, he just sounds so controlled...

    JULIE: Emotional ride from one end to the other...My post did it's job! KISS

    TIGGERPRR: POUT...then there will be no tuneage...pout

    KATHERINE: I have been thinking about it..have friends who live out there also

    BECKEYE: LOL...that would be a video I would love to see

    TOPCHAMP: But that was my point also matter th releigion..if they are a nut-job pontificating about it they shouldbe taken out and shut up

    Also two great Beatle's songs

  43. Kb Says:
  44. JT was great

  45. Anonymous Says:
  46. Wow! One stop shop for the weekly news in this post.

    So much to read here I almost felt like I should have taken my laptop to the bathroom to read.

    Cute commercial!!!!

  47. Tug Says:
  48. I know you're glued to the TV right now, but OT? Wow. Thinking of you...

  49. Unknown Says:
  50. Tom Cruise scares the crap out of me.

    The first commercial was cute and funny.

    Katie, when will these newspeople learn that they are on camera? BUWAHAHAHAHA!

    I won't tell...for a price.

    Something is one of my favorite songs and I love the version some gray haired guy sang on AI a few years back.



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