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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, January 04, 2008


Build your vocabulary, feed the hungry...
12,513,079,830 grains donated at this point...

So, we said this would happen on Monday, but what the hell...the pictures showed up and we will share the story today...

Music Maestro

Bright and early on Sunday, me and Nancy left Olive Branch, MS and hit the highway for Lexington, KY...The car was loaded with a tray of lasagna that weighed just short of 8 pounds...(YUP, we said 8 pounds...there was a pound of pasta, 2 pounds of ricotta cheese, 2 pounds of mozzarella cheese, about 3 pounds of beef and sausage and gravy)...

We had some Pepsi and Diet Cokes, a few Ham and Cheese sammichs and tunage galore...

The ride was smooth and as we headed north out of Nashville the line of Kentucky fan cars heading into Nashville for the Music City Bowl became long and deep...luckily we were heading in the opposite direction...

We made it to Lexington with no problem and walked into Casa DH/TurnBaby and were greeted with warmth and smiles...

The lasagna went into the oven to warm up as we were shown to our Executive Suite on the second floor...

Wine was opened and toasts were made and we sat to eat and laughs ensued, but they were minor compared to what followed.

We sat around the kitchen table and for the next hour the listeners of TurnBaby Talks on BlogTalk Radio were entertained with a constant barrage of giggles and fun....Matt-Man called in to sing his "Free Rice - Raw Hide" parody written by the whimsical Travis...If you have not heard it, check it out HERE...BUT come back and hear the rest of the story...LOL

Katherine called in and was her usual humorous self and, it appears, made a decision based upon her time on the show...she also got me to name my friend (and if you are interested in learning it, you will have to go to the archives for now...hehehheehehe)

Dixie called in to play around and let us talk to the Marine, Matt, and we wished him good luck as he went off to his next assignment...

Doc Blogstein called in from his time in Maryland to just say hey and we truly appreciated it...

Mr. Fabulous called in and promised to whip up penis bracelets for me and Nancy....waiting waiting waiting...we will be waiting...waiting for our penis braceletsssssssssss (Rawhide still on our mind...hehehe)

As the show went on, the Sambuca came out and it made the show even snarkier...at one point Turn even put me on MUTE! ...as she said "take back her show"...hehehehehehe

After the show more cocktails were had and eventually we headed for bed...

Monday was a day of shopping and prepping for the party that evening...But first, TurnBaby cooked up a wonderful breakfast of eggs and bacon and biscuits...

We had been asked to make up an antipasto...one of our favorite things to do...so:

The Finished Product
Salami, Cappocola, Prosciutto, Artichoke Hearts, Pepperocini, Hard Boiled Eggs,
Pepperoni, Black & Green Olives, Roasted Red Peppers, Anchovy Fillets,
Mozzarella Balls & Chucks of Parmesan Reggiano Cheese

Anti & Bond

Turn was very happy with the finished product...so we hugged and smiled...

Did I say she REALLY liked the Antipasto?

The Kentucky Football team was playing in the Music City Bowl vs. a team from Florida and we had some cocktails and began to watch...the got dressed and continued to watch the game awaiting the other guests...

First to arrive were M & D..two really nice people...M is a real down-to-earth guy and we hit it off....

Then D & B showed up and we all had dinner....TurnBaby made delicious Tenderloin of Beef, which had been marinated in Bourbon and Thyme and garlic and some great creamed smashed red potatoes and green and yellow wax beans...

As we were finishing dinner J & T arrived and we set up the poker table for some Texas Hold 'Em Poker...

Laughter abounded and the drinks flowed freely...

Just before midnight we ended the game and got ready for the countdown...

Kisses and hugs were flowing as freely as the booze....LOL..some asked not to include their pictures, so we are honoring their wishes...

D smooches TurnBaby

Group Hug Time!

Our Wonderful, Excellent Hosts

Nancy and Bond

Telling tales...

Fun with cameras...

Turn shows Nancy what a GROPE really feels like

Then downstairs for some pool...well, something that looked like pool...LOL

Sure she looks fuzzy...so were my eyes

...and as with every NYE party there was at least one shot that you wonder how it ever got taken...here is mine for 2008...bwahahahahahahahahaha
And finally...there were shoes.....THUMP!

The next morning we were up and with the left over French bread we were asked to make French toast with bacon and we did and then we headed back to Tennessee and Mississippi...

Found a White Castle and introduced Nancy to real 'mushies" (not the frozen kind from the store) and also hit a Steak & Shake for a Chocolate/Strawberry side by side shake ...

We did hit some snow in the mountains west of Nashville, but otherwise the drive was uneventful...

TY TY TYVM to TurnBaby and the DH for being such incredible hosts for our days in Lexington...

"We're having A Party"
Sam Cooke
Havin' A Party
Columbia Records

32 Of Your Sparks

  1. Julie Says:
  2. Perfect song! Great recap Vinny!


  3. Liz Hill Says:
  4. You all were the Best. Houseguests. Ever.

    Ugh on most of the pics of me--you all look good though.

    We need to plan to get together again soon.


  5. Schmoop Says:
  6. Looks like a great time Vinny and you are a good man for sharing the love of White Castle. Mmmmmmmm White Castle. Cheers!!

  7. Kb Says:
  8. Love those peep toe shoes Bond! Nice touch having your toes painted! Nice pictures -- must go listen to the archives.

  9. Unknown Says:
  10. WOW, just wow - glad you´ve all had soooooo much fun... obviously. I love the pictures, especially your "special NYE shot for 2008" =)

    Have a great weekend, Vinny!

  11. The Ferryman Says:
  12. I need to make one for Nancy too? Okay. What kind does she want? Does she have a color preference?

  13. JULIE: I know...sigh...would have been even more perfect with you

    TURNBABY: And you the perfect hosts dear and yes we should have another group get together...and you look great dear friend....you are a Hot Hoochie Mama ... always have been - always will be

    MATT-MAN: Love my mushies/belly bombers dude...just LOVE THEM

    KB: hehehehe I always paint my toes dear

    SANNI: We did and TY

    FAB: Were you NOT listening??? Mississippi State dude

  14. Looks like a truly fun time. TB's right - you need your own Food Network show.

    You're a good man for introducing your lady to the fine art of White Castle sliders and Steak 'n Shake side-by-sides. Good man, indeed.

  15. Wow... Turn is gorgeous!!!!


    Sounds like a blast... good food, wine, lasagne... sexy ladies, sexy men, groping, kissing... had I been there I would have tried for group sex but that's just me.

  16. SONGBIRD: It was and no bail money was required...LOL
    ah i forgot 'sliders' to go along with 'mushies' and 'belly bombers'


    108: KYRA...Turn is gorgeous..tell her...BUT ..women THUD ... men THUMP...silly girl...

    Well, around 1:00 am you might have been able to convince some...LOL

  17. OBLadyBug Says:
  18. Awww thanks Vinny for sharing what a great time we had at Turn's. She and Mike were perfect hosts. As far as the pictures go I think we ALL look just a little bit tipsy .. oh well it was New Years Eve.

    One last thing reference Mr. Fab and & the bracelet NOT Mississippi State - Ole Miss (Red & Blue). Kiss

  19. katherine. Says:
  20. Everyone looks great...and you can tell it was a fun time! You're gonna hafta put a picture with the beard up on the couch...

    What is with the Kentucky Blue pool table? *rolling my eyes*

    I miss White Castle.

    great post Vincent

  21. Well, I do possess the power to get people neckid. Granted, they'll never remember it the next day, but....

  22. Meribah Says:
  23. Bwahahaha! Loved the look on your face as Turn kisses you! Priceless.
    Glad y'all had such a great time...but, um, did you bring back a doggie bag for the puppy? I Loooove lasagna! :P

  24. katherine. Says:
  25. whoa Vincent...did you just order the wrong Mississipi bracelet?

    that'd be like The Teamster giving me something from USC....except the ladybug is nicer than I am...I would be kissing him after that error...

  26. The Teamster Says:
  27. Hello pro bloggers.

    bond, I'm no longer a "virgin"(are we really only a virgin once?), but I feel the need to be careful with my information. I've created a "code" for my mom's blog. I'm unsure of the level of sophistication needed (remember, I'm a simple teamster). I'm going to post a sample message on this site with the hope that some of you will attempt to break the code. I'm not paranoid....just being very, very, very careful.

    b d b x b y k h i u k r z x c v p g d k c s

    thank you for any and all attempts and we'll see if I need to adjust "the code"

    The Teamster

    by the way...Marilyn, my nudes are for sale on my website.

    the above is a repost from that probably got lost in past posts.

    bond...it appears we share an interest in music...zep, dead, floyd, I'm going to throw some regional names at you....musslewhite, greene, yates, buffalo, rogers. A blues festival in Memphis in May?

  28. Looks as though you guys had a great time! Good for you...

  29. Mimi Lenox Says:
  30. I'm glad you have revealed your "friend"....bwahhaahhhaahhh....She is gorgeous!! Turn is gorgeous!!! Love the beard and the pics and the whole warm fuzzy friend thing. Glad you are soooo happy. You deserve it in spades.

  31. OB: ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I knew that ...I did I did..my brain was mush yesterday, but you knew that

    KATHERINE: I have planned on adding another "head" to the Couch..thanks...the KY blue is even more shocking in person...Shall I send you a sack?

    MERI: Ya have to come to me or let me come to you to be fed... sorry

    KATHERINE: I am sooooooo blushing over my mistake

    TEAMSTER: I know Musselwhite..the rest, you will need to update me on... the code...dude you are not endured I stay up all night until I crack it...LOL

    BUD: We did and thanks

    MIMI: TY ...I really am...

  32. Travis Cody Says:
  33. That antipasto looks terrific and she peep toes are thumpable.

    Nice recap of the evening.

  34. TEAMSTER: And the Beale St Music Festival is HUGE dude...3 stages..music Friday, Saturday and Sunday...70-80 bands...plus a blues tent with local and old time incredible musicians

  35. Those are great pictures and man do you do antipasto well! I am hungry now =(

  36. Mia Says:
  37. Sounds and looks like fun was had by all, thanks for sharing.

  38. TopChamp Says:
  39. I love that you love shoes. It's fab.

    I read this at work yesterday but can't comment from there.

    I am pleased that you had fun and am most envious of a clearly enjoyable evening (and of the food....... wow!).

    Pretty blonde ladies!!!

  40. Anndi Says:
  41. AMEN Thank the Lord we were not subjected to a video of antipasto ;p

    Sorry I missed the drunk call LOL

    The look on Liz's face in the first picture before the kiss says it all...

    Having been groped by Turn myself, she had a real good first one.. hehehe

  42. STARRLIGHT: When you make Memphis...one will be waiting for you

    MIRANDA: It was fun fun fun

    TOPCHAMP: I do LOVE shoes...and they are gorgeous ladies...

    Sorry you missed it also dear...
    She loved the grope ... LOL

  43. looking good bond, have a great weekend

  44. Unknown Says:
  45. Wow...looks like y'all had a good time :D

  46. Tug Says:
  47. Looks like tons of fun!! Antipasto...nummers.

  48. SARGE: TY Sir and you also

    DANA: Sure was my Queen

    TUG: hehehehehehe...one of my favs is antipasto

  49. Bar Says:
  50. Great PICS!!!! You are soooooooooo cute :)

  51. Sure hate that we couldn't have been there. Looks like a great time was had by all!



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