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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, January 28, 2008


Build your vocabulary, feed the hungry...
16,034,896,090 grains donated at this point...16 BILLION TOPPED!

Thanks for all the wonderful comments on our 500th Post...

Now, to start off the week leading up to the sporting event that gets hyped the most of any, we present you with a video we received from Dad Vince:

Found this fun widget over at Brother Rich's "Favorite Office Time Wasters"
What is your score??? Post it in the comments...

Our best was to Level 6 - 181,252 points - 5 tries...

brought to you by TravelPod, the Web's Original Travel Blog ( part of the TripAdvisor Media Network )

This post has, all of a sudden, turned into a 'theme' post... the theme in this case is our brother...

As some of you know, Richard is assistant features editor for the San Antonio Express-News... well upon our arrival home this evening, we were thrilled to see two emails in our in box. The first is an article published on Saturday on the SA E-N website (maybe a birthday present to Richard to give him some 'inches' on the site... just kidding brother...)...

Anyway, we present it to you with this link to the story...hope you enjoy it!

And the third in this 'theme' is this link to a podcast Richard is involved with...if you are a "LOST" junkie, like we both are, you might want to check it out - a note though, we had a bit of a problem listening to it last evening. It kept stopping and starting, so we did not get the whole way through. We are planning on trying it again today from our office...

The show comes back on this week with a repeat of last season's final episode on Wednesday and then a two hour block on Thursday, the first hour being a look at the characters and the mysteries and the second hour being the first of the new season...with the writers strike still on-going, we will have at least the eight episodes that are "in the can" prior to the work stoppage...

Last evening on TurnBaby Talks, we made a bet with her friend Mr. Fabulous on the Super Bowl. It began with a small $5.00 wager and evolved into a wager where the fan of the defeated team will put a video up on their site honoring the winning team.

Stay tuned to next Monday when he will be honoring THE BIG BLUE over on his site... bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahaaha

Go on over to Travis' and wish him a HAPPY 500!

At the same time, please keep our good friend Julie's husband Jeff in your thoughts today as he undergoes an operation on his hand after a work-related injury...

OH and Happy Birthday Songbird...go wish her a big H.B.!

Let's dip into our vault of live music...this is from The Fox Theater in Denver, Colorado recorded the evening of December 13, 2000...

Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Cassidy of HOT TUNA. On this song, Jack gets to showcase his incredible bass guitar Jorma states at the end, "incomparable" ... Having seen these two live more than 10 times over the years, we can attest to the fact that Jack is one of the best who has ever played the instrument.

Enjoy "Ninety-Nine Year Blues", a traditional Folk song reworked by these two masters...

29 Of Your Sparks

  1. Why am I not surprised Hitler is a Dallas fan let alone the Patriots. At least Dallas gave us the set up for "The Catch" ;)

    Daddy dearest got stoned with Jorma. I had such a colorful childhood!

  2. STARRLIGHT: I did with Cheech and Chong who opened for Hot Tuna at one concert I saw...I actually interviewed them for my radio show..the tape...well thankfully i was lost...not my best interview LOL

  3. AtriaBooks Says:
  4. Just in case you need it:

  5. I'm running very behind this morning; I'll come back and read later, but I wanted to say thanks for the birthday wishes and shout out!

  6. Gail Says:
  7. I got 34,573 points, couldn't make it past level 2...

    Going back to try again...

  8. Schmoop Says:
  9. Huh? My first comment must not have gone through. Fun game Vinny.

    I got to Level 10 in one try...380,477 points. God, I rock. Cheers!!

  10. I got 175,648 and only completed six levels...LOL. I'll probably spend half my day here now trying to beat my score. I lovce geography.

  11. you knew i'd be here for the cake, didn't you? ha ha ha

    happy birthday ds!!!!

    smiles, bee

  12. DOC: Will look at that when i get home... can not see videos here at work

    SONGBIRD: SMOOCH.. 26 right?

    GAIL: It can be difficult...

    MATT-MAN: Not sure - Blogger must have eaten it...since I saw it and posted... you can be "Leader Of The Free World" LOL

    108: I know it is addicting

    BEE: Of course... cake = Bee and Travis LOL

  13. Jeff B Says:
  14. I may be one of only three people on the planet who has never seen an episode of lost! Shocking but true. From what I hear, its pretty addictive.

    I'll give the geography quiz a go later todday.

  15. Mimi Lenox Says:
  16. A plethera of good things here. I shall first go sing the Songbird a song. Thanks for telling us.

  17. Kb Says:
  18. I couldn't make to level 6. Rats!

  19. JEFFB: It is highly addictive...a great show...

    MIMI: ooooo plethora .. I so like that word....I got the word from matt-man about Songbird

    KB: Those damn African countries keep getting me... I am up to level 8 and around 250,000 now

  20. Kb Says:
  21. I keep getting hung up in Asia.

  22. TopChamp Says:
  23. right ok ok i'll go and play that bl''dy game then.

  24. The Ferryman Says:
  25. Turnbaby's friend?

    I'm...I'm not your friend as well?


  26. Travis Cody Says:
  27. I got bored with Lost when it started to get whiny. I haven't watched any of the last two seasons.

    Thanks for the shout on my 500!

    That damn 6th level hit me with a bunch of freakin islands that I'd never heard of! I was cruising right up until then and I only finished with 141,821. Cool game though.

    I'm not normally a fan of folk tunes, but I did like this one.


  28. KB: Asia is OK.... freakin' Africa .. man ....

    TOPCHAMP: LOL enjoy

    MR. FABULOUS: Maybe over time.... you have to work for it dude... LOL

  29. TRAVIS: Last season was much better and the last episode was a shocker...

    You deserve the shout my friend

    Yeah...those silly islands that you can not even see on the fang map...OH and those African countries...but it is fun

    Well Jorma and Jack don't make it sound like Folk Music...

  30. Jeff B Says:
  31. Came back to test my skills at geography...let's just say my passports is empty! Level 4

  32. Kb Says:
  33. Size matters when it come to this game. I agree -- I can't see and my 19" monitor is not helpful.
    Damn Asia and all those pesky islands!! Got to level 8 but $275 was my max so far. This is worse than the rice.

  34. Kb Says:
  35. Okay, got to level 12 --- $345k and you are right Africa eventually got the best of me.
    I know everyone was holding their breath to see how far I could get. :)

  36. Anndi Says:
  37. *joins Jeff in the "not watchers of lost" support group*

    Maybe I'll have time for games another day...

    I'm looking forward to the results of that bet... hehehe!

  38. Anndi Says:
  39. Oh.. and your post is bleeding into the right sidebar on my Firefox for some reason... might want to tweak that.

  40. JEFFB: LOL It is not an easy game

    KB: Rut ro... making you an addict
    but you are progressing

    ANNDI: Hope you can come back and play the game... tried to make the game smaller, which is probably causing your it a bit smaller, but it has to be a certain size to work...thanks for stopping have been missed..and you have missed some great music...

  41. Julie Says:
  42. Geez i DID miss the entire week on the couch didn't i? Thanks for mentioning Jeff....yeah, it's been a long week.

    That geography game was mucho fun! I sucked but still fun! I was happy when after 6 tries I got to the second level! wooo me!

  43. katherine. Says:
  44. Wow. 500.

    Lost fan too. I could never get into it on television….but the dvd addicted me. And then I found a couple internet sites….sheesh!

    You bet with Fab against the Patriots? Silly Boy.

  45. katherine. Says:
  46. Oh geeeezzzzz another one of the Marini boys slamming barry. He is almost as good looking as you...

  47. KATHERINE: I have faith in my GIANTS...
    And he is a huge SF Giants fan... think it was because of Willie..."almost" heheheheheh ty my friend and welcome back


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