Poor Little Rich Girl...

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Build your vocabulary, feed the hungry...
13,059,479,890 grains donated at this point...

Barron Hilton has told his heirs to go take long walks off very short piers over the holidays...The hotel heir has announced 97% of his fortune will be given to the Conrad H. Hilton Foundation. With 8 children and 23 grandchildren splitting the fortune our dear friend Paris' possible $100-million dollar windfall will now only amount to $5-million, after taxes...a whole lot less than the $6.5-million she earned in 2007! How will she survive?

An even funnier part of this story is Barron's seemingly 180 degree change of heart over inheritances...

Mr Hilton, the chairman of the foundation, said he was "proud to follow my father's example". On his death, in 1979, Conrad Hilton left 97% of his money to the foundation he had founded in 1944. But his son challenged the will and reached an accord dividing ownership of the shares with the foundation.

So, will his heirs truly follow in the man's footsteps and challenge his will once he kicks the bucket? We will see kiddies...we will see...

We are worried about our friend Matt-Man...he seems to be having this thing about Presidential Candidate Mike "Huckelberry-Hound" Huckabee...He has gotten all goo-goo eyed over this demon on earth...Though he is trying to hide it, we have learned that Matt and Huckleberry were seen leaving a men's room in an airport outside Dayton, Ohio three weeks ago...We are trying to contact the best exorcist in the world...

A little tease on what is coming this week...
Looks like Thursday for the first TUNEAGE TUTELAGE post
on the Delta Blues...who will be first???

Ms. Etta James & Mr. Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal (from Traditional Lyrics)
Dancin' The Blues
Private Music

summer-glau.jpgComing up this week on DR. BLOGSTEIN’S RADIO HAPPY HOUR: (Live on Tuesday January 8th at 9PM ET and forever archived at BlogTalkRadio.)
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We’ll find out how the writer’s strike will affect the series, whether the “Original Terminator” Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger be making any cameos, and how gun play is part of Summer Glau’s idea of foreplay.

Then, Collette McLafferty, the lead singer of edibleRed, will drop to hang our with the Radio Happy Hour. This New York band will be a force to be reckoned with in 2008 and we’re excited to get their year started. We’ll find out what
edibleRed has in store for the new year and then play a concert of three of their most powerfuledibleRed songs.

All that, plus, we’ll get an update from the World Series of Beer Pong, Supreme Commander of the Cyberwaves Vinny Bond drags his Big Leather Couch into the Radio Happy Hour Lounge and chats live with the listeners, Justin the Weatherman with his forecast and your calls at 646-652-4804

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19 Of Your Sparks

  1. mmmm.... good music.....

  2. Mimi Lenox Says:
  3. Matt needed an exorcist before Huckabee came along. Everybody knows that.

    Or did you mean that a reverse demonization has occurred and it is Huckabee who needs a priest. ?? Call Romney! OH. Wrong religion.
    Call Hillary! Wrong species.
    Call Obama! Wrong. Just wrong.

  4. Liz Hill Says:
  5. I always love to see the 'entitled' meet their comeuppance.

    And SQUEEEEEEEEEEE edibleRed!!!! Their song Sugar and Spring is the opening music for my BlogTalkRadio show. I love the CD and it's in continuous play in my car--remember?

    I'll be there tonight!

  6. Twyla Says:
  7. I would gladly take a 5 million dollar inheritance. :-) It's crazy to think that for Paris, that's not a lot of money.

  8. Schmoop Says:
  9. Etta Rocks!! As far as the Huckabee thing, what can I say? Having sex with the Huckster is like having sex with The Almighty himself. Cheers!!

  10. RW Says:
  11. Hahaha you should have use that photo vin!

  12. I knew TB would be excited by the appearance of the edibleRed singer. The theme song she uses KICKS ASS.

    Speaking of edible, I worry about Matty getting Huckabeed too much. Too much Christianity isn't good for Matty's soul. Or anyone's, for that matter.

  13. The other thing I thought of (so sue me for forgetting and then coming back - sheesh) - Hilton's money. More money wouldn't buy Paris more taste. More boobies, yes. More class? Nope.

  14. KYRA: Love the music also... Taj is soooo freakin hot and Etta...YUM

    MIMI: I kinda like Obama

    TURN: How can I forget it was in your car...you mentioned it every 5 seconds! hehehehehehehe

    TWYLA: guess it is all relative...I would take $100 thousand

    MATT-MAN: Just for you did I select that one dude and i swear, we will have you tied to the bed pouring gallons of Holy water on you before the end of the month

    ROGER: I should have... could not find it...ARG

    SONGBIRD: Huckabeed...heheheheheh
    and you can ALWAYS come back dear...and you are totally correct...

  15. Maggie Moo Says:
  16. Hi Bond: I am feeling under the weather but I just wanted to say hi and to let you know I came by. :)

  17. katherine. Says:
  18. Dr B ought to be a really great show tonight!

  19. MAGS: Fell better

    KATHERINE: Yes, it should ...see you then

  20. See I always thought sex with Bono would be like sex with jesus. Bet Desert would disagree :P

    TAJ MAHAL OWNS! I also dig Richie Havens.

  21. The best part of the Hilton dramz (like Desert, I have returned;)) is the video of her and that skanky oil heir slimeball guy saying Lindsay Lohan was only worth "like 5 million which means she is really poor."

    Of course Paris will ways have cash flow from her "sex" tape. I say that in quotes cause if you look at her BJ performance, that guy is getting screwed alright. Just not in a good way.

  22. Tug Says:
  23. Matt-Man Huckabee, huh? Has a nice ring to it.

    LOVE the song Mockingbird, no matter who sings it - very nice.

    Hilton needs to start donating it all NOW...so the family can't challenge it. hee

  24. Travis Cody Says:
  25. Less money = less famous?

    One can only hope.

  26. Hey-
    I really like Obama. And I was not a fan at first. But this Bush Clinton Bush Clinton thing is what is REALLY a bad idea...

  27. Mia Says:
  28. Thinks that I can show Paris how to live on what I make....that would be so sad. lol

  29. BeckEye Says:
  30. I can't get over you putting Etta James and Paris Hilton in the same post!


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