See y'all tomorrow

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, January 24, 2008

Have a stomach bug...that is as much as y'all want to know

Come back tomorrow for a celebratory post

15 Of Your Sparks

  1. Ick. So sorry to hear this.

    Take care, and I'll be back for the celebration.

  2. Twyla Says:
  3. Feel better soon...

  4. Coco Says:
  5. Sorry to hear it, hun. It was so wonderful seeing You last night, and meeting Nancy. Hope You feel better real quick. *hugs*

  6. Feel better, Vinny. Kidlet and I are KO'd by colds today ourselves.

  7. Tug Says:

  9. Kb Says:
  10. May the toilet rise up to meet ya,
    May the pillow be always at your back,
    And may your virus leave in great haste,
    So we can have you back!

  11. Hope you get better. If not can I be on the Blogstein show?

  12. Thanks everyone for the well wishes... I am feeling better...My darlin' Nancy came by at lunch with some soup for me and some ginger ale...

    Bud... all ya gotta do is call in dude... hehehehe

    KB you are a poet...

  13. Gail Says:
  14. Feel glad Nancy took care of you!!


    was wonderful to see you last night at chat, and was great to finally meet nancy...

  15. Mimi Lenox Says:
  16. Bond - I hope you are better now my friend.

  17. Unknown Says:
  18. Oh my... sorry to hear this, Vinny. Chicken soup ´s a good healer...

    Hope you´ll be fine again soon. NOW =)

  19. Travis Cody Says:
  20. Looking forward to the celebration.

  21. Julie Says:
  22. Awww poor widdle Vinny.

  23. Sparky Duck Says:
  24. blech and I just got over it

  25. Liz Hill Says:
  26. Sorry you are feeling puny---it wasn't the pot roast was it ? ;-)


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