The Teamster Code....

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Saturday, January 05, 2008

OK Katherine's friend TEAMSTER has left us a comment on yesterday's post and it has alluded we are calling on our guests here on The Couch...

Can any of you figure it out?

I feel the need to be careful with my information. I've created a "code" for my mom's blog. I'm unsure of the level of sophistication needed (remember, I'm a simple teamster). I'm going to post a sample message on this site with the hope that some of you will attempt to break the code. I'm not paranoid....just being very, very, very careful.

b d b x b y k h i u k r z x c v p g d k c s

thank you for any and all attempts and we'll see if I need to adjust "the code"

The Teamster

OK FOLKS....all y'all have a ton of brains...let's crack this sucka...

21 Of Your Sparks

  1. Julie Says:
  2. I'm not one to be any good at things of this nature. Sorry.

    Have a great weekend dear!

  3. RW Says:
  4. OMG why! Now I am sucked in!! I need some more coffee first ( a couple of pots) & then will crack it maybe, hopefully, luckily!

  5. AtriaBooks Says:
  6. I think he's trying to say that Timmy is trapped in the well.

  7. Gawd - it's too early in the morning for this. Yes, I know it's already 9:30 here, but that still too early...

  8. katherine. Says:
  9. oh great....I give him half a dozen weblogs to read and THIS is the sandbox he wants to play in....

    musta been the music...I was sure he'd pal around with the dance-boy...

  10. Mimi Lenox Says:
  11. OH no! Katherine's Teamster is in education. He does not know his alphabet. I told you once and I'm tellin' ya again. No Teamster Left Behind is just not working!

  12. RW Says:
  13. This code is driving me nuts! Ive tried three deferent substitution cipher's looked for clues where I could I am about to throw in the towel!

  14. Um...

    Why? I mean not to be a killjoy and all but why the need for a code? If you don't want people to read your blog, lock it down! I can't go there, it would make my noggin hurt :P

  15. Travis Cody Says:
  16. I gave it a shot. This is what I came up with...

    "Because a vest has no sleeves."

    Yeah, I know. But it's the answer to some question, I'm just sure of it.

  17. I'm going to make Dean work on it... he cracks codes for the government...LOL.

  18. Meribah Says:
  19. **Stares at the secret message until her eyes cross** The puppy's got big ol' brains, but she can't make heads or tails of this! :P

  20. Unknown Says:
  21. "Taylor Hicks...please call Dana...she's only giving you another year before she starts dating someone else..."

  22. Unknown Says:
  23. Trav has a point - there's a stupid joke thingy that goes:

    What's the difference between an orange?

    It must be a bicycle, because a vest has no sleeves!

    Then everyone who's in on the joke laughs so they ones who aren't in the joke look stupid.

    Ah, middle school humor...

  24. Schmoop Says:
  25. The Teamster just played all y'all. This isn't a secret code; it's a sentence written in the language of the Zandoolies...who are a group of trouble makers on the planet Alpha Seti 8. It means: "I said rare, not raw."

    Sheesh, everybody knows that.

  26. Gail Says:
  27. Ummm, my head hurts enough from studying for school...

    Oooh, is it "Gail, you must you can begin your new chapter in life..."?

    Otherwise, I'm at a loss. Let me know when it's been broken...


  28. JULIE: GO rest dear - someone will get it

    DOC: Woof Woof Woof

    SONGBBIRD: When is NOT too early?

    KATHERINE: I resemble that remark! The Couch is a comfy place to sit and party...and it IS about the music too

    MIMI: NEVER leave a teamster behind...they travel in groups

    ROGER: I tried about 5 and could not find the answer

    STARRLIGHT: is a game dear... LOL

    TRAVIS: See I knew someone would crack for the question (gee we are now playing Jeopardy!)

    108: SURE...bring the government into it...LOL

    MERI: ummm you CAN do it

    DANA: that MUST be it!
    and ummm HUH?

    MATT-MAN: See I knew you were an alien....

    GAIL: It is your daily reminder to keep your eye on the prize my friend


  29. Sigh...see what happens when I read blogs WHILE the coffee is brewing?

    Teamster eh...I guess
    it is a quote from Jimmy Hoffa, "HAHAHA...nice try Geraldo!"

  30. I'll get the Navajo wind-talkers on the case to confirm or crack the code!!

  31. Kb Says:
  32. Search me! My cryptography skills did not prevail.

  33. Well, with a simple clue we have broken the code and Teamster, even a Teamster should not talk to his mom with that language...LOL

  34. katherine. Says:
  35. smile


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