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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, January 21, 2008


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Good Monday all....

How was your weekend? Ours was pretty good...we went pre-shopping for our new iMac and have pretty much zeroed in on a 20" monitor and 350gb hard drive. We will probably up the memory to 2gb from the 1gb the computer ships with to allow for faster draw when using Photoshop and allow us to have more programs open at once. That was our problem with the old mac...we would have iTunes, Photoshop, Illustrator and Firefox all running at the same time and the poor little thing just could not handle it. Still not sure if we will get the wireless keyboard, but will certainly get the wireless mighty mouse, which offers trackball scrolling and two-button options...

Totally cool and graphics are incredible...Just do not think we will be able to get it until mid-February, so our music stored on the old one and any graphics programs are unusable until then...

Saturday evening we went and celebrated the 83rd birthday of Nancy's mom, Mama Dot...we brought along an antipasto which went over pretty well...had a real nice time with the entire family and then had CAKE....yummo cake...apple with a caramel frosting made from fresh apples received from Vermont...also had a small piece of homemade pecan pie which was just deLISH...

Sitting watching the San Diego / New England game...not sure the Chargers have a chance, but they put a 3 and out on Tom Brady on his first possession and now are moving the ball...

Chargers could not get in the end zone...once again the Patriots looked like they could be had, but held off the competition and will be going to the Super Bowl...

Time for the Giant and Green Bay...as our good friend Dixie mentioned on her blog, we have a $5.00 bet on this game as she takes the team from Wisconsin and we are backing our Giants...BIG BLUE is ready for this game and we expect them to play well...going to be bitterly cold up there, they are saying this will be the third coldest game played in NFL history.

The coldest game was the 1981 AFC championship game, played Jan. 10, 1982, at Cincinnati’s Riverfront Stadium. The temperature was minus-9, and the wind chill plunged the readings to minus-59 as the Bengals beat San Diego 27-7.

Next was the Ice Bowl on Dec. 31, 1967 for the NFL title at Lambeau Field. The Packers beat Dallas 21-17 on Bart Starr’s quarterback sneak in the final seconds. It was minus-13 that day and the wind-chill factor was estimated at minus-48.

Should ONLY be about -25 with the wind chill tonight in Green Bay!

10 - 6 at halftime...Giants almost put the ball in the end zone near the end, but the pass was dropped...arg....

CRAP...Toomer drops an easy pass...Eli Manning has been plagued with an NFL leading 47 dropped passes this season...OH for some stick-em...hehehehehe

END OF THE WORLD ALERT: FOX will be having a Red Carpet for the Super Bowl with Ryan Seacrest hosting....WTF!!!!!!!????

We have just heard the report on "Heater-gate"...on the sidelines they have benches for the players that are supposed to have hot air blown into them to provide some warmth...seems on the Giants sideline the air being blown into them is only lukewarm...

GB finds out penalties will kill ya every time... 13 -10 Giants...then the Giants give up a long kick-off return...sheesh

And the Giants learn that penalties will kill you...giving GB a TD...arggggggggggggg...

And the third time is the charm for the Giants field goal kicker and BIG BLUE is headed for the SUPER BOWL!

The defense really shut down Green Bay all game...

NE already 14 point favorites???? NE has not covered in about 6 weeks...way too many points IMHO

For a more complete wrap, head over to Travis'...

On our way to Chicago today for another press approval. Will be there overnight and returning later on Tuesday. Should be a bit chilly there also...was only about 26 Sunday here in the Memphis area....

OK...ready for Spring...LOL

Dug into our collection for today's Tuneage...just reached in and grabbed the first CD that hit our hand...we will say we did reach into the jazz section...Came up with The Count...

Count Basie And His Orchestra...on the Verve Label, the album is called li'l ol' groovemaker....BASIE!

All music on the album was arranged by Quincy Jones.

Recorded on April 21, 22 and 23 1963 in New York City, the album features the following musciens:

Count Basie - Piano
Snooky Young - Trumpet
Fip Ricard - Trumpet
Al Aarons - Trumpet
George Cohn - Trumpet
Don Rader - Trumpet
Henry Coker - Trombone
Grover C. Mitchell - Trombone
Benny Powell - Trombone
Urbie Green Trombone
Eric Dixon - Saxophone
Marshall Royal - Saxophone
Charlie Fowlkes - Saxophone
Frank Wess - Saxophone
Freddie Foster - Saxophone
Freddie Green - Guitar
Buddy Catlett - Bass Guitar
Sonny Payne - Drums

The first song is called "Nasty Magnus" ... written by Los Angeles DJ Johnny Magnus, a good friend of Quincy's. First you hear Al Aarons on trumpet, then Eric Dixon takes over.

This is called "Pleasingly Plump" ...written by Quincy, the trumpet solo by Al Aarons

The Count died of pancreatic cancer in Hollywood, Florida on April 26, 1984 at the age of 79...he left us with a legacy of brilliance...

27 Of Your Sparks

  1. Uh....hi.

    Cake sounds yummy.


  2. SONGBIRD: ummmm that is it? That is an interesting comment....

  3. Really, really bad cold. Sick in bed all day.


  4. I did not get to watch the game. Tony was singing at a Martin Luther King tribute tonight.

    Good luck to that blue team. The only thing I will be watching in the Super Bowl will be the half time. I think I heard somewhere that Tom Petty has the half time show? Is that right?

    Oh and the commercials too... love those Super Bowl commercials...

    Safe travels...


  5. TopChamp Says:
  6. yey for trumpets. Did you know I liked them??

    this is great - I am typing boring horrible stupid account formulas individually into each cell (as copy crashes my spreadsheet) but have cheered right up coz you've given me brass x x x x x x x x

  7. Anndi Says:
  8. Safe travels!

  9. Kb Says:
  10. Loved Pleasingly Plump this morning. Very easy on the ears.

    I watched the Giants/ Packers game last night with my blankie. Man it was so cold I really felt bad for the boys! Glad the Giants won although a little sad for Favre.

    Good Luck in "Chick car go"... my Dad had weird names for everything. What I want to know is why we couldn't get MLK Day off like most everyone else. Hi-ho, Hi-ho off to the salt mines...

  11. SONGBIRD: Sorry you are not feeling well...hope you get better soon.

    DIXIE: Yes, Tom Petty is performing at half time...hope Tony's performance went well...sorry you missed the game...ty I hope to travel safe...

    TOPCHAMP: Thought you might enjoy the selections...sorry for the crashes

    ANNDI: TY my friend

    KB: Very cold day, I thought Coughlin was going to have frostbite on his face...very happy for BIG BLUE...I am working also...no holiday in Memphis

  12. Schmoop Says:
  13. Can't believe the G-Men won it. Too bad the Colts aren't in the SB. A Manning/Manning SB would have been interesting. Cheers!!

  14. Liz Hill Says:
  15. The 20" iMac is just awesome!! you'll love it sugar. And make sure you spring for the wireless mouse---I have one for the MacBook and will be picking one up for the iMac.

    I'm sorry it SUCKS that Favre is not going to the Super Bowl--but it does make it easier for me to do my show that night. And I'm saying that knowing a Kentucky boy is on your team AND y'all call them Big Blue ;-)

    Oh and the poker people are still talking about how good your antipasto was !

    Safe travels


  16. MATT-MAN: Gotta believe baby....would have been fun to have a Manning/Manning Super bowl...maybe next year...

    TURNBABY: I am real tempted to go 24" but the extra $$$ does not make sense....Favre got beat...the G-Def had him rattled all game...Obviously, that night will be an archives evening as I will not be listening live...
    Ah shucks...tell them all I said hey next time you speak with them...


  17. OBLadyBug Says:
  18. Go Giants! We knew our Ole Miss boy could do it. Be safe traveling today my dear.

  19. Vinny, you called the Giants "my Giants" on Travis's blog. We'll they're MY Giants, too!! :) Looking forward to SuperBowl in 2 weeks...:)

  20. Sparky Duck Says:
  21. Someone tell Mike McCarthy to Run the Damn Ball. Its like an Andy Reid syndrome or something.

    Good for Eli, though deepdown i kinda hope the Giants lose by 60

  22. Go Big Blue!! Sorry but I loathe the Patriots. Just loathe them.

  23. OB: Nancy...An Ole Miss gal rooting for her former QB...should be a fun Super Bowl...I shall dear and will call upon my arrival

    TEACH: LOL...did I sell you a share? hehehehe been a Giants fan for some 45 years now

    SPARKY: I was shocked they seemed to take the run out of the playbook entirely...though the G-Def was pretty damn awesome...NO way dude...they played NE as tight as anyone this year...

    STARRLIGHT: LOL My son Matt is a huge NE fan (well he spent 5-10 years old there) but my loyalties are with the JINTS...

  24. It is amazing how many performers Quincy Jones has worked with over the years - far more than most folks would imagine.

    I also agree that 14 points is far too many, but I'm not sure that the Giants have enough to beat the Patriots.

  25. Travis Cody Says:
  26. Thanks for the shout. Still can't figure out why GB totally abandoned the run. You can't just pass against the Giants' defense. You have to keep that pass rush honest and give them something else to think about besides go tackle Favre.

    Now I think I might actually enjoy blogging the Super Bowl. Have to figure out my best strategy...maybe posting at the end of every quarter.

    Safe travels!

  27. Mimi Lenox Says:
  28. Sports here too? I can't take it anymore!
    (Just kidding)
    Glad your weekend was fab. Antipasto ....cake....yumm.....The new Mac will be awesome. Hope your Monday is just as great!

  29. I was so frustrated with the games yesterday. In the end, my distaste for the Patriots has me rooting for the Giants.

  30. In Connecticut we are split between New York and Bosaton teams. I gream up with the Giants, but going to school n Boston got me to be a Pats fan. Ussually one was goord and the other sucked. Until yesterday. I'll hate rooting against Big Blue, but I am more of a Pats fan and I want to see that perfect season. So those a-holes in Miami shut up...

  31. AtriaBooks Says:
  32. geez, can't they put the printers in some warm weather locals?!?

    Hope your back in time for the Radio Happy Hour. You know I can't perform without you!

  33. Tug Says:
  34. Red carpet? Seriously?? You've got to be kidding... Although I was cheering for (shh) the Packers, I cannot stand the Patriots, so GO GIANTS.

    or whatever.


  35. DrillerAA Says:
  36. When the wind chill is -25 you couldn't stick one of those heaters up your butt and get warm. You don't even think about the tempature as long as you are on the field, but when you're on the sidelines, you think of nothing else.

  37. RWA: He is a genius...and I do believe that the Giants can keep up with the Pats...that is just me

    TRAVIS: A total mystery to me also...Grant has been great this year...I will not bother you during the Super Bowl and take your attention away...heheheheh

    MIMI: Sorry...it is a sports kinda time...So far the Monday is ok...

    108: Kyra...the best teams won... that is all

    BUD: ah hell..go back to your roots dude...Go Big Blue...

    DOC: LOL...I know..well next week is Atlanta...I know I am the glue that holds the show together Sir

    TUG: Seriously...they announced it during a commercial break during the game... ridiculous...

    DRILLEAA: This is true...and since they did not make another report on it, I presumed the problem had been fixed or the Giants had decided to just kick some ass to get back at the Packers...OH yeah, they did!

  38. Maggie Moo Says:
  39. I'm not a football fan, it's the only sport I really just don't like (unless I'm at the game, then it's just fun b/c you're there) but living in Boston is quite fun right around now. People are happy and the energy is high. No matter who you like, that's one cool thing about the power of sports.

  40. The Teamster Says:
  41. nobody likes perfection? the best of the best? I know that many have distaste for the Pats...but they win games they should and win games they shouldn't. They win games in which the brady/moss team connects and when they don't. I'm tempted to give the 14 and take my money and run.....

    although Quincy is a genious....I love rock and the blues......

    I hope your travel was safe....I battle unsafe travel daily on the high ways of northern california...be safe


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