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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, February 12, 2008


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Well, it looks like the Writer's Strike is over...Head writers returned to work yesterday and it appears their staff will begin coming back today or tomorrow...

What does it mean? Well, in a nutshell, it means the writers will get a piece of the action on the income generated by programs shown on the internet, on iPods and other digital media. It also means they will get a bigger piece of the pie from DVDs and video, which they have complained about since the 1980's...

Seems fair in the long run - we have used the new outlet of watching shows on the internet when we miss them on the TV or have conflicts while TiVo'ing another show...It can be the middle of the night...sleep is not coming and you power up your laptop and watch your favorite show with limited commercial interruptions...

This means that our favorite shows like "LOST" will not come to a crashing stop and that "24" will be making its debut soon...

It also helps stop the explosion of reality TV shows the networks have forced onto the air...if the strike had lasted long and these shows had taken hold, the face of TV would have changed forever....Let's be honest, though, it still could be...

Well, it appears that Mr. Bonds might not be the picture of steroids in baseball...or at the very least, he and Mr. Roger Clemens can walk into the shadows together...hand in hand...

This is turning into an fugley game of "you a liar dude" between Clemens and his ex-trainer Brian McNamee, each of whom will go walking up those big marble steps this week to testify in front of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform...

McNamee says he has the equivalent of the 'blue dress' - having given syringes, vials and gauze to investigators, which he says are from his given injections to Clemens...Truly..this guy was supposed to be a confidant...who the hell keeps these things?

He also gave information saying Clemens was at a party at 'holier than thou' Jose Canseco's home and that after that party Clemens began talking about steroids...

AH....but Clemens says he has evidence he was never at the party and supposedly, Canseco says Clemens was not at the party....

Does the evidence (gauze, vials, syringes) contain DNA belonging to Roger Clemens and also have traces of steroids or HGH?

If they do and Clemens goes before the committee and testifies under oath that he did not take the substances - does Roger become Federal Inmate 354-4673 (his number of wins and strikeouts)?

Late yesterday, Andy Pettitte and Chuck Knobloch, who were subpoenaed to appear in these hearings were both told they no longer need to appear.

Seems the committee has decided they have their starting rotation all set for this next round of hearings...

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This song just came to us, based upon the fact that the book on the Balco scandal was called "Game Of Shadows", and it appears that this whole horrible situation is being played in 'the shadows'...

ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTIONS..."Complicated Shadows"...

Well you know your time has come
and you're sorry for what you've done
You should've never have been playing with a gun
In those Complicated Shadows
Well there's a line that you must toe
and it'll soon be time to go
but it's darker than you know
in those Complicated Shadows

All you gangsters and rude clowns
Who were shooting up the town
When you should have found someone to put the blame on
Though the fury's hot and hard
I still see that cold graveyard
There's a solitary stone that's got your name on

You don't have to take it from me
But I know what I spake
You think you're like iron and steel
But iron and steel will bend and break
In those Complicated Shadows


Sometimes justice you will find
Is just dumb not colour-blind
And your poor shattered mind can't take it all in
All those phantoms and those shades
Should Jump up on Judgement Day
And say to the Almighty "I'm still stinking of sin"

But the jury was dismissed
Took his neck and they give it a twist
So you see you won't be missed in those Complicated Shadows

You can say just what you like in a voice like a John Ford film
Take the law into your hands
You will soon get tired of killing
In those Complicated Shadows
Complicated Shadows
Complicated Shadows
Complicated Shadows


13 Of Your Sparks

  1. Jose Conseco is an asshole. He used to come into my shop with his kid and he would be dressed to the hilt and acting like a snot ass. Then, he would insist that I carry heavy ass shit to his car like 40 pound bags of dogfood and whatnot as if he couldn't do it himself. And... he twice did this to me while I was 7 and 9 months pregnant. he also used to make me climb up on shit to get things down from high shelves just so he could check out my ass.

    He's a sleeze.

  2. Jeff B Says:
  3. Spring training is almost here and the media will undoubtibly cast an ugly dark shaddow over it with the continued steriod scandal.

    Remember when the game, not the controversy, was Ameica's favorite past time?

  4. Anndi Says:
  5. Good for the writers, whatever they come up with better be good.

    yadda yadda baseball talk...

    A certain Phil may be around a certain chatroom during a certain blogtalk radio show.... oh my!

  6. Schmoop Says:
  7. Yay for the writers...And speaking of writers, Elvis Costello rocks. Love the guy. Cheers Vinny!!

  8. RW Says:
  9. Thanks for the ELVIS C Vin! I am going to try catch the show tonight, I hope I have those damn bugs work out of my computer so I can hear the show & chat lol! See ya there!!

  10. Vinny, I'm glad the writers' strike is over too. You're a LOST and @$ watcher? Me too!

    Thanks for your entries for my "Six-Word Memoir" contest. I will announce the winners on Thursday, Valentine's Day!

  11. Love love love me some Elvis Costello =) I am happy the strike is over and that the writers got what they asked for. It only seems fair to me.

  12. Kb Says:
  13. So glad the writers are coming back! I'm sick of trying to find something to watch and ending up watching political shows.
    I heard 24 is off the table until next fall but Jericho starts up tonight with 7 wonderful episodes. WooHoo!

  14. Gail Says:
  15. Yay the writer's strike is over! That means I get The Office back!!

    Yay and Yay!

    My oldest is counting the days down to spring training too!


  16. What I do not understand is this: Barry Bonds fought it & lied and is facing charges. Giambi & Pettite said, "Sorry-my bad." and are forgiven. Why did Roger choose Barry's path? Andy asking not to testify against Roger, OMG...

  17. I am beginning to think there is more proof that Clemens used steroids than there is about Bonds.

    Apparently the New York Post reported that Andy Pettite's testimony before Congress backed up what McNamee had said.

    It's not looking good for Clemens - and yet he continues to deny it all.

  18. Tug Says:
  19. I'm so very very glad for no polyps!!

    The writer's strike...the steroid stuff - so sad. BUT. What's done, is done. I'll be very interested in the outcome, but it doesn't affect my everydaylife, so I'm choosing not to 'dwell'. Too much 'real life' going on I guess...though I love Clemens.

  20. katherine. Says:
  21. thank God the writers are going back to work....

    ya know my take on the baseball gig....


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