Finally Friday...

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, February 01, 2008


Build your vocabulary, feed the hungry...
16,618,642,590 grains donated at this point...16 BILLION TOPPED!

Well, it has been a real tiring trip...

Landed in Atlanta and got a call from the plant telling us they were ready for us...Headed on over and began making some color corrections...

Then we had some press problems and it extended the approval until about 7:00 pm...

Went right to dinner and began with a plate of 1/2 & 1/2 (half homemade potato chips and half fried onions), shared by the table as we had a couple of cocktails...

This was followed by clams on the half shell...sweet and yummy...and then a nice blackened rib-eye steak, cooked pink but not bloody...we shared some potatoes au gratin, sauteed green beans and sauteed mushrooms...

During dinner we knocked off two bottles of Silver Oak Cabernet, a most wonderful wine...

Dessert was a shared slice of NY Cheesecake, and a couple of espressos and Sambucas...

Headed back to the hotel around 11:00 pm and got into rang about two minutes later at 2:16 am and we threw on the sweats and headed over to the plant...

passed at least 4 cops on the 15 minute drive, all doling out tickets...kept our speed to the posted 55 mph...

approval number two ended and we were back in the car...cops still all around...and climbed into bed at around 4:00 am...

Two minutes later at 6:24, the phone rang and we threw back on the sweats and got back into the car... no cops spotted on this journey...

approval number three ended and we were happy we had grabbed our sunglasses since the sun was bright...we were back in bed at around 9:00 am... slept until 11:30 am...

Spent the afternoon doing emails (business and personal) and sliding down our sidebar visiting our friend's blogs...and writing this post...

real drained, it is not as easy as it used to be...when we were in our 30's we did 56 hours straight in Chicago and when we were done we went out drinking to try and break the buzz...drank for about 3 hours and then headed to our hotel where we watched a movie on HBO until 6:00 am...slept for 12 hours...

Last approval will be at around 8:00 am this morning and then we will probably head to the airport and see if we can get out of dodge by going stand-by on an earlier flight than our schedule 5:26 pm seems to be in a flux for today in Memphis with some possible ice and even snow...should make for some fun travel

We are wondering why our visits are really down recently...we see people on other blogs who were regulars here and yet they do not show up and take their seat on The makes us wonder why...

we will just accept that some people have decided they are not pleased here or with us any longer...

You can talk about posting for yourself as much as you want, but when you see these kind of things it is sad and frustrating...

OK, enough...we are tired and allowing ourself to blabber about this and feel all creepy...

If we had not made a vow to never delete something we wrote here early on, you probably would not even be reading this...

Sunday is the big day for the NFL...BIG BLUE vs. THOSE OTHER GUYS...and in case you didn't know, our son Matt is a huge NE fan...OK, so making him live in MA from 5 until 10 did have a lasting effect, sue us !

We will leave you this week with more more commercial and a wish that the commercials this year live up to the hype and not be as boring as they have been the last two years...

We always come back to this ad...arguably the most famous Super Bowl commercial ever... The story of the creation and decision to air the commercial is as interesting as the commercial itself.

It was directed by Ridley Scott right after he finished the legendary "Blade Runner".

The 60-second film was created by the advertising agency Chiat/Day, with copy written by Steve Hayden.

The film was shot in London and most of the actors were British skinheads hired for the day at a cost of $125 each, as the director was unable to find enough actors prepared to shave their heads.

It was shown to a large audience for the first time in October 1983, at Apple's annual sales conference in Honolulu, Hawaii. Based on the reaction of the sales team and management reviews, Apple executives booked two television advertising slots during the upcoming Super Bowl.

However, the Apple board of directors was dismayed by the ad and instructed management not to show it and sell the slots. Despite the board's dislike of the film, Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple) watched it and offered to pay for the spot personally if the board refused to air it.

The reason the commercial was saved from total cancellation was the result of an act of defiance and an act of bravado.

According to the book "The Mac Bathroom Reader" by Owen Linzmayer:
“ The board hadn't demanded the commercial be killed, nonetheless Sculley asked Chiat/Day to sell back the one and one half minutes of Super Bowl television time that they had purchased. The original plan was to play the full-length, 60-second 1984 spot to catch everyone's attention, then hammer home the message during a subsequent commercial break with an additional airing of an edited 30-second version.

Defying Sculley's request, Jay Chiat told his media director, Camille Johnson, "Just sell off the thirty." Johnson laughed, thinking it would be impossible to sell any of the time at so late a date, but miraculously, she managed to find a buyer for the 30-second slot. That still left Apple with a 60-second slot for which it had paid $800,000."

The commercial that launched the Macintosh is purported to have been shown only once; but to qualify for 1983's advertising awards, the commercial also aired on December 15 at a small TV station in Twin Falls, Idaho [CBS affiliate KMVT], and in movie theaters for weeks starting on January 17th.

It is now seen as the first example of event marketing, and is popularly credited with starting the trend of yearly "event" Super Bowl commercials.

It lives on in infamy...

Have to go with a repeat today...a little MARSHALL TUCKER BAND..."Ramblin'"...from their 1973 debut album Marshall Tucker Band

Doug Gray - vocalist
George McCorkle - rhythm guitarist
Paul Riddle - drummer
Jerry Eubanks - flutist
Toy Caldwell - lead guitar
Tommy Caldwell - bass guitar

42 Of Your Sparks

  1. Well I am here for the long haul, sorta like gum on the sole of your shoe ;)

    It happens to all of us I think. Mine have dropped significantly. Part of it I know is that I don't post every day but I also think there are a lot of people who join the blogosphere and then kinda peter out.

    You trip sounds tiring. I got lucky cause every time I was there it was my vacation. And since I was not staying in a hotel it was not at all stressed out.

  2. Vin, I'll make you a promise right here and now: even if I have no comment related to the post, I will post a comment so that you know I was here and reading. Remember, baby, breadcrumbs, breadcrumbs....

    I remember watching this ad, and I remember talking about it at B-school. Classic bit of marketing there.

    Still haven't decided to watch The Game, but I might sneak a peek or two. As a football fan, don't know that I can resist the lure that well.

    Sorry about your tough time on this trip. Here's hoping your travels back home are smoother.


  3. The Teamster Says:
  4. hey bond....can I borrow a seat on the couch? Marshal Tucker was my second concert ever...saw them up at lake tahoe in 1979. They're playing at a little bar in Modesto Ca. called "fat cats" in march.....did you know that toy caldwell is a thumb picker? and to have southern rock with a flute (can't you see) is enjoyable to listen to as well.....Ian Anderson also plays a mean flute, but rock, not southern...

    enjoy your weekend....i have to hope for a new england victory. we have a radio announcer (who is a complete asshole) out here on the west coast who grew up a new york giant fan and i don't want to listen to him all year talk about how great the giants i like to see perfection...i hope new england wins by 21 or more

  5. Schmoop Says:
  6. I have noticed a drop off in comments on lot of blogs. Maybe it's just the winter blues. Love Marshall Tucker. Happy Friday Vin.


  7. Gail Says:
  8. I'm here, Vin honey. I've always been here. Trying to make the pendulum swing, is all...

    Have a safe return trip home, weather here is nasty!


  9. Travis Cody Says:
  10. If one must repeat, then one can not really go wrong by repeating the Marshall Tucker Band.

    I remember that commercial. It may not resonate with younger generations, which certainly emphasizes how rapidly technology has advanced over the last 20-odd years.

    Safe travels.

  11. AtriaBooks Says:
  12. Maybe your comments will go back up if you add more nudity to the couch?

  13. Liz Hill Says:
  14. I remember that commercial as well---it was quite the talk of law school.

    I am struggling to get much of anything done these days. I did manage a funny today thanks to the DH. And I've sorted a 'theme' for my show Sunday even as it runs during the Super Bowl ;-)

    There are several blogs I used to read that I can't get to load from time to time

    And even though I use Google Reader I still go to the individual blogs to comment. I'm just really really behind.

    Sorry you had a tough trip sugar---at least the food was good ;-)

    And Marshall Tcker is too good to be called 'repeat' --it's just playing a good one again.


  15. I must be of the younger generation because I'm not uite getting it.

    I am astounded, though, by how you can eat that much food! I fall asleep if I eat a lot... thunk... the head hits the table, LOL.

  16. Twyla Says:
  17. I am guilty of not commenting as much as I used to...but it has nothing to do with you. I have been neglecting blogland altogether. I feel like I never have time anymore, and now that the kids computer crashed, they have taken over mine. LOL I have to fight 3 other people just to use it. That's why my poor blog is in shambles. The only chance I get to post is on Friday nights...and we all know those posts usually disappear the next day.
    Anyways, your blog is as great as it has always been...and I promise to comment more too. :-)

  18. try to stay warm bond, glad i am not in an airport today!

    smiles, bee

  19. Kb Says:
  20. I am so glad I found ya! Thanks to Radio Jesus I have expanded my horizons and met some really cool people.
    I like plopping my butt on your couch! And the great part is you don't charge me to sit and talk!
    I need wine --- OMG what a week! So glad it's almost over. Have a great weekend, babe!

  21. Kb Says:
  22. PS:
    Nudity could work... as long as you groom.

  23. Unknown Says:
  24. The BIG BLUE will fit great for this week´s Manic Monday theme (which is... guess... YAY! BLUE!) *grin*

    Don´t feel creepy, Vinny. Sitting on the COUCH rocks! Have you checked your feed? It´s fine again, but the google reader didn´t inform for several days the COUCH has been updated. Might be a "google Germany" issue - however, everything is fine again.

    About the deleting thing... I did it several days ago... No, it´s not the COUCH - no reason to =)

  25. Grooming AND a nice sky blue teddy. And heels.

  26. kb... we like to call it "manscaping" and I speak confidentally when I say that I suspect Bond is far too classy to sit naked on the couch with hairy balls.

    Or maybe he does... who knows. Nancy?

  27. That's a pretty rough schedule ... up and down all night like that. Thankfully you didn't get caught by Atlanta's finest.

    Hope you have a safe trip home.

  28. Safe travels home...

    Good Luck to your Giants this weekend...

    Thanks for the cool tunes... you know how I love that southern rock!


  29. Julie Says:
  30. **lifts a cushion looking for milkduds...grins....blows off fuzz and pops it in her mouth**

    Seriously honey...I'm just beginning to get caught up with my monthly work... I mean. I haven't read any blogs all week and I feel so out of touch with everyone.

    Sometimes i toss a quickie up on my blog just to let people know I'm still alive. If they are wondering they can pop in.

    I'll keep plugging away and reading whenever i have the chance.

    Love ya dear!

  31. katherine. Says:
  32. I'm having connectivity issues and your site takes forever to I haven't been commenting...but I will catch up....

    save my place on the couch....

    (that commercial rocked....still does...)

  33. STARRLIGHT: TY my friend...I don't get stressed from the hotels...and the trip was a success..going back in two weeks and then to LI for a few to another plant

    SONGBIRD: There are some I never worry are one of those...the commercial - brilliant...home safe and sound

    TEAMSTER: You have a seat with your name on it Sir...always here...I saw them in 1974 and 1980...Always loved the flute in R&R...Sorry about the radio guy...but I have been a Giants fan since I was 5..

  34. MATT-MAN: This from the guy who gets 50 a day! LOL...Have fun on Sunday...Maybe one year we can sit and watch the big game together...

    GAIL: The pendulum has swung... the finish line is in sight...home safe..TY

    TRAVIS: Interesting you said that seeing as how KYRA responded below...Enjoy the game my friend

  35. DOC: We are waiting on your nude pictures so I can post them

    TURNBABY: Funny..I should complain all the time...the comments went up! LOL SMOOCH

    108/KYRA: A simple take-off of the book 1984...with APPLE being the savior of the world and breaking through the PC dominance..SMOOCH

  36. TWYLA: A wise man mentioned to me just that point..that people get busy and do not have the time...I hate when those posts disappear!

    BEE: It was actually not that bad for me..some flights canceled but not to Memphis...

    KB: Have enjoyed you taking a seat on The Couch..that Radio Jesus guy is kinda cool... LOL...enjoy the wine...I do groom...would you like to contribute some nudity?

  37. SANNI: I did miss one day this week, so it might not have been a problem...Maybe I could do more with different tag options... who knows...I did some deletions..thinking about a couple more...the MM thing...well have not been doing it of my problem children

    STARRLIGHT: Will you be modeling those and sending pictures?

    108/KYRA: you are most correct...I would not...I manscape...

    RWA: Home safe and sound my friend...and glad you are around and visible

  38. DIXIE: SMOOCH...home and for some plans with my good friend...time for those...

    JULIE: pssst there are always fresh milk duds for you in the cabinet...and saw all your comments last evening

    KATHERINE: Not sure why it takes so long to load...might have to look into that...your seat is always here..just missed ya dear one...

  39. Oh no Vinny dahlin, that is all you with the heels ;)

  40. katherine. Says:
  41. it was taking for-ephn-ever to load cause I was using an ancient desk top....but I have my wireless back up and running...praise God

    please warn us in advance before posting manscaping on the big leather....

  42. cathy Says:
  43. well you don't see much of me but I can't get online very often. Just as soon as ny kids grow up and I retire Ill be totally devoted:)

    I remember the days when I went out from work and pulled all nighters before having a quick shower and going back to work. It makes me tired just thinking about it.

  44. STARRLIGHT: I never ever let people see me in my heels!

    KATHERINE: WOOOOOO for the wireless...I will not be sharing my manscaping...and I would have not used the word 'warn' LOL

    CATHY: Ah life...yes it does infringe on our ability to blog sometimes...

  45. Tug Says:
  46. Geez...reading about the hours your work involves almost (ALMOST) makes me feel bad about bitching that I had to go in today - LOL. Sounds very tiring. So what are your plans for Super Bowl? Watching it from home, or going to a party? I will be HAPPILY here at home. ;-)

    and I'm not going butt-print is forever on my place of the couch.

  47. Jeff B Says:
  48. I don't have a lot of confidence that NY can beat the Pats, but I sure hope they do. There's something about them that just bugs the crap out of me.

  49. Beth Says:
  50. Hope you're enjoying your weekend, and I hope your Giants win!! Although I have to say that little Manning should not have beat my Brett.

  51. RW Says:
  52. Happy Super Bowl Sunday Vin!! Hope your enjoying the game today!

  53. Tug Says:
  54. OMG OMG OMG - the GIANTS!!! I seriously didn't think they'd win (sorry - I'm a Rams fan, what do I know??), BUT YAY!!! I am SO done with the Patriots...(and was many years ago I might add)

    SO very happy for you, you Giants fan you!!


  56. Jeff B Says:
  57. Congrats to your NY Giants!

    Super Bowl Champions.

    What an increadible game by the defensive line!!!

  58. katherine. Says:
  59. I am sure you are a happy guy.

    can't wait to see the payoff on the

  60. Lizza Says:
  61. I've been away, but I'm back. Do I still have my place on the couch?

    The first part of your post just made me hungry - and I just had lunch! Grrr...

    Have a great week, Bond baby.

  62. TUG: Was with Nancy and the boys and I expect your butt to stay here

    JEFF B: You are not the only one...

    SCHMOOP: They were the better team .. sorry...thanks for coming by

    ROGER: TY and I did I did

    TUG: Ah TY for being the first...TY TY TY


    JEFFB: TY Sir...

  63. KATHERINE: TY and neither can I

    LIZZA: Welcome back dear....and your seat is always reserved here...

  64. Unknown Says:
  65. Aw, you knows peoples wuvs you! The comments go up and down...but we reads ya!


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