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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, February 11, 2008


Build your vocabulary, feed the hungry...
18,071,110,390 grains donated at this point...18 BILLION TOPPED!

The weekend kind of got away from us...

First off, for those of you who wrote and asked how things went on Friday, THANK YOU...it is nice to know that you have friends - and especially those of you who are friends we have never met...

We will tell you that everything went great...my Darlin' Nancy picked us up and took us to the doctor's office Friday morning...

After a short wait, we were called into the back and got ready...the nurse was real sweet and informative and mixed a nice Valium/Demerol cocktail...and we slid into a wonderful fuzz...

Unfortunately, she did not use all of it (we found out afterward), so we could hear what was going on as our doctor instructed the intern in the procedure...

Bottom line...NO polyps found what-so-ever..and we have had them in the past...So, as a good friend said to us...we continue to have (or did he say be???) the perfect a-hole!

Darlin' Nancy drove us home and made sure we got into bed and then sat watch over us for the rest of the day. When we finally did wake, we had some food - though we really were not that hungry...

Saturday, I decided to whip up a great meal for her, and came to a total realization...one thing that sucks about Memphis is that Veal is virtually impossible to find in the stores...

Thus, we whipped up some Chicken Picata and Linguine alla olio (made with a sauce of oil and garlic and anchovies)...

Sunday flew by as our week finally took it's toll and we actually crashed on the couch for a few hours and then went over and had a London Broil with a Sweet Onion loaf with Nancy and the boys and then watched "The Kingdom"

GREAT MOVIE...if you have not seen it, rent it...with Jamie Fox and Jennifer Garner - it truly shows the horrible results of terrorism, but is extremely well done. It is directed by Peter Berg, who you might remember as Dr. Billy Kronk on "Chicago Hope" from 1995-1999...

If you do rent it, spend some time with the extra features and check out the entire set-up for the highway scene...stunt-men are pretty damn incredible and the men who choreograph crash scenes are no less than geniuses...

OK, it is way way too late...so we are going to leave you with a song by an artist we were lucky enough to get to see live last year at The Beale Street Music Festival...

They have announced the line-up for this year's festival will be announced on March 6th...can not wait to see who they have lined up...

Mr. David 'Honeyboy" Edwards...This is "Drop Down Mama"

Fingers crossed, we will have the new MAC within the next two weeks...and we can get back to our DELTA BLUES TUNEAGE TUTELAGE....

OH and


Have a great Monday all

17 Of Your Sparks

  1. Anndi Says:
  2. Gee, thought you already knew about the veal...

    As I said in TOOSP, glad you got that checked out as Mom's first cancer was rectal cancer.

  3. DrillerAA Says:
  4. Congratulations...I think. I've had several of these procedures. I am now on a three year cycle because my last one was completely clear. It is something that all of us need to do after the age 50. It can save your life!!!

  5. RWA Says:
  6. I have not yet seen "The Kingdom," but several friends have recommended. I will be sure to check out the extra features on the DVD.

    Glad to hear everything went well on Friday.

  7. the108 Says:
  8. Congratulations on your perfect asshole!

    And... AAAACKKKKK to the baseball!

  9. Starrlight Says:
  10. Glad it went well Vinny =) I am gingerly making my way back to work today, still coughing but not as badly. You best take it slow as well!

  11. Matt-Man Says:
  12. Glad to hear that you are clean as a whistle. Cheers Vinny!!

  13. Bond Says:
  14. DRILLERAA: I began at 40, and am now on the 5-year cycle...

    RWA: Thanks and you definitely should check out the movie

    108/KYRA: heheheheh and HEY..I LOVE BASEBALL

    STARRLIGHT: TY..glad you are getting better...you really need to take it slowly though

    MATT-MAN: And I can whistle with it also matt...

  15. Bond Says:
  16. ANNDI: Even worse than last year...could not even find it in the store i had...ARG..and I have been going for these since I was 40...

  17. Kb Says:
  18. I enjoyed The Kingdom as well. If my fav author Vince Flynn ever gets a movie deal I hope Peter Berg will be involved. Glad you are feeling up to par!

  19. You shoulda asked the the rest of the drugs to go in a doggie bag. Geez... Glad you are A-OK, so to speak...

  20. Wow! Dr. Billy Kronk from Chicago Hope--there's a reference pulled right out of your perfect a-hole!

  21. Tiggerlane Says:
  22. OUCH! My hubby recovers patients from that procedure all the time...he still hasn't had one...maybe he's seen too much?

    Glad you got the clean bill of health - and Valium! And Demoral!

  23. Mags Says:
  24. Yo, Bond.

    Hi cutie! :)

    I'm buttering you up b/c I know you're going to hate me in a few months. LOL...Saturday was truck day.

    They're on their way to spring training. :)

  25. Bond Says:
  26. BUD: If I had been semi-lucid, I would have

    DOC: I am just a plethora of information dude...you know that!

    TIGGERLANE: He may have seen too much, but it is an important test and you should make him go for one...

    MAGS: My team is looking very strong this year...you may be hating me (in a wonderful competitive sense)

  27. TopChamp Says:
  28. glad you're well... food sounds lovely... slightly odd thinking about the two at the same time...

  29. Dixie Says:
  30. So glad everything came out ok... Nancy is a dear, isn't she?

    Thank GOD it's almost baseball season.


  31. Dana Says:
  32. Aw, "Darlin' Nancy" :D


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