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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, February 25, 2008 everything is printed and we finished at 4:00 am on Thursday, just in time to get on the road...

Had a great two days in Philadelphia, MS at the Pearl River Resort...relaxed...played some cards...ate a great meal and laughed a lot...

The cards did not turn out great. We did get into a Texas Hold 'em Tournament with about 80 players. We lasted an hour or so getting more 4 & 7 hole cards...

We were in the #2 seat and the guy in #1 was getting some great cards. The gent next to us in #3 looked over after my last hand and said "Man, you had nothing to play"

Did spend some time at the Blackjack tables also and just road my own, leaving a few shekels behind...

Dinner was excellent...Presentation on my Spinach Salad was lacking, as they put all the other ingredients at the bottom of the bowl, and then tossed the Spinach leaves on top....Might have been a commentary on our asking for the dressing on the side...

Dressing was a Balsamic based, but with sugar, salt pepper and olive oil used...will have to experiment on the proportions...

We also had the Macadamia Nut Crusted Orange Roughy with a Buerre Blanc Sauce.

Darlin' Nancy had an Iceberg lettuce and tomatoes Salad and then the Petite Filet, with a nice sauce on the side.

We had a Stag's Leap 2003 Cabernet with dinner and split a slice of NY Style Cheese cake with a Strawberry Sauce.

Every female diner gets a red rose at the conclusion of dinner...nice touch...

Except for the group of over-served gents at the table behind us who were totally loud and obnoxious and ride...(wait did we just describe tables we have been at???)

Where were we...anyway, they left just in time...people were beginning to get a tad annoyed...

It was a grand evening overall...

OK, then after we picked up our car in Olive Branch we went and picked up the new iMac....YUP....we got it...

20" of bright a matter of face, we are lying on the bed, the computer about 5 feet away as we type this...see, the mouse and the keyboard is wireless...the wireless keyboard is a smaller version, and we are not sure we are totally comfortable with it yet, but that is why they invented spell check...but we sometimes miss some of those - RIGHT ANNDI?

So, that is the good news...bad news is we might have lost everything n the old machine...might be much worse than we thought...all our music...and the programs Photoshop and Illustrator were work related from a past job..they gave to me...but we do not have the disks to load on the new machine.

And MS Office is another program where the disc is no longer with us.

We have begun loading all the CD's we own and also trying to recreate some of the live music (bootlegs) we have...

I feel like Layla who lost much of her music, though she was able to recover some...

We have not given up hope yet though...we are hopeful the Pros can do something we can't to abstract the data...

So, no huge graphics abilities at the moment.... if you want to share your P.S. and Illus. discs for Mac... heheheh we will not tell...

Also hopeful to grab the USB turntable and get the vinyl loaded to is yours going Travis?

Went to watch some Baseball on was about 50, so not so horrible, but standing / sitting through a double header, still gets a tad chilly...

"Our" team won both games (played against two different teams)...

So, back to the office that is...




This might be wrong but...

Votre anniversaire peut ĂȘtre rempli avec des sourires et des rires

or is it this:


We can not start on another addition of TUNEAGE TUTELAGE - The Delta Blues Series now...though we had to go over to iTunes and use some of our credits...we have enough to work this up...

Next up...Mr. Chester Arthur Burnett - the world knows him as Howlin' Wolf

A little taste today...The Howlin Wolf London Sessions...In 1971, Howlin' Wolf and his long-time guitarist Hubert Sumlin traveled to London to record with British blues/rock musicians Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Ian Stewart, Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts .

Enjoy...This is called "Poor Boy"...

22 Of Your Sparks

  1. Mimi Lenox Says:
  2. So sorry to hear about your computer woes. And Happy Birthday to Anndi's baby girl!

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. Sounds like quite the weekend? But I'm confused... do people PAY for photoshop??? Every single program I have was just downloaded off the internet. I'm confused.

  5. Schmoop Says:
  6. Well that sounds like a lovely time. Glad you were able to get away. Cheers!!

  7. Glad you got a brief break - even if the cards didn't go your way.

    "The London Sessions" are some of my favorite music. Not only was Howlin' Wolf incredibly talented, but the guys he played with in London? What an incredible set.

  8. Anndi Says:
  9. I think I saw a few LOL!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes Uncle Vinny!

    I almost picked up a Howlin' Wolf CD on my birthday gift shopping journey (for myself...).

    Great tune!

  10. Yay, I love Howlin' Wolf! Glad your weekend was good. Mine was as to be expected and I got home to a sick cat. Add to that two of the worst flights of my life, and bleh. Glad to be home!

  11. cathy Says:
  12. I've got back up discs for my music but if my PC goes kaput my work stuff is lost. What the hell nothing is more important than music.

  13. Yeah, Vinny, I knew you were "from the block!" Robert Moses State Park, Bronx Zoo, Francis Lewis Park...Whoa! We probably could bump into each other in the Whitestone Shopping Center...:)

  14. Kb Says:
  15. I want THAT cake! Wow! So glad you had some time away and are back safe and sound.

  16. MIMI: I am soooo sad about it...hoping one more thing might work

    KYRA: yes they do - so where did you get Photoshop off the internet?

    MATT-MAN: TY Sir

    RWA: Also one of my all time favs...

    ANNDI: And what stopped you? Get back out there....

    STARRLIGHT: Welcome home...hope it was not too stressful for you dear... Now about that music you were offering??? LOL I really need it now...and i am kidding - with all you have been through...

    CATHY: I have much of it backed up - but not a whole group of it as my CD burner died a while back

    TEACH: Yeah - from da block...Though I was from further out...Commack what about the SmithHaven mall? LOL

    KB: TY my friend...

  17. Glad you had a relaxing weekend. After hell week it sounds like you much deserved it.


  18. Julie Says:
  19. Oh my! It's not a wonder you need a nappy!

  20. Hey, Anndi's baby girl and my baby girl were born around the same time! How about that?

    Glad to have you back. Sounds like you had a great weekend overall.

  21. Travis Cody Says:
  22. That would seriously suck if you couldn't recover your stuff off the old Mac.

    My music project goes well...slow, but well. I'm about 1/4 of the way through with cassettes. I do about 10-15 per sitting. It takes awhile because you have to listen to the whole cassette...which I like, but it takes as long as the tape runs to record.

    I've got well over 6,000 tunes on the Ipod now though!

  23. BeckEye Says:
  24. I seriously hate Macs. I'm using one right now and I'm about ready to throw it out the window. Any mac I've ever used can't handle more than 2 applications open at once or it will crash at some point. I just want my PC back!

  25. DIXIE: It was not relaxful enough - hehehe and I was exhausted today

    SONGBIRD: It was fun..ty ..and WOOO to birthdays

    TRAVIS: I am getting worried I will lose it all...all the fault for not buying an external drive...
    I will get back up there soon I hope...Gotta get the turntable

    BECKEYE: Man..I have had the exact opposite troubles...The iMac runs the pentium dual processor...and in tests has smoked anything Dell or HP or anyone else can market

  26. Maggie Moo Says:
  27. Dinner sounds lovely-I'm glad you had a nice time!

  28. Sparky Duck Says:
  29. A festive weekend! Sounds grand, except for the freezing your ass off with baseball

  30. Ya know Vinny I have had those cd's on my coffee table since we talked about it. I gotta get some DVD's cause they hold a lot more mp3's and I promised the ex boyfriend I'd send him some as well. Hopefully next weekend. Just spent the day with at the emergency vet hospital. I am operating on about 20 hours of sleep since Friday morning and I am beyond tired =(

  31. MAGS: It was yummy

    SPARKY: Need it a bit warmer

    STARRLIGHT: Besides your being sick and then kidlet too...and all you have gone through...take your time...get some rest...

  32. It sure has been a rough start to the year. I am hoping it smooths out a bit.

  33. katherine. Says:
  34. yes...the new paper thin mac LOOKS cool...but it is after all...a mac.

    I am so a PC kinda gal.

    plus...when I slam my fist on the keyboard at the stupidity of most people....I'm afraid I would snap that little sucker in two....

    sounds like your trip was really really fun....


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