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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Build your vocabulary, feed the hungry...
19,106,451,570 grains donated at this point!

Sister Lynn sent some pictures from Sunday, so we will share...

The twins - Candice & Joseph -----------------Matt & Joseph

The three guys -------------------The Cousins

Andy Pettitte
held a press conference yesterday and is the first player to admit his mistake, saying the words and not just apologizing for 'his mistakes'...he also spent an hour answering every question, openly and honestly...Some of these other players should take notice and 'step up to the plate'...

Did not get to go into NYC yesterday and meet up with Doc B...two conference calls were scheduled between 11 and 3, so it would have been impossible...Sorry Doc...

Hoping we will be available tonight for the show, but we begin around the clock press approvals beginning at around 8:00 am tomorrow morning, right up until we leave for our 6:00 am flight on Thursday...

So, we saw over at RWA's that Heidi Klum has jumped on the bandwagon and invited Ms. Spears to come live with she and Seal and that they will help her get healthy again...Someone mentioned that one of our least favorite 'celebrities', Rosie O'Donnell has also made the offer...

Neither of them have confronted the pubic and begged us all to leave Ms. Spears alone as vehemently as Mr. Chris Crocker...if you have not seen this before, he uses some bad words, so be aware...

Mr. Crocker has gotta a lot of grief on youtube and even on Jimmy Kimmel...but this video has had over 16,000,000 views since being posted 5 months ago...

Well, it appears Ms. Spears has come to his defense... she also seems to have hit the Hostess cakes while she is in rehab...

What? That wasn't really her? OH...sorry

Coming up this week on DR. BLOGSTEIN’S RADIO HAPPY HOUR:

(Live on Tuesday February 19th at 9PM ET and forever archived at BlogTalkRadio.)

Dr. B and Dangerous Lee welcome “The Real Deal” into the Radio Happy Hour.
Cruiserweight and heavyweight champion, Olympic medalist, and the only boxer ever to become world heavyweight champion four times, Evander Holyfield joins the Blogstein show for a live interview on the day his new book, Becoming Holyfield, hits the stores.
What made him who he is? Is he retired or will he fight again? Does the world really need another grill designed by a boxer? Will asking that question leave Blogstein with a black eye?bryan2.jpg

Also, contemporary Christian singer Bryan Duncan returns to the show. He may be saved, but it doesn’t mean he’ll be safe when he steps back into the Radio Happy Hour!
All that, plus, Supreme Commander of the Cyberwaves Vinny Bond drags his Big Leather Couch into the Radio Happy Hour Lounge to chat live with the listeners and Justin the Weatherman stops in with a forecast and we’ll take your calls at 646-652-4804

Join us live every Tuesday night at 9PM ET. The Radio Happy Hour Lounge-a live chat room during show time-is a whole new reason to make sure you listen live!
It’s the show within the show!

Another repeat...picked at random...

Mr. Hicks singing Mr. Charles

24 Of Your Sparks

  1. RW Says:
  2. Thats to bad ya didn't get a chance to meet up with Dr.B, this show should be awesome, I am getting hooked on it lol! Have a good day Vin!!

  3. Schmoop Says:
  4. I got an idea. How about Heidi Klum comes and stays with me...Cheers Vin!!

  5. Liz Hill Says:
  6. Glad you got to spend some time with Matt.

  7. Unknown Says:
  8. Love to see those family pictures, especially when you and Matt are on =)

    So, if the Matt-Man gets Heidi, I´ll take Seal... but *ssssh* don´t tell!

  9. Travis Cody Says:
  10. Thanks for the Georgia...a most excellent way to begin the morning.

    Good luck with the proofing today.

  11. I'm with Matt-Man! Heidi Klum is adorable.

    Also adorable.... your sweet family! Great pictures!

  12. The family photos look great. Soooo happy for you that you got to spend time with Matt.

    I think people in the public eye could learn from Andy Pettitte. Step up and admit your shortcomings, apologize, and move on. It's easier to ask for forgiveness when one is willing to admit fault. A good lesson to teach our kids, don'tcha think?

  13. ROGER: Hoping I can make the show...might be tough tonight

    MATT-MAN: Let me see what i can do for you

    TURNBABY: Thanks - so was I

    SANNI: It is between the two of us dear

    TRAVIS: Luck of the draw today, but I knew it would be enjoyed

    KYRA: AH shucks...thanks can Matt-Man can share

    SONGBIRD: Thank you dear...I agree..he did one hell of a job...I watched the entire thing and was impressed with his whole attitude...never getting upset at the questions and only refusing to discuss the testimony - which I understood

  14. DrillerAA Says:
  15. I'm glad you got to spend the quality time with family. For me, it is the grand kids and they live here in town, so I see them all the time. It is wonderful.
    An No, I'm not Chris Berman's real estate agent, so I was not looking for a new residence on his behalf. I'm pretty sure it had something to do with being a Baby Boomer, I just don't know what it was.
    People say that the mind is the second thing to go when you age. I just can't remember what the first thing is.

  16. OBLadyBug Says:
  17. I'm glad you got to spend time with Matt and your family. What great looking kids ... and well you're pretty good looking too (lol). Good luck with the proofing today and tomorrow and whatever you do DON'T MISS THAT FLIGHT Thursday morning!

  18. nNice family, Vinny! Thanks for visiting me! I appreciate it! :)

  19. Tug Says:
  20. Yeah, I was impressed with Pettitte as well.

    Great pictures!! So glad you got to go and enjoy the fam.

    Weeknights really suck for me, I always miss the show. ;-( Enjoy it if even YOU make it tonight!

  21. Angell Says:
  22. Glad to hear you had a good time. :D Thanks for the wonderful tunage.

    Will try to swing by Doc's tonight - but I tend to forget these things. But have a great show. :D


  23. Kb Says:
  24. What good looking kids! Thank you for the chuckle...LOL! Hope you can make it tonight.

  25. katherine. Says:
  26. looks like you had a great time...

    am missing Dr B....hopefully in March life returns to my control....laughing...

  27. Mimi Lenox Says:
  28. Great looking kids. Glad you got some quality time with Matt. Looking forward to the show.

  29. TopChamp Says:
  30. There is quite a family resemblance!

  31. Andy Petitte is a class act.

  32. DRILLERAA: Ah grandkids...still aways from that (I hope)...LOL...the first is something I do not think about...

    NANCY: Come hell or high water, I am on that flight

    TEACH: I enjoy coming to your thanks needed...

    TUG: He certainly showed class and dignity

    ANGELL: Glad you enjoyed the tunes...Not sure I am making Doc's unfortunately

    KB: TY only one is mine! LOL Not sure it is happening tonight...take control of the chat room for me

    KATHERINE: Hope your life gets settled and you rejoin us

    MIMI: TY dear...enjoy the show.

  33. BUD: Glad you agree...

  34. That National Lampoon video of "Britney" is hilarious.

  35. Great picture Bond, it looks like you had a great time =)

    Chris Crocker is in DESPERATE need of a valium. Or an intervention.

  36. RWA: I laughed the whole time..

    STARRLIGHT: TY we did have a great time....
    ANd Chris is one weird dude..he has a ton of videos over on youtube and some are even scarier then this one...

  37. Unknown Says:
  38. I'm sorry...did you say something? I forgot everything when I heard "Georgia...Georgia..."


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