Ssssssssssh... It Is A Surprise Party....

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, February 07, 2008


Build your vocabulary, feed the hungry...
17,461,100,870 grains donated at this point...17 BILLION TOPPED!

It is a special day for a special guy...

We first met this guy about a year and a half ago (maybe longer, time flies when you are having fun) and began reading his blog, interestingly enough, while he was on vacation and one of his friends was posting a "Best Of" for him ...

Since then he has fallen completely in love with us...He tries to hide it, but we know he does love as...yup we do..and we love him in a manly sort of way...

So...we have decided to throw him a don't tell him, it will be a surprise party and all y'all are invited...

We have set it up with a caterer and will have all of his favorites...

That's right, come on in before he gets here...
over on the left is the bar and we are serving

On the right is the food...there you will find
(yes, for you health conscience folks, there is some salad)

and how can you throw a party for this fine man without

Now, ladies, do not be offended, but for his birthday, we decided to hire a dancer
who might get a bit wild...but we just know that he will want to take her home...

And, of course, at the end of the evening, we will have
a Birthday Cake...the guest list is so big, we ordered two
and we know his favorite flavor so, we ordered
(pssst look close - these have meat fillings)

The party was going to be expensive, so we even got two sponsors

Make sure you head over to
and wish our most excellent friend


We even brought back a famous movie star to sing to him and since she is dead and can see the future, she has decided to let us see that his wish WILL COME TRUE!

Matt-Man For President

29 Of Your Sparks

  1. *laughing*

    You are one torturous guy, you know that?

    *walking away, laughing*

  2. We love you, Matt-Man!!!! Happy Birthday!!!

  3. RW Says:
  4. Hahahahaha Happy Birthday to Matt!

  5. Mimi Lenox Says:
  6. And don't forget the spam. It's the reason his brain is, you know.
    I love the dancer. She's really cute. He'll love her!

    Happy Birthday Matt!

  7. Oh my Gawd, Vinny you are such a meat tease! Spam it!

    We loves ya Matty!

  8. Travis Cody Says:
  9. Nice!

  10. Lizza Says:
  11. A most appropriate birthday video, Bond! A perfect tribute to our favorite crazy guy. He just might have to break his meatless vow for once.

  12. Liz Hill Says:
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATTY!!! Very nice Bondbaby--wanna go in on the Send Schmoop Serious Meat drive? *giggling*

  14. Liz Hill Says:
  15. And I forgot to say that

    I know EXACTLY how to make a 'beer butt chicken' have boobies *giggling*


    even the THOUGHT of Spamtinis is making me gag----just sayin'

  16. Schmoop Says:
  17. You are too kind Vinny. You invite everyone over for my Birthday...Serve drinks.

    You talk about our manly kind of love for one another, and yet you still manage to stick a knife thorugh my heart by serving meat which you know I cannot eat for another 45 days. Brilliant!!

    Well, since I can't eat anything, pass me a case of Rose and let's get this party started.

    Thanks alot Vinny, and of course...Cheers!!

  18. SONGBIRD: It is my way to honor him, what could you mean by torturous? =]

    108/KYRA: Go ahead rub yourself against him as a present

    ROGER: DON'T you rub against him ...ok?

    MIMI: We covered the spam with the Spam Martini - hehehehe

  19. STARRLIGHT: That's my lot in life...everyone has a goal...mine is to be a meat tease...would you like an olive in your Spam Martini?


    LIZZA: TY...if he wants he can have the meat

  20. TURNBABY: Why does it not surprise me that you know how to make the boobies?

    MEAT-MAN: Oh gee...I forgot about your Lenten vow of going could that have happened? Oh my...I am so bad...what? No Spam Martini?
    Spam is not really meat you is a tofu-like substance


  21. Anonymous Says:
  22. What a great job! Nice party!

    Will you supply designated bloggers for those of us who partake too much??

  23. Odat Says:
  24. I came for the party and the meat!
    Thanks! Hope MeatMan can at least have some cake.
    Nice Party!!! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT-MAN!

  25. i'll just have cake if you don't mind. i think i will pass on the spamtinis! (gag, ha ha ha)

    happy birthday matt!

    smiles, bee

  26. With the possible exception of the spam martinis, that looks like quite a spread for a party.

  27. Julie Says:
  28. Bwahahaahaha!

    Not just breasts but nipples too! I love it!

  29. METALMOM: TY and yes, there are blog-taxis standing by...

    ODAT: The cakes are filled with MEAT

    BEE: You do know the cakes are made with MEAT, right?

    WA: Go on brave...

  30. Angell Says:
  31. Fah-bulous Party Vinny babe. Do you think I'm dressed right? Didn't want to forget the heels since I'm so much shorter than everyone else....

    Love the menu- the more meat the better!! But poor Matt - not being able to eat it until after Lent (this is why I gave up listening to my mother - works every year). Oh well, more of that for us, and more Irish Rose for him!!

    CHEERS - oh and you DO have cabs on hand right? Wouldn't want anyone to drive home loaded...

  32. Anndi Says:
  33. Happy birthday Matt-man!

    May you be half an hour in heaven before the Devil knows you're dead! (a LONG time from now)

  34. OBLadyBug Says:
  35. Happy Birthday Matt-Mann! Great party dear.

  36. Vinny, how nice of you to celebrate Matt-man's B-day on your blog!! But I thought Matt-man was giving up meat for Lent! Ha! I'm going over there right now!

    And yes Netflix has run out of films I want to see...:(

  37. TopChamp Says:
  38. wow! That much meat would be some kind of party...........

    Happy birthday MattMan. I understand so much more now I know what bagwine and Irish Rose are!!

  39. Vinny, forgot to say I'm glad you're safe (got it from Desert Songbird) after the terrible weather down South! :)

  40. Mia Says:
  41. Damn, like I said Im coming to one of your parties. My mouth is watering lol.

  42. Bond that Chicken cracked my kid up so much she laughed until the cough fit got her. I quote, "Oh my God...are those nipples?!?!?"

  43. Jeff B Says:
  44. Nice tribute to the king of corn and hopefully the next leader of our country!

  45. Unknown Says:
  46. Oh, even the cake and the martinis are filled with meat... I ♥ thsi party. Gimme more meat... Meat... it´s all about meat, man... I mean... Matt-Man.

    Okay, chicken breast will never look the same again... but hey, who cares?!

    Perfect party =)

    Happy Birthday, Matty!


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