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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, February 05, 2008

We are still flying high on our GIANTS incredible win in the Super Bowl...The media has been pretty brutal on the Patriots using the word 'failures' more than once...is it fair? Maybe not, but when a team displays arrogance from the top down and has been accused of cheating to gain a competitive advantage, well that is the neighborhood you roll in...

If they had won they would have been lauded with accolades beyond belief...I found it incredulous that during the pre-game shows, the talking heads were saying Tom Brady would be the best that ever played the position if he had won...and they did it with smiles... after the game...nope, not any more...

Fandom and the public at large is fickle...and in our opinion they have a right to be...and if you are a sports star, and you accept the adulation, then you must be willing to accept the vilification when you disappoint those fans and the public...

Here is the pay-off to the bet that was conceived on TurnBaby's radio show between Mr. Fab and myself...have not seen it yet, so have no idea what he has done...

Well it appears that person (yeah I changed it...no sense diving to his level) has two blogs and put his video on his second one...

Was it a pay-off to our bet? Not in my opinion...

We were brought up to believe a bet is a debt of honor...the video he posted was an insulting very weak attempt at what he considers humor...if you want to see it, you go find it...I will not link to it..Those who find it funny...well that is you...

We should have known not to expect someone like that could actually accept a loss and do it with class and dignity...keep your $5...buy a personality

Now, on to...THE COMMERCIALS...

there were some great commercials this year and some absolutely horrible commercials and even a commercial that was not accepted by TPTB at FOX...

Of course, we are not putting up all the commercials...you can find them all at Spike: Powered by iFilm to see those we might not use here...

We will work our way up...

First ... the losers...

  • All of the commercials from salesgenie.com...what a collection of crap...they had a number of them, but this was the worst:

  • Now, let me ask you...TPTB declined on the Danica/godaddy.com spot, yet THIS one get through? Please, gag me...ok, this is sick..

Now the commercials that were just boring...

  • Did anyone actually watch this commercial all the way through? Anyone??? Bueller?

  • I guess making a "jack sandwich" is an approved innuendo over at FOX

  • This gets the 'What Were They Thinking" award...didn't hey realize that the cavemen have fallen hard

  • ummm...OK, they had a decent one which might be below (we have not totally decided yet)...but this was just D-U-M-B...poor Shaq, he coulda been a contender....

These were the commercials which used past creative concepts and we enjoyed them...

  • Audi used the infamous scene from "The Godfather" to make their point that they are taking on the 'big boys'...

  • Pepsi-Max had a "Night At The Roxy" and let the music play (with a cameo by Chris Kattan)

  • UnderArmor went with the theme from the infamous Apple commercial

The Future is Ours - Under Armour

The tops...the commercials that deserve to be watched over and over
  • Could have posted both of the baby commercials for E*Trade, did love when the baby spit up...but "creepiness" just won us over...

  • Ah...the power of nuts...

  • Yes, this one could have gone into the group above as it is a take-off from the movie "Rocky", another in a long line of heart-warming, funny Budweiser commercials...

  • OK, so we admit it, we do not like this guy...nope, nada...and maybe that is why we laughed hardest at this commercial than any of the others...

Pepsi Stuff: Justin Timberlake - Pepsi-Cola

Now, the commercial we enjoyed the most...why? Because it is a true story and it shows, anything can happen in life, if someone believes in you...


OK...OK...the banned godaddy.com commercial...poking fun at all the Lindsey Lohan/Paris Hilton 'exposures' recently...is it really so bad?

And then last night as we got ready to post, we saw this on ESPN's Sportscenter...

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28 Of Your Sparks

  1. HA! I like the Giants one at the end...LOL!

  2. Liz Hill Says:
  3. So I finally saw the GoDaddy commercial--it's a Britney Spears reference as much as the other two.

    I think it's funny as hell --cause I'm wired that way--- but I also think it's way over the top. A little subtlety could have gone a long way here.

    I can't watch the baby thing without being skeeved out--baby and clown NOOOOOO *giggling*

  4. Schmoop Says:
  5. Holy Crap Vinny thanks for posting all of these. I'll be back to check them all out. Cheers!!

  6. Kb Says:
  7. You forgot about the Doritos commercial with the human sized rat jumping out of the wall. Hank is still my favorite.
    As I say everyday... I love you and make good choices. See ya later alligator~

  8. Not only did you forget the Doritos commerical with the human size rat jumping out of the wall you forgot the Sobe Life Water commerical with Naomi Campbell and the Geiko's dancing to Thriller... those were 2 of my favorites.

    Yeah the JT commerical was hilarious... especially when the straddled the light pole.. BUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA not once but twice... BUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA

  9. 108/KYRA: The one for the '72 Dolphins...yeah it is funny as hell

    TURNBABY: More over the top than the one with the guy attaching the jumper cables to his nipples? THey allowed that one and godaddy has always been over the top..
    psssssst clowns...creepiness LOL

    MATT-MAN: enjoy my friend...

    KB: I had to cut down and not post them all and - though it was good, it did not totally rock my world

    DIXIE: The Sobe was also good, but it did not make the cut IMHO...I thought 'keep sucking on that straw..do not let him away from the mailbox' hehehehehehehe

  10. AtriaBooks Says:
  11. I can't believe you left out the Underdog parade balloon fighting with the Stewie parade balloon for the Coca-Cola parade balloon only to be beaten out by Charlie Brown parade balloon.

    That was my favorite.

  12. I couldn't get any of them to play; I'll have to come back later to see if I have more success.

    I DID see the JT commercial; I can see how you'd like his getting straddled on the light pole repeatedly. My hubby thought it was pretty damn funny.

  13. BTW - you sound a bit bitter about that Super Bowl bet. Do you need to lie down on the Couch?

  14. "We should have known not to expect someone like that could actually accept a loss and do it with class and dignity...keep your $5...buy a personality"

    Ah... now I KNOW this is not my Bond talking, here...My Bond is too charming and gracious....

    Cheer up, babycakes.

  15. DOC: Also a great commercial...but not all greatness makes the cut...

    SONGBIRD: Sorry they would not play...go over to the web site and try...

    You have seen the video now...sorry...a loser is a loser is a loser

    108/KYRA: That is me talking here...and i do not take back a word of what i said...you go find the video and tell me that was necessary...I will not accept it

  16. I think we will need to settle this with a wrestling match :-)

    Naked... and I get to wrestle the winner.

  17. 108/KYRA: We can wrestle...I want nothing to do with him...will not get that close to him

  18. Bond, sweetie, I want to see this video but I am flying so frickin high right now I couldn't google my own name. Send me a link via email. That way I can spend my afternoon working on a suitably snarky comments.

    And frankly the team was arrogant, the couch was arrogant but most of all Patriot fans are the most arrogant asses out there.

  19. Vinny, I don't think I could ever see you as a sore loser. You would own up to a bet with grace and honor. Some people do not possess the same, so we must forgive them their crassness and accept that regardless of how we may carry ourself, they cannot destroy our dignity. They cannot recognize honor because they have none.

    Besides, as much as a sports fanatic as I am, I can't see getting this worked up over a frickin' sports bet. It's not brain surgery, and it's not about world peace. For cryin' out loud, it's A GAME.

    Revel in your win, Vin - I know I have been for the last year. Now it's your turn.

    Oh, and your Couch? Best piece of furniture in the blogosphere. Methinks someone is a bit jealous of your equipment.

  20. Boy, Vinny, I have to give you so much credit for posting so much stuff. I need a couple of days to go through it all... I liked the little kid talking commercial the best...

    Thanks for commenting on my blog! :)

    I watched the Giants come up the "Canyons of Heroes" this morning. It was awesome!

  21. STARRLIGHT: heheheh share whatever has you off the ground! It is too bad some fans can not just accept defeat

    SONGBIRD: TY dear friend...I almost posted the video i had scripted - but I am sure I would have been told it was not what I would have done if my GIANTS had actually lost...but then again, it is obvious there are people out there that do not know me as well as you

    TEACH: Well it will be here.take your time...and i post comments where I feel comfortable...Hoping for the video for tomorrow...

  22. Desert is right! It is hateration over your sleek and slim Italian lines!

  23. It's call Hycodan and it is obviously NOT the same as pediatric codeine cough syrup. Cause seriously I have the tolerance of a horse. I can take percodan and be mildly happy and that is it, but this stuff is whacking me way out. It could be because I am so sick too. It's a tiny bottle too which pissed me off at first until I realized it was 1 teaspoon every 6 hours. Stuff is kinda spooky!

  24. AtriaBooks Says:
  25. oh, and any man who can't properly pay up on a lost bet isn't really man.

    Anyway, who in their right mind would mess with a pay-off when dealing with an Italian guy named Vinny?!?

  26. Mimi Lenox Says:
  27. Where to start? Rewinding.....I did not listen to Turn's show so I don't know about the bet. ??? I was researching "football" for a post. Thank goodness I've done my time now.

    Commercials: The talking baby seriously weirded me out and then when he spit up it was just yukky. I could have done without the spit up. And the baby.

    The Godfather:Audi and the Planters Peanuts were mildly entertaining I suppose...but aren't we here to watch a game?
    It was all I could do to keep up with the words I didn't understand!!

    I can't believe you posted all these commercials. This post must have taken forever. Great job. As usual.

  28. STARRLIGHT: TY ...wish they were even slimmer...lol...ooo cool drug....

    DOC: A bet is a debt of honor ... that is how I was brought up

    MIMI: Well it did not take forever, but it did take a while...ah the baby was cool....and the planters one was really funny...the way they paid it off...

  29. bond, when you get hold of whatever has starrlight soaring around, be sure to share some with me.

    I'm with you on GoDaddy's Danica Patrick commercial. I found the Amp bit much more disturbing and inappropriate.

    "So I can keep my beaver safe...and out of sight."

  30. RWA: I do not think she is sharing... damn her...the censors have a weird sense of priorities I guess

  31. Gee, that betting stuff upset you. That's a problem in the blogosphere is you not always sure what type of lunatic that you are dealing with.

    OK, I grew up a Giants fan and became a Pat's fan during college in Boston. Until this year it was easy. One was good and the other was not. I think when Parcels went to the Pat's they edged out the Giants. So anyway it was weird rooting against the Giants. But it wasn't close. Perfection? I hoped to see it.

    Tom Brady played one hell of a game. He is as good at what he does as anybody who has played the position. While you are 100% right on the "experts" flip-flop, you gotta give him his props. The Giants sacked and knocked him on his ass 19 times. He handed his defence the lead at the 2:00 minute mark. He is the best I've ever seen. And he has PLENTY of years left.

    On the other hand it was great to see Eli grom up in the playoffs and see Tom Coughlin adjust this year to current players.

    Enjoy the W. It was worth the wait, I would think, my friend!

  32. Tug Says:
  33. Talking babies with adult voices creep me the hell out...

    Like I said on the 'other' site, I love you both, AND RESPECT YOU BOTH...not getting in the middle there.

    I had the game on, but really didn't pay attention to the commercials - guess I'm not a commercial kinda girl. ;-)

  34. Now now, I am just "High On Life" don't ya know. Actually it is a bit of an unpleasent high. Kinda makes me sick to my stomach for the first 30 minutes or so. After that I kinda feel like Randall P at the end of the movie.

  35. Julie Says:
  36. I love your passion for this game. All the commercials! Man, that must have taken quite some time to post!

    Don't allow any"thing" to take your joy!


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