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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Build your vocabulary, feed the hungry...
21,957,026,530 grains donated at this point!

Yup....We is sick....rapid test came back 'no flu', but Doc hit me with the Tamiflu and Augmentin and a 'sinus-cocktail' in the upper right arse cheek and the words "Can you work from home?"
"Do so for the rest of the week..."

And then he actually gave me a note! "Excuse From School/Work" note ....bwahahahahahahahah

Anyhow..we did work most of the afternoon...which was not fun...ended up giving instructions on how to use a vendor-partner's web site....sigh....

We really hate, tell me there is no work and we are feeling great and the sun is out and it is a beautiful day (as it was today) and WOOOOO

But to have to stay in and pretty much - in bed - well that really sucks...

We are fine Mom....Kiss

darlin' Nancy took us to the doctor' was very sweet of her to ask... come only ONE person pointed out the typo in one of our Message In A Bottle meme's below? huh?

And that one person sent us an email to point it out ....we told him me actually meant Mever...that it is a special word to us ... he did not buy it.... were so overwhelmed by the sentiment that you never even saw the typo...that's it ..... right?...right...right?

bwahahaahahahahahahaha - guess we will have to fix that one...

Sorry...just sneezed...excuse me while we grab a tissue...

OK, back...We have ants in the apartment...mainly upstairs in the bedroom...We just cleaned the whole place, so it is not our messiness...good thing the pest-control comes today...One of the hassles of apartment living....

Thinking about your "March Madness Brackets" yet??? We know Travis is...This is one that we have never done real well in....sure we get through some of the early rounds then we blow up!

Have never really followed College Basketball in the past, but now living here in the Mid-South where it is huge - and especially so this year with the great run by the Memphis Tigers - and new friends who are big Ole Miss fans - well, let's say we are more attuned to the dynamics of the teams than we have been...

does that mean we should do better this year?...NOT A FREAKIN' CHANCE....

does it mean we are not going to give it a try?...NOT A FREAKIN' CHANCE...we will be in somewhere....

OK...rambling now...Feeling light-headed...(and not in the charmin' normal way either!)...

We just looked and we have not played anything from this incredible group. THE IMPRESSIONS while Curtis Mayfield was writing much of their music and leading the group...

"People Get Ready" was released in 1965 as a single and aslso the title track to the follow-up album. The single reached #3 on the Billboard R&B Chart and #14 on the Billboard Pop Chart. The gospel-influenced track displayed the growing sense of social and political awareness in Mayfield's writing.

Rolling Stone magazine named the song the "24th greatest song of all time". The song was included in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll.


20 Of Your Sparks

  1. I usually do very well in bracket challenges; in fact, one year I won, kicking the collective butts of every man with whom I worked. They couldn't believe a "chick" would beat them. Ha!

    My Bulldogs won their conference tournament and are ranked 10th in the nation. We should see them get a top 8 seed in the bracket somewhere.

    Hope you feel better soon. My head still feels woozy...

  2. Schmoop Says:
  3. Feel better soon. I think Memphis will be hampered by their poor Free Throw shooting. Cheers!!

  4. Coco Says:
  5. Sorry to hear you're not feeling too well, Vinny. Hope you're better soon.

    I must apologize for my extended absence from blogreading. It looks like I will have as much catching up to do as I had when I first started reading your blog, almost 2 years ago.

    I have started a new blog, which is primarily dedicated to music of the classical variety. The link is ... I know classical is not exactly your thing, but there are some real gems there, if you're brave enough to give them a listen.

    Lotsa hugs and affection to you and yours, Vin. Take care.

  6. Doh, how is the butt cheek doing after those shots? Usually feels like you have been kicked in the butt by an angry mule. Sure hope you feel better soon. Sounds exactly like what I had, before it moved downward to the cough and chest cold. Hope you feel better soon!

    And thanks muchly for not using the Rod Stewart version. While it ain't bad I totally prefer Curtis =)

  7. SONGBIRD: Quit your braggin' ...sheesh! LOL....feel better

    MATT-MAN: I agree free-throws are a worry for the Tigers

    COCO: SO happy to hear from you....I do enjoy some classical and will check out the site...

    STARRLIGHT: ugh..this so sucks..sneezing part started last night and kept me awake until about 2am..
    My butt is still sore, damn shot!
    No one but the Impressions on this song IMHO

  8. A note giving you permission to work from home? That's great.

    Hope you feel better soon - and good luck on your March Madness brackets. I wouldn't pick Memphis to go too far though. Teams that can't shoot free throws well typically don't do too good in the tournament.

  9. katherine. Says:
  10. I caught something last week....fever...cough....

    then being the generous soul I am...decided to start giving it to my friends and family.....

    typhoid katherine.

  11. Anonymous Says:
  12. I actually prefer and enjoy getting shot in the butt.

  13. BeckEye Says:
  14. Hope you're feeling better soon!

  15. Can I have your doc's number? I feel something coming on. Oh can Darli' Nancy take to the doctors on Friday? And as Bond, that was quite a typo, but "Mever Say Mever Again"...

    Oh and NCAA Madness: GOOOOO UCONN!

    Hope you're feel better, my friend.

  16. RWA: Yes...can you believe it? I was shocked! I agree about Memphis unfortunately

    KATHERINE: alone has it's perks...though I hope I have not spread it to Nancy's boys ... or her

    KYRA: LOL...I bet you do

    BEKEYE: Ty

    BUD: Sure it is 901.555.buttshot...You have to ask for her calendar dude... LOl I Mever will

    TY Sir

  17. Missed you today... nothing much happening anyway....

    Thanks for the props for the Memphis Tigers... they are a force to be reckoned with but they MUST get their free throwing together. They have the offense and defense together just lack with the free throws... oh well... I firmly believe they will be the overall No. 1 ... they so deserve it... GO TIGERS GO!!!! Conference play starts tonight too.


  18. The Teamster Says:
  19. I hope you feel better vinny....somehow/somewhere.... I received some germs last weekend and am limping through my workweek...hoping to feel better by friday night.....

  20. Anndi Says:
  21. Typos make it through when the editor isn't around...

    Get some rest.

  22. RW Says:
  23. I seen that was a typo to, but thought your were trying to be funny. Besides what a pain in the butt to change it right!

  24. Travis Cody Says:
  25. Wait..."mever" isn't really a word?


    I'm am well into championship week and counting the days until Selection Sunday this weekend. And I have next Thursday and Friday off so I can watch the first round.

    Feel better!

  26. DIXIE: All about the free-throws...tried to rest most of the day..did not even do blog rounds...

    TEAMSTER: I heard there were some germs floating around up there...LOL...and wait, pray tell is Friday?

    ANNDI: Well? then they need to be around more....TY

    ROGER: LOL..nope a type...fixing it tomorrow

    TRAVIS: ssssh it is a get those days off each year...finish inventory - get to see first two days of the Madness

  27. Tug Says:
  28. Bond, my friend...take care of you. Many thanks to Nany for helping. Get some rest.

    I've heard that chalk lines keep ants out - never tried it myself, but have heard it often.

  29. Anndi Says:
  30. Who's 'they'?

  31. TUG: They sprayed...not sure if it stopped them all...but

    ANNDI: They know who THEY are...


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