Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, March 21, 2008

Don't be the last one without a new, sparkling, cool and groovy Couch Button! LOL...thanks to those who have decorated their blogs.

Big Dance began yesterday and we are sure our most excellent friend Travis will be giving you top-notch coverage. We have two brackets going. One over with Sparky Duck that has basically crashed and burned in the Midwest Region, where we had USC going to the final four.

But the other bracket which is with a group from NJ, and some of the proceeds goes to support Matt's old HS Baseball team...well as of this writing with 12 games completed and four in process, we are 11-1...

JINX alert! bwahahahahahahahahaha

Maybe the games will be over before we hit post...or go to bed....

To those who celebrate, have a terrific Easter weekend. Did you have to work today on Good Friday?

We are open, but the feeling is a notice will go out closing at 3 or so. As a contractor, we are not bound by what the company does, but normally follow their lead.

We will be joining darlin' Nancy and the boys for a nice ham dinner on Sunday. Hopefully you will be with family or loved friends for a nice meal and to celebrate the most important holiday in the Christian liturgy. The Resurrection of Christ.

We are not a practicing Catholic any longer. That ended years ago, just before my eighth grade began at Christ The King school. I worked on Mom Joan and Dad Vince hard to get into public school and they finally acquiesced. Funny thing is that the school was not sad to see me go.

I was not what you would call the most perfect parochial school student.

We were thrilled to be moving into public school after 4 years in an environment of nuns and lay teachers who were just as mean as the nuns. Sister Mary Kenneth was actually pretty attractive - well all you could see was her face in the habits they wore, but the boys thought she was 'purty'....LOL

Thing is, she had a friend she called 'Suzie'. 'Suzie' was a long wooden pointer...you know with the rubber pointed tip at the end.

Well, when you did something 'inappropriate' - which covered a myriad of infractions, you would be ordered to make a fist and lay it flat on your desk, knuckles pointing to the sky. She was incredibly skilled at whacking that damn pointer right along the tops of your knuckles.

A full on slam...no pussy-footing around...nope. Then their was Mother Superior, Sister Mary Jean...no, not Mary Jane...Mary Jean...

She was getting up in years so it was difficult for her to handle a paddle. She had this device where when she stepped on a lever, a spring loaded paddle would whip around and hit you square in the rear as you bent forward....YEEEEEOWWWWWWWWW

Ah yes...the only way to learn that God loves you is to make sure you FEEL the love.

We did not know how to lay low back then either...we tended to be out in front at certain times. Then at others, we were the wallflower. Oh wait....Gemini..yeah, almost forgot! But we got in our share of situations during our years there.

Oh right...Easter...yup...color the eggs...let the kids go find them (if they are young enough- though we still like to hunt for them, especially if they have money taped to them...bwahaahahahahahaha) ... worship as you do, whether that be in your heart or in a brick and mortar building...

Stay safe and we will see you on Monday...oh BTW 15-1...damn USC

This is by a band called JAZZ PASSENGERS. They are a jazz group founded in 1987 by saxophonist Roy Nathanson and trombonist Curtis Fowlkes.

Other regular members include vibraphonist Bill Ware, bassist Brad Jones and drummer E.J. Rodriguez.

After appearing on their In Love album in 1994, Deborah Harry became a regular member of the band, appearing on a number of follow-up albums, including Individually Twisted (which includes two duets with Elvis Costello).

This is one of those duets..."Doncha Go Away Mad"

OK, we got it uploaded..

OK...lifelogger is not taking any uploads it appears, so a rerun for today...if tomorrow morning we can get it to take, we will post the above mentioned song, so stop back. Until then..."Statesboro Blues"


26 Of Your Sparks

  1. Liz Hill Says:
  2. I hope you have a lovely weekend. Give Nancy a hug for me.

  3. Lizza Says:
  4. I think nuns are figures of terror for many kids who went to parochial schools. I remember the rap-on-the-knuckles thing, except here the nuns used a ruler instead of a pointer.

    Happy Easter to you, Bond!

  5. Schmoop Says:
  6. Have a great Easter Vin. I was fortunate. I was the only one out of nine kids who did NO time in Catholic school. Two Days Til Meat Fest. Cheers!!

  7. Kb Says:
  8. Thanks Vinny! Happy Easter to you and yours. The whole family is ill (except me) so the Easter egg hunt may be canceled. I am very sad about that.

    SEASONAL WARNING: Watch the Easter grass and don't eat the Peeps.

  9. Twyla Says:
  10. Ohhhh, I need one of those couch buttons!
    Sorry I have been MIA. I have actually been trying to stay away from the internet for the last couple of weeks. It was starting to take up all my free time.
    But it's so hard to stay away. :-)

  11. Twyla Says:
  12. Oh, I forgot...

    Happy Easter!!!

  13. TURNBABY: You also enjoy your weekend...and I will...get your button yet? hehehe

    LIZZA: which edge of the ruler, the thick or the thin? IT MATTERS! Happy Easter

    MATT-MAN: Yummy meat meat meat meat

    KB: Sorry everyone is sick, shall come over and find your eggs?

    TWYLA: Welcome back and of course you can not stay away! LOL
    Enjoy your Easter with the girls.

  14. Happy Easter Mr 007.

  15. Wow, I am glad you escaped that parochial school and the wooden pointer. Sheesh!

    Well done on your bracket through day one.

  16. SARGE: Different Bond...but same to you and Bee Sir

    RWA: The great escape it was...and thanks...let's see if day 2 holds up

  17. I never went to Catholic school as a child; perhaps that's why I still practice my faith all these years later. No one scared me away! Of course, being a member of a more liberal congregation helps. Most people forget that Jesus was the original liberal in the church.

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend, Vin. Me, I'm off to nurse my cold and allergies. Aaaaaa-CHOOOOO!

  18. And dammit! I fell from first place to tied for second in Sparky Duck's contest. Damn USC; I'm happy for K-State (my FIL is an alum), but once again the Slack-10 conference shows it's true colors.

  19. Travis Cody Says:
  20. I may do some recaps over the weekend, but right now I'm just enjoying all the games and the time off from work. I needed it.

    Congrats on your first day results for your brackett. I went 12-4, which is pretty good.

    Great music as always.

  21. SONGBIRD: Feel better now my friend....and stop your whining...my bracket is all screwed over at Sparky's

    TRAVIS: I was a tad surprised no updates...but will look over the weekend...12-4 is damn good...let's compare after today...
    Glad you enjoyed the Tuneage

  22. Maybe someday Vinny you can come back to Long Island - you picked two really nice places to be the North shore or out East...Happy Easter!

  23. I went to a private CofE based school and we got the ruler on the knuckles routine as well.

    Well *other* people did. My teachers love me :P

    And never apologize for only offering up Statesboro Blues!

  24. Meribah Says:
  25. I'm sure glad I didn't have to go to Catholic school and endure sadistic nuns. Of course, I was good as gold in school and all the teachers loved me, so I don't think I would have had any problems! :P

  26. DrillerAA Says:
  27. Ever wonder why we don't have rabbit for Easter dinner?
    I guess they're not big enough to feed the family.

  28. Unknown Says:
  29. Happy Easter, dear Bond!

  30. Hey thanks for the memories....I went to Catholic school too and still remember all the lovely methods of corporal punishment they used on us (Sister Mary Jude was sweet but the rest of them knew how to wield a yard stick).

    Happy Easter!

  31. katherine. Says:
  32. Happy Easter Vincent to you and nancy and all of yours!

    (I have hated USC FOREVER!!!)

  33. Jeff B Says:
  34. Happy Easter good man.

    Hope your weekend is filled with good food, family and games.

  35. Mia Says:
  36. Hope you're having a wonderful Easter and filling your belly full.

  37. Anonymous Says:
  38. Hope you and Miss Nancy and the boys have a fantastic dinner and a happy Easter weekend :-)

  39. TEACH: Maybe some day...TY - Happy Easter to you also.

    STARRLIGHT: NOT you.... no no no...LOL...No more apologies...

    MERI: EVERYONE was a good as gold but me it seems!

    DRILLERAA: But But But...we don't eat Santa on Christmas and they both bring presents!

    DANA: And to you and Bethany Smooch

    BARBARA: LOL..Memories.......

    KATHERINE: And also to you and your family and Teamster...enjoy

    JEFFB: And the same wishes to you Sir...

    MIRANDA: No filling done yet....but soon...

    KYRA: Hope everyone in your home s crazed on chocolate....faces smeared...fingers covered...yummy

  40. RW Says:
  41. Happy Easter Vin hope its a good 'en.
    I am feeling much better coming back to life!


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