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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, March 06, 2008


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OK...that show has some 'splainin' to do Lucy...

Now...remember that they told us this was "The Best Group Of Singers We Have Ever Assembled", or some hype-crap like that.... Ideocincricies

Seems they have slipped a tad when doing their "Is this person worthy of our touting them as the next 'American Idol'" background check.

YES, it is a reality is manipulated like all reality shows...showing us only what they want us to see (OH, we certainly DO believe that)...we have always thought that the person who wins is supposed to fit a mold...if not musically, but from a values standpoint.

Think about it...there have been people who have been disqualified because of their backgrounds and because criminal activities have shown up in their past.

* Corey Clark was disqualified when the producers found out that he lied about his criminal history. Later, he claimed to have had an affair with Paula Abdul.

* Semi-finalist Frenchie Davis was removed from the competition when topless photos of her surfaced on an adult website purportedly featuring underage content.

* Terrell and Derrell Brittenum were twins who were featured prominently on the auditions and successfully made it past the Hollywood rounds in season 5 but were subsequently arrested for identity theft and disqualified

The have also given passes to some contestants - Taylor Hicks' teenage pot bust is one that comes to mind-

How do you think the producers feel about this little gem hitting the youtubes airwaves?

Seriously folks... there is some real bad language here, so please be aware....this Emotard (GREAT WORD Starrlight!!! We also found this from her site BTW) should be gone by the time you read these words, but if he is not - then he should be soon...whether the public votes him off, or the producers do their little voodoo and work it so he does get kicked off...

All we can say is, we never really saw him until this week, and he is just too over-the-top, flamboyant for us...

WARNING...FOUL LANGUAGE - but it is only 30 seconds....


Then this taken from an AP story...

updated 4:09 p.m. CT, Tues., March. 4, 2008

LOS ANGELES - David Hernandez won’t be stripped of his chance to compete on “American Idol.”

The 24-year-old from Glendale, Ariz., once worked as an adult entertainer at Dick’s Cabaret in Phoenix, appearing fully nude and performing lap dances for the club’s “mostly male” clientele, strip club manager Gordy Bryan told the AP on Monday.

...Antonella Barba remained in the competition last year after racy photos of her surfaced on the Internet. The source who confirmed that Hernandez will remain said Davis’ situation was different because of the site’s age-themed content.

Fox and the producers declined to comment on Hernandez. All the singers, including Hernandez, have been unavailable for interviews.

On a video posted on, Hernandez said he broke the lease on his apartment and lived out of his car before auditioning for “Idol.” And, when asked in a Q&A posted on the site which talent would he would most like to have if he couldn’t sing, Hernandez responded: “Dancing! I’m horrible at that.”

We all have things in our past...but are these "American Idols"? Should they even be in the Top 12?

After watching last night, they could take 8 of the women and 4 of the guys and that would be fine with me. the two women going home are those who do not have callers (I KNOW that is what it takes!)...what we mean is they ALL deserved to go to the next step tonight...much more so than the guys last night

This is in direct contradiction to quiet a few people we know....but we call 'em as we see 'em...

We do think that they were out of time and that is why the judges used one word comments for the last girl (We do not even know their names - that is how uninterested we are, to be honest), and they should have made that clear as we think people would feel she was not worthy and she was very good.

How the he!! did we end up spending a post talking about this show? Is it the video traffic accident we can not look away from? Is it some sort of infectious disease that they spiked out water with?

Travis had a cool meme on Wednesday, think he cribbed it from Ian...and we are going to 'borrow' it tomorrow...

As it involves a shuffle of the iPod, we will just select one today. We are finding music we never really listened to often when they were CDs sitting on the shelf. Yes, it is silly - but it happened...

Some of the music we are hearing, some even for the first time is jazz we picked up the year we did some work for the JVC Jazz Festival (which includes the Newport Jazz Festival, the grand daddy of them all)...

This is the ELVIN JONES JAZZ MACHINE. The album is The Truth - Heard Live At The Blue Note.

Mr. Jones (September 9, 1927 – May, 18 2004) fell in love with the drums as he watched the circus bands march past his home in Pontiac, Michigan as a boy.

After he spent time in the army he was the drummer for the JOHN COLTRANE quartet from 1960 - 1966. His free-flowing style was a major influence on many leading rock drummers, including Mitch Mitchell (whom Jimi Hendrix called "my Elvin Jones") and Ginger Baker.

The album was recorded on his 72nd birthday in 1977...the song is "Three Card Molly", by Elvin Jones.


Elvin Jones - Drums
Michael Brecker - Saxophone
Antoine ROney - Saxophone
Robin Eubanks - Trombone
Darren Barrett - Trumpet
Carlos McKinney - Piano
Gene Perla - Bass

31 Of Your Sparks

  1. Of course this "news" about the Idol contestant is big around here, but frankly I've tuned it out. So many other things I find more important.

    I thought that iPod meme over at Trav's was pretty cool. I might lift that one myself. I posted a long, evocative post today (or at least I think I did - not getting a lot of input yet), but I've been a bit bereft of inspiration of late.

  2. Anonymous Says:
  3. WTF? That video is unbelievable. I don't even know what to say.

  4. Liz Hill Says:
  5. Molly is a good name ;-)

  6. Schmoop Says:
  7. Screw the language; the disturbing thing is that he is actually a dude. Cheers!!

  8. Tug Says:
  9. I am so not into AI this year...I even watched Big Brother instead last night - THAT'S pathetic... ;-)

  10. SONGBIRD: It is kind of funny that these things come out on the contestants...Looking forward to reading your provocative post...OH you say evocative.... hehehehe

  11. KYRA: Knew you would like it...LOL

  12. TURNBABY: ummmmm OK....

  13. MATT-MAN: Well, yeah..that too....

  14. TUG: Big Brother gets TiVo'ed ...if I miss an AI, so be it...but I have a secret passion for the BB

  15. He is totally ripping of Brian Molko of Placebo's look in that video. Kidlet nearly had an aneurysm. Did I spell that right?! Eh :p

    Emotard I must admit is from the Kidlet. She deals with these idiots on a daily basis and that is one of many (fairly clean) insulting thing she has to say about them.

    Oh and Amanda the Faux Janis Skunk Hair girl...currently on probation for a DUI. And she is a NURSE!!!!!!!

  16. Angell Says:
  17. I can't play the clip here at work - it's telling me I need an upgrade and the boss would kick my butt if I did that. Will watch that from home.

    That being said - I just can't imagine what is going through the screeners minds when they do background checks? One tiny incident of smoking pot is one thing - but a career as a stripper? In a club that has a "mostly male" clientelle? Come on....

    I know wha tyou mean about the CD"s - until I loaded them onto my iPod I missed out on some great music. Thanks for sharing yours. :D


  18. Some might call it provocative...

  19. STARRLIGHT: Kidlet has a cool vocabulary then....LOL...but but but I like Amanda!

  20. ANGELL: I can't play youtube at work agree that there are degrees to past experiences...and honestly wonder if America will pick an obviously gay idol
    Glad you are enjoying the tunes

  21. SONGBIRD: prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  22. Neither mom or I watched much of the girls. Switched over during commericials on Tyra's Superhoochies. The Irish chickie is about the only one I like. There are WAAAAY too many Carrie Underwood clones. For me, I am with Simon. The guys blew them away and that is where the talent is this year. Amanda's schtick is gonna get old. If you like her, go google Storm Large and The Balls. Storm is the shiz and the nitz =)

  23. Kb Says:
  24. Yeah, I can't get into American Idol this season. But I will have to say of they had some of those Australian Strippers from Las Vegas they would have my vote before a note left their lips. Woohoo!

  25. Meribah Says:
  26. I think Taylor spoiled me. Season 5 of AI was the best ever! Since then, the show has been kinda blah for me. I watched last year, but this year...not so much. I might get into it next week when they're down to the Top 12.

  27. To put last year into perspective, a local record store donates CD's every year to our charity auction. This years offering? Jordan Sparks and Blake Lewis.

  28. Travis Cody Says:
  29. Well, this might be the best group of singers they've ever had...but there aren't many entertainers in this bunch.

    Looking forward to your meme answers!

  30. STARRLIGHT: OOO I like Storm...sizzle and power...will have to explore some more...

    KB: You and Aussie strippers...yup...makes sense...LOL

  31. STARRLIGHT: And look who shows up tonight....Blake...beating his box

    TRAVIS: LOL...yeah that is for sure...I am going to g=do it over the weekend my got away from me.

  32. RW Says:
  33. I never watch the show till this season, mainly because I worked second shift for the past 5 years. I have to say I am hooked on it. I think it is a great show! I had a huge crush on Paula back when I was in the Army, that might be a reason! Also I love to hate Simon! or should I say Simon the man you love to hate lol, he ranks right up there among others like Judge Judy the woman I love to hate! There craziness makes for good TV I supose.
    Vin you ask what photo editor I use and it is a free download called GIMP, Google that and it will come right up, it takes a little time to figure the program all out but has great effects for photos.
    Have A awesome weekend !!

  34. TopChamp Says:
  35. I like swearing and I like to swear so this doesn't bother me. It's obviously nonsense and he doesn't sound right using the language... he needs more practise I think!

    Unless it's a crime why does it matter if someone's danced naked?

    I thought you'd like the ipod meme.

  36. Mimi Lenox Says:
  37. The video is scary.
    American Idol? I think not.
    Lap dancing dude?
    I think not.


  38. DrillerAA Says:
  39. I don't have to watch the video to know that Danny should have been gone long ago. Now that he's gone, the show can move on....kind of.
    Don't you find Reality TV and Hollywood to be strange bedfellows?
    Hollywood generally wouldn't know real life if it ran up and bit them on the leg.

  40. Julie Says:
  41. Oh so many ways. What I wanna know is WHY oh WHY did I watch a couple more of his videos?

    I need to seek counseling for yet another reason I s'pose.

  42. It is good to have your take on Idol again. But I thought it was MY iPod meme...
    Have a great weekend!

  43. Unknown Says:
  44. As long as I can watch Michael John's talent, I'm good.


  45. Julie Says:
  46. DANA! You perv!!


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